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  1. Duecut

    Cyclone yes or no

    I like how the cyclone changes the game. But I would like to see a little improvement. I would like to have some indicator on the screen of where a spotted enemy ship is, not something you can lock onto nor an outline of the ship, just say a fuzzy red circle on the sea io give approximate location, so I that I’ve got something to “blind” fire at. I know you are supposed to use the mini map but I’ve got it a big as it will go and I sometimes have trouble seeing the target circle on the map.
  2. Duecut

    Daring Help

    Legend, thanks!
  3. Duecut

    Daring Help

    I'm reluctant to give up SI cause the heals have saved my butt a few times tonight especially when I've been set on fire, but if I get not success with SI I'll give it a try. everywhere says you've got to have IFHE with the Jutland and Daring, but the only thing I see IFHE doing is causing damaging to cruisers and BBs (superstructure) and I usually get more damage from setting a fire. Thanks, but even though I might be better suited to other lines I want to get good at the RN line. Kinda the same as the Cruiser line, I had a really hard time in Emerald and Fiji even though I really enjoyed them (Ok, I enjoyed the Fiji. Emerald ... well... also the Neptune ). Also I don't feel I improve my game by trying all the different bits before I get good at this bit.
  4. Duecut

    Daring Help

    I've been having allot of trouble with the Daring, Jutland I couldn't get to grips with radar cruisers, but the Daring I just couldn't even manage without Radar cruisers in the match. Anyway after watching some of Flamu's youtube video's I think I've managed a few games reasonably well. To translate "Well" I've cause damage, sunk ships and capped objectives (so I'm happier) Anyway to the help that I need. With all the other ships I use the wiki page for commander recommendations, but for some reason these recommendations don't exist for the Daring. So the image shows what I currently have, for all you daring players out there what would you recommend?
  5. Duecut


    But then you would only be allowed to play at low tide 😜 (For those that don’t know the queen Elizabeth and the prince of Wales had to wait until the lowest tide to get under the forth bridges )
  6. Duecut

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    The football analogy doesn’t really work with this game as anyone can score/save, and having a few great players in football can win the game for you (which doesn’t really work in this game). A better analogy would be rugby, as the whole team has to work for the team to score, it’s almost never a solo effort. Which brings thing back to wows, for exactly the Same reason as rugby you can’t isolate one class and say “they are crap” or “it’s not their fault”. The simple answer is look in the mirror and say it’s your fault. I know the frustration, I’ve had my head in my hands when I see a BB make a 90 degree turn at the beginning of the match (knowing I’m going to be blamed for not spotting for them even though I have 7 of the enemy team shooting at me), I’ve also had my head in my hands when a DD is sitting is a smoke cloud miles away from anything and constantly pinging “I need intelligence data”
  7. Duecut

    0.8.8 daily crates nerf ?

    The way it feels to me is that it doesn’t matter what selection you make on the daily crate you get the exact same stuff just in a different order. I generally pick the credit option which gives me 50,000 credits + some signals + some coal or free xp. Last night I tried picking the resources option and I was getting some coal + some signals+ credits or free xp. so I might be wrong but from my perspective it really doesn’t matter what selection you make they all give you the same thing (only option that’s different is the random chance option at the bottom)
  8. Duecut

    Smoke Bug in 8-8-1

    Huh, I might have had this on the Neptune recently, will check my replay later. I remember that the animation of the smoke worked as normal but the white ring didn’t appear as quickly as I expected. I put it down to a internet issue at the time not seen this on any other ship.
  9. Duecut

    Premium shop pricing

    Ah ok, didn’t realise that, thanks.
  10. Duecut

    Premium shop pricing

    It’s all a lottery! Slight side note, have you noticed that if you turn on the “show all ships in tech tree” mod that there is a different price for premium ships that can be purchased with doubloons? The tech tree doubloon prices prices is a few hundred less than the armoury price but you can’t apply coupons.
  11. Duecut

    Latest Mino build

    Are you a radar mino or smoke? Im not good enough for the radar mino so I have the same build with smoke screen expert (give me a bit of manoeuvre room for the inevitable torps that at sent into my smoke) If I was good enough for radar I’d probably go for jack of all trades to give me the radar a little sooner. You’ve basically got to go for survivablity expert as none of the other 3rd level items are useful (unless you have a specially unique way of playing her) I’m fairly new to the mino but loving it, especially after my torment in the Neptune
  12. Duecut

    WG please show the RN Cruisers some Love

    I probably didn't describe it clearly think figure of 8, my detection circle was just inside my nearest point of the cap.
  13. Duecut

    WG please show the RN Cruisers some Love

    Thanks for the offer, I'm always willing to accept that I probably Forked up. But the problem is I change the way I play if it keeps getting me killed, and its making no difference. Its happened once more today, and this time I chose to sit right behind a BB (a Tirpitz) to get to the nearest cover (no doubt to the teams displeasure) and as soon as the aircraft from the carrier spotted me all ships in the area changed target to me (all 5 of them in this case), its like a competition to see who can get their shots off first.
  14. Duecut

    WG please show the RN Cruisers some Love

    Thanks but all the points raised just confirm the issue On the case Answers: - Positioning, didn't have an option Spawning in the NW corner of "North" Map, its nowhere near anything I generally move eastwards towards the nearest island - I did have a friendly DD in front, by about 7 km, but he didn't seen the Enemy DD and he must have been on the near side of the nearest Cap - For Cap Question see first answer - My point was I wasn't close, in fact the BBs the fired at me were so far beyond my Range that I would have had to wait a further minute before I could ever fire at them - I do use the Detection Circles and have both Surface and Air Circles live on all of my ships, the Surface detection circle was just inside the nearest Cap Other occasions its being spotted with a Aircraft or one of the French DDs (that seem to get inside your detection circle very quickly) I'm not saying it needs more armour, just that it needs something, improved ricochet angles or something. If I am completely broadside then yeah it would be completely my fault, but I'm not. I'm angled (so I'm not overmatched on the bow), I'm at the max range of the enemy, I'm doing all the "right" things (according to the guides and what CC's recommended)
  15. This keeps happening (3rd time today) As soon as the RN cruiser is Spotted, its dead. Which during the game I can accept (as its probably because did something wrong or didn't see an enemy whatever or got out played, I can accept that), but this is happening before I'm even properly out of the spawn, I cant get anywhere near cover or even activate smoke. In the case screenshot-ed I came out of the spawn at half throttle (deliberately not rushing) and instantly smoked as soon as I was spotted (which was by a DD) AND I was at less than a 30degree angle to all enemy ships (within line of sight). As soon as the DD Spotted me 3 BB's targeted me and fired, the first to get a salvo off mostly missed me (it took roughly +/- 1000Hp with a single shell that hit the Superstructure), the 3rd one was bang on target but that didn't matter because the 2nd one completely deleted me (and 2/3 of the shells didn't hit me). This kind of thing doesn't happen with any other ship line and the community knows it, else why is everyone so keen to target RN cruisers when there are far more threatening targets to them? Answer they are the seagulls out of Finding Nemo ("Mine", "Mine") So please WG show a little love to the RN Cruisers, It doesn't need a big fix, a little bit of an armour buff or move the citadel slightly, but I would like to play a game not sit in a loading queue for longer than it takes to play a round. Thanks Duecut PS the Ship I was playing was the Neptune