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  1. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    Codes from TKOS twitch

    Thanks for the codes dude
  2. Hi, I just played a match with a sub (disclaimer: I don't like them but there's a mission to get coal). Anyway, I managed to do nothing b/c I don't know how to use them, and I've had a few beers and as a consequence scored zero hits. It occurred to me that if someone used a sub to bot, then WG would never pick up on it b/c you can literally do nothing apart from sail at the enemy and pick up points without getting penalised for inactivity. I'm not trying to incentivise people to check it out, I just think it's messed up that you can do that in a class and still get away with it. Seems like an AFK class to me. This was my scoresheet:
  3. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    How do Brisbane missions work?

    Just to answer my own question; you need to open the "Combat Missions" tab and it will display the modifier as "Enter a battle". For some reason, my first games always had the tab closed ( & I didn't notice it), but it seems that all recent games have the tab opened by default. Hope that's useful for someone in the future.
  4. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    game question

    Then take a left and walk 2 doors down...
  5. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    How do Brisbane missions work?

    Also, there's the mission completed:
  6. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    How do Brisbane missions work?

    Hi, Thanks for replying. I did that and it's greyed out (so I guess it worked, but it doesn't seem to register; as per my picture above (I can't see 200% anywhere)
  7. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    Suggestion: SOLO Play Mode

    Hi, I think solo mode would be an ok thing to ask for but I think it should yield a bit less XP or otherwise no-one will play co-op (apart from DD's). Really, they need to sort out co-op so it isn't all about DD's rushing the AI and wiping them out in 10 seconds. EDIT: Maybe there should be some group XP gain assuming your ship is still alive and you're still in the fight, so it incentivises staying alive and dealing damage
  8. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    How do Brisbane missions work?

    Hi, I unlocked Brisbane earlier today, and I've got a recurring mission that says this: But I can't see any effect on subsequent missions: Where's the 200% bonus? What am I missing? What am I doing wrong? I must be doing something wrong but I don't know what it is. Thanks for reading
  9. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    Unexpected positive interaction

    Context: I was playing some brawls to get xp for my Z-46 and matchmaked with a guy who died but then was trying to help me in chat as I fought the last opponent. I ended up dying, but it was nice to have some interaction with my team that wasn't "Well Done" etc. Normally I turn chat off b/c a lot of the stuff in there is very critical and acerbic. I'm not really bad & have done well so far in this season of brawls, but it's disparaging to hear criticism from people that are already dead (in the match). Anyway, it was quite a pleasant experience & I thought I'd share here.
  10. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    More Variety Of Game Modes: PvE and PvP (Poll Included)

    Hey man, I'm not a fan of subs & CVs either, but this is some loaded poll & you have then gone on to a massive diatribe. By taking part in this, it feels like I'm part of a tinfoil hat brigade and it's detracting from the real issues, so in good conscience, I can't. Sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    Struggling on choosing a tech tree

    I'm one of those players who try and find cool stuff that can help me, then seek it out out & acquire it (even if it's not that useful in my current situation). I've ended up with Lutgens, Kuznetzov, Halsey, Yamamoto, Marceau, Alaska and others. I'm probably not good enough to wield them effectively, but its nice to have them in my arsenal so I can learn to play with them and hopefully be a better player (obviously using their advantages). I know I'm not a good player, but it's important to me to get some decent stuff & then I can actually learn to use it. Sorry I should have multi-quoted but I don't know how to do that on this forum.
  12. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    Struggling on choosing a tech tree

    Hey man, try not to think of it as a grind because then it becomes tedious. Just check out new things and see what works for you. I used to play PVP back in 2019, but now I'm just chilling playing Ops building up my fleet & unlocking Captains and new ships that will become really handy when I want to get back into PVP. Obv, you don't have to do anything that other people do, but it's up to you what you consider fun. BTW - Bismarck is a great ship and you can have lots of fun with her : )
  13. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    Struggling on choosing a tech tree

    Not trying to sound contra but it's quite useful when you're doing the campaigns where it only lets you progress if you have T8 - T10 ships for example. You're right in that you end up with a skewed view of how to play the game, but it can have payoffs to get unlocks/buffs from some challenges. (IMO OFC) : )
  14. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    Struggling on choosing a tech tree

    I really liked (in no particular order): German OG DD German Cruiser British Battle Cruiser USA Heavy Cruiser (Des Moines line) French DD USSR Heavy Cruiser IJN DD (up to Kitakase)
  15. Gulag_Knife_Frenzy

    Progress Queen of the Seas Adventure?

    They're ok, but you need to take a ship that's fast and can also dish out damage, or you end up spending approx 3x the amount of boosters that you use in randoms. (Note that you may spend the same amount of time in one random as you do in 3 co-ops but you obv spend 3x the boosters in co-op so it's up to you whether it's worth it). I'd say in terms of using boosters; if the mission allows ops, then it's probably more consistent than randoms, but if you're good at the game and Ops are off the table, then play Randoms over co-op. Co-op is only ok if it's BS missions like "get 15 captured or defended flags" etc (which partially explains the crap state of co-op b/c everyone uses it to farm ).