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  1. Thundercracker_3

    Secondary silliness

    No. I am an excellent english speaker. You are not. I am tired of your poor attitude, which is evident in almost every post you make. I am now adding YOU to my ignore list. Goodbye, Colonelpete.
  2. Thundercracker_3

    Secondary silliness

    Wenn Sie häufig in einem englischsprachigen Forum posten, sollten Sie versuchen, die Sprache gründlicher zu lernen. Sie werden dann nicht sarkastisch klingen.
  3. Thundercracker_3

    Secondary silliness

    So no, English is not your first language. Google does not do a good job at translating. I believe your first language is German. Lets try this.
  4. Thundercracker_3

    Secondary silliness

    I would reply, but your comment made no sense. Is English not your first language?
  5. Thundercracker_3

    Secondary silliness

    Ah, Colonel Pete. As always, a tale of contrasts. On the one hand: Thanks for answering my question. Kudos. On the other: No thanks to being a preachy know it all. I am aware of the existence of the Minimap.
  6. Thundercracker_3


    I've only wandered into that section of the armoury once. To laugh at more made-up Russian ships that I will never sail in. Then I left.
  7. Thundercracker_3

    Secondary silliness

    Guys; I'm experiencing a bug, and have done for the past couple of weeks or so. My secondaries fire, but the turrets / casemates don't turn to face where they're firing, leading to some very strange (and confusing) firing. I often rely on secondaries warning me about enemy ships coming too close, and watch for the gunflashes to see what direction they're firing in. As the guns don't turn, the ship is surrounded in flashes, which don't point at the enemy! The shells go in the right direction, but not the guns. Any ideas as to what the problem is? I've been playing this game for more than a year on my PC now, and never had a problem before.
  8. Thundercracker_3

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Hello! Yes, I remember. My game was middling to poor, as I recall. Nevermind!
  9. Thundercracker_3


    Indeed. I like VU so much, I've dedicated a thread to her
  10. Thundercracker_3


    I've bought a few premiums, mostly because they are my favourite ships historically, and not because I can't grind. I ground to the top of the Brit and Italian tech trees, and am not far from the top of the American, Japanese and German trees. But I do like this ship. For me, she's very similar to Viribus Unitis, my other favourite ship.
  11. Thundercracker_3

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    I think the original commenter was clearly joking.
  12. Thundercracker_3

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Seriously, though. I've noticed that, probably thanks to the current lockdown, the "weekend" players appear to have become "everyday" players. It's a Potato field out there.
  13. Thundercracker_3

    Why I keep getting the bad teams

    Comment of the week. It's all a [edited] conspiracy!
  14. Thundercracker_3


    So, I got this ship, for mostly historical reasons. I really like her, and have worked up a nice WR in her already. Circa 56%, if memory serves. She also seems quite rare; I haven't met many in the battles I've fought, yet. Which is a bonus. I hate driving ships everyone else has. I've been getting some nice wins with her, but no Krakens yet. I'll get some, but not yet. I'm wondering if anyone who owns this ship has any nice tips regarding getting the most from her?
  15. Thundercracker_3

    The best looking ship ?

    She was gorgeous.