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  1. LiveWire___

    So tired of YOUR RANDOM disconnections

    Let's see what @Fastmotion or @maybe__baby have to say about this. Guys? Discuss.
  2. LiveWire___

    I love World of Warships, but...

    Honestly, I haven't played for a while now, except to show my face as clan commander in a token gesture. I'm bored of the game. I'm sick of the toxicity. I'm sick of being saddled with potato teams. I'm sick of landslide victories one way or the other. It'd take a miracle for WG to tempt me back, now. A gifted Giulio Cesare might swing it, but nothing less than that. Livewire out.
  3. LiveWire___


    WG regrets your decision, and thanks you for the real money you blindly spent in game in the hopes that buying your way to T10 would somehow make you a good player. We will take your valuable feedback on board bla bla bla. We hope you will find some consolation in the fact that you have already been replaced many times over by other players with loose purse strings and even looser bowels.
  4. LiveWire___


  5. LiveWire___

    Personal Play Style (PPS) in WoWS for 2023

    I have no idea what you're talking about, mate. What I obviously meant was for Dasha to GIVE me some milk. I love Milk. What foulness were you referring to?
  6. LiveWire___

    Personal Play Style (PPS) in WoWS for 2023

    Dasha can milk me if she wants to
  7. LiveWire___

    Hmm.......maybe I was wrong about Bathtub....

    @maybe__baby could you translate this for me please?
  8. LiveWire___

    Hood '42

    You mean right next to the Bismarck, where the RN put her in revenge?
  9. LiveWire___

    loose internet only when play WOWS

    It's spelled "LOSE"
  10. LiveWire___

    Hmm.......maybe I was wrong about Bathtub....

    You should definitely publicly discuss this matter with @maybe__baby and @Fastmotion
  11. LiveWire___


  12. LiveWire___

    unsportsmanlike conduct is not working propperly!!

    Aargh! I'm angry! Rrrgh! Pay to win! I need intelligence data! Thanks for no support team! Provide AA support! Set a smoke screen! Get back! Get back! Get back! Well done >insert name here<! Ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping ping
  13. LiveWire___

    Living history! Lenin!

    Well...it isn't, as I've sunk quite a few of them over the years. "Must krush kyepitalism!"