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  1. Duecut

    WG dont play the game

    I'd rather peal off my skin and bathe in a tub of salt.
  2. Duecut

    Vigenère mission chain: a possible hidden code?

    @black_falcon120Why would it be nautilus, the skill points are for captain XP, given that the numbers are in groups of 4 and repeat the key word is either very close to the actual text or fairly small so key word could equally be NEMO
  3. Duecut

    People like them should be named and shamed

    OP, I don't get it? Although you should be slapped for having such a small minimap (hit the + button a few times, really helps see whats going on in the match)
  4. Duecut

    How many 21-Pts Captains do you have?

    I've managed to get 2 because I had over 100 dragon flags. But like others have said there is not really much of a performance boost going from a 19 to 21 point captain. WG just added the extra points to get people to spend cash redistributing cap points, after all how many players with a 19p cap that has 2 unallocated points are going to leave them unused until/if they eventually get to 21p so that they can then pick a 4p skill (I betting a lot of players would probably pick a 2p skill then redistribute when/if they ever get to 21p) My gripe is more at the other end. Pre-rework you could comfortably* play any ship with a 10p cap, Post-rework you now need at least a 14p. When you are grinding through the lines with a new cap on each ship you don't usually get past 12p before you are onto the next ship in the line (in tier 5-8, I usually get to 14p at T9). It sometimes means I don't go back to ships cause there is still grinding to do before the ship becomes comfortable* to play *used comfortable instead of fun/good/better/entertaining/... etc
  5. Duecut

    [ALL] ModStation

    Any update on the Score Timer, its one of the most useful mods (That I think should be a standard part of the game)
  6. Duecut

    Unique Commanders and Re-training

    I would bet that once the Dutch cruisers are available as part of the tech tree this item will be quietly changed to Tier 1
  7. Duecut

    Remove detonations!!!

    96000 credits when I went to school.
  8. I do agree with the sentiment of your post but that’s not what premium time is for. Premium time is not a reward, it’s bait. It’s to hook You in with the “need to play” else you’ll waste the bonus/lose money out of it. It’s a mechanism use to make you feel that you’ll miss out if you don’t come back. So if a casual player is susceptible to that mechanism, the will be back in the game the next day to “take advantage” of it (& that’s the people WG want to hook). If they are immune to that mechanism they won’t care and I’ll only play when they want (& that’s the people WG doesn’t want cause they know they ain’t getting any cash out of them)
  9. Duecut

    Another Day another angry PM

    Well I report you everytime you shoot at me, 😜
  10. Well either way the MM isn't working, played 14 Brawls today. 3 were against full divisions so cant blame the MM for those 9 were steam rolls, 1 went to the wire, but the 4 players that were sunk (inc me) couldn't figure out why the 2 that were left were both running away from each other So that means 1 was close match where the MM managed to match players base on their skill (and it was game 5 so not even the later games) WGs solution will probably be to remove that statement from the waiting screen
  11. This isn't a post about stats or good players vs bad players, I really don't care for that as all I want is a good challenging match (I would rather have a closely fought loss than a rompstomp win) So I jump into a Brawl and see: Think OK, could be good as it should be easier to match 6 comparatively skilled players together than it would be in Randoms where the MM is "trying" to match 24 players. So you can imagine my frustration when I play a few Brawls and I see this: I only use the WoWs monitor for post game results, mostly to figure out did I play well/badly or was I lucky/unlucky Seriously what bloody statistics are you using to determine skill level? or is the Teams are matched based on player skill level statement just the usual BS. Rant over
  12. Duecut

    Constellation in the Armory

    24 battles on EU?!? seriously that's it? every game I played today had at least 2 Constellations in the match (max was 4 in a match) There are more complaints about the ship than the battles its fought
  13. Duecut

    Soviet Cvs

    Suggest WG rename the game, at least this way people will know what they are getting into. World of Wairships
  14. I’ve had twice as many detonations since 0.10 (~4 months) than I have had in the whole time playing before 0.10 (since May 2019). And I’ve been using the flags far more often now than I ever did before, particularly after one ranked game a in the last patch had 3 detonations in the same match (2 on my team, one on the other). So something has changed. What should happen is; take it out of the game! It’s a crap system that ends a game by roulette. It always happens to me on either of the following scenarios: a) right at the beginning of a game before I’ve had the opportunity to even see and enemy ship (and the 80% statement I’m calling BS on, it’s never happened with 100% go but has happened when at +95%) b) end game, and I’ve played a good game I’ve got a lot more hp than the other guy it’s down to this duel to win the game and… one HE shell hits the yard arm of my ship and bang “detonation, WG has decided the outcome of this match on your behalf”
  15. Duecut

    PSA: Kong and Godzilla camo

    It most likely due to the way Kong and Godzilla are licenced. They will probably only have the rights to use the images as a static/visual element given warnerbros doesn't actually own the rights to Kong as a "playable character" in a computer game. As you can find on Wikipedia its one of the few "characters" that has a huge paragraph detailing the ownership of Kong. I think Godzilla is the same. Still got to be the biggest con WG have tried to pull since the PR was "achievable through normal playing"