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  1. Duecut

    Torpedo hits bug

    It doesn’t surprise my, yesterday I kept completing the get 14 torp hits mission, even when I didn’t torp anyone in the match. to be clear I only got the reward once but it kept popping up on every result screen.
  2. They didn’t need to fill the screen with it. I mean if they wanted a cleaner look, fine, change the icons and make it so you didn’t need to chose between upgrades and consumables, Ok. But really a dozen or so buttons spread out over the whole display is a bit much. (Rant over 😜)
  3. Duecut

    Buff Neptune pls

    The problem with the Neptune isn’t anything technical, it’s how it’s perceived by the community. Take any forum discussion about the Neptune and people will see some variation of “you just look at it and it explodes” everyone sees it as an easy kill, so when you are spotted “everyone” wants to shoot at you. I personally feel it does need a little love but so do so many T9 ships.
  4. Duecut

    Why are DD's so poor these days.

    Another short story: in a daring I get into the cap with 2 cruisers teammates saying that they will support (Neptune & Cleveland), now when I get into a cap early game I always pull a u turn so I’m pointing out of the cap (Basically so I can throttle up and gtfo there). Red teams DD yolos into the cap in a straight line (mogador), i see him decide the best thing to do is retreat but keep him spotted so my cruisers can shred him. But that’s not what happens, he keeps charging through the cap and eventually spots me (I couldn’t outrun him anyway) I smoke, hydro, turn and open fire. I get two salvos off before he spots me again and I get shredded by 8 ships targeting me. And you may ask about the support I was promised? They were to close to the island to get line of sight on the red DD, but also they were really helping our team by farming damage on a GK at the back of the map (and the Cleveland applauded the Neptune for letting him use his smoke) they were both torpedoed by the magador. now I know I was unlucky to have so many ships looking my direction when I was spotted and maybe I shouldn’t have trusted the cruisers & checked where they were on the minimap but it does show that even when a DD yolos a cap it’s what the rest of the team does that is important. And yes we lost that game, and it was all my fault for not dodging 8 salvos of incoming HE.
  5. Duecut

    What have you done to Dasha?

    I've got the same, I've set the voice to Jingles but every time I start a match it reverts to USA captain (even though I don't play USE ships) and I have to go into settings are "reselect" it (It says jingles when I go to settings but I'm still forced to open the dropdown list and reselect it)
  6. Duecut

    Daring Help

    Erm that’s a bit of an old message but thanks all the same, I’ve been using the daring for sometime now and have got to grips with it.
  7. Not played ranked much, I waited a year to mAke sure I had a grip of the game before ruining some else’s ranked game 😜 (also I stop playing ranked once I reached my target rank of 10) so would anyone consider playing the edinburgh? Its my best T8 ship so was going to try it in the next ranked. (And this time target rank 5)
  8. It reads to me as a deflection, my gripe is primarily with the Belfast. With the Atlanta she doesn’t smoke so if you find her your big ships can at least pummel her even when being radar’d. With the Belfast the opposing team has to commit at least 2 (more often 3) ships just to kill her. However there is an easy way to negate her... another Belfast. BUT she’s a rare ship because people can’t get her anymore so the statistical probability of 2 Belfast’s meeting each other is pretty low. hence my rant let everyone get her (increase the numbers so that the probability of two meeting is much higher) or remove them from ranked (other radar cruisers can still be acquired hence they can null each other in matchs) and for anyone asking I’ve been against and with Belfast in ranked games, it definitely felt impossible against it and felt like a walkover with it (actually when with a Belfast it was my lowest scoring win)
  9. Sorry for the little rant but WG should either give everyone the opportunity to get the Belfast or exclude it from ranked!!
  10. Duecut

    Typo or Secret Mode no one knows about?

    +1 for the communication in the SHAD Clan
  11. Duecut

    Option to make Several Purchases at once ?

    I use my steam wallet, that way it only ever one transaction.
  12. Duecut

    Is it time to nerf radar?

    Radar in the game isn’t really the problem, having to memorise (or refer to a printout) list of which ships have it is more the issue for me. if I know a radar ship is about I can “try” to change my gameplay accordingly. I would like to see a symbol on the team list telling me if a ship is capable* of radar. Hell even put a symbol for capable of hydro just to give it a level playing field. *ships like Neptune and Minotaur would have a radar symbol even if not mounted just to keep their load out fair.
  13. Duecut

    Game play is broken for me

    Used to be that on Monday’s, Wednesdays and Thursdays there were good games that you felt like you were actually playing against & with other players that wanted to win the game. The weekends (and Tuesdays) just brought in the type of players that think the other 11 players on their team should just spot for them. Don’t think that the lockdown has brought in any new players, it’s just made every day the weekend (with regard to gameplay)
  14. Radio positioning and concealment for the 4 point skills, great for staying undetected and hunting DDs
  15. Duecut

    mODS !

    Just hit the nail on the head