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  1. ...and if how does it compare to DMG done to surface ships? Thx in advance.
  2. AuxiliusM

    CV drop crosshair change

    A recent change to all CV drop crosshair, sadly present on all weapon classes, reduced information conveyed to the player and worsened visual clarity. Especially in the case of rocket planes the player now has to guess where his drop lands instead of it being shown to him. As this has a negative impact on the gameplay experience my question is: How to activate the old crosshairs? Thx in advance.
  3. AuxiliusM

    Torp Acceleration on CV's

    Question: Is my below assumption right/wrong. What am i missing maybe? Are there benefits to TA (except that they can catch up to some targets being faster)? Here is what i'm thinking atm: Considering that torp aiming time is the same (with or without) and i have to drop earlier for the torps to be armed on target, I am exchanging a bit of time were the planes are carrying the torp, with a bit of time, were they swim (slightly faster) throw the water on their own. Because torps are always slower than planes, in all cases the torp will hit later with TA. So TA is bad, always.
  4. So if the torps are faster and the arming time is the same, all what im doing is exchanging a bit of time where the torps are carried with 180 knots against its target with a bit of time where they swim towards the target with 55 knots basically making it harder to hit?
  5. 2,5% just seems very littel for 2 skillpoints (about 5 knots on a top tier ship), not using this i could potentially have concealment expert. So yea whats the reason thx in advance (:
  6. AuxiliusM

    A question about Unique Upgrades

    uf welp thx for the answer, they should really mark these in some way making that clear
  7. After receiving my T10 CV i noticed that i got a "personal assignment" for it. The idea was: Grind a lot and get this module that makes the ship a bit better. Sound engaging, rewarding nico, lets do. Adding to the grind was the fact that Haku cost more than most T10 ships to repair (i think) making it really not profitable (i don't play CV good enough welp) , so I had to play bunch of mid and low tier to even play the thing. I finally managed to finish all the stages of the assignment today and the assigment is gone, but I am not abel to figure out how to equip the module. I expected it to replace the last module on my ship but that does not seem to be the case. So yea my question is: "how to equip it / make it work"