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  1. LiveWire___

    Dearth of Try your luck crates

    I mean them actually being super containers. Not the actual option itself.
  2. LiveWire___

    Dearth of Try your luck crates

    Thanks for pointing out the obvious as usual, pete. I wonder whether sometimes you just post in order to get your post count up. Isn't there a bridge somewhere you should be under?
  3. Apart from finally finding a use for the word "dearth" (which I am very happy about), I am also finding that I haven't got any for AGES. But, thanks to the whole magic crate thing, WG has turned me into something of a compulsive gambler. I just can't help myself. Gotta chase those crates. Anyone else suffering from a lack of luck? Have the odds of getting a super decreased? If so, GREAT! I love doing the whole Bond thing and losing a crapload of money while looking cool doing it.
  4. LiveWire___

    Did WoWs get you into model making?

    No, but it DID get me into gambling. I've had to re-mortgage twice so far, but, hey, it's just for fun, right?
  5. LiveWire___

    MM Joke?

    MM Joke? Yes. Yes, it is.
  6. LiveWire___

    Really WG? What the actual f*ck

    ....Despite the fact you've posted that comment on a WG forum.
  7. LiveWire___

    Subs, simple yes or no

    I tend to follow the Homer Simpson school of thought on this one: "You tried your best, and failed miserably. The moral is: Never try" ^^
  8. LiveWire___

    Suggestion for future end game content.

    I'm sure your idea was good. But I couldn't read past the above paragraph for laughing, no matter how much I tried.
  9. LiveWire___

    Best brawler in the game?

    I can confirm that Agin's secondaries do indeed melt everything. Other than that, to answer the question. Think of the best brawling ship you have. Then think of its Russian equivalent. The RU ship will be better.
  10. LiveWire___

    Missouri: is worthwhile?

    I don't think missouri is worth it at all. It's basically a slightly more gimmicky Iowa, which itself is not a standout ship for me, and boring as hell to play. Just don't bother. No. Really. Don't. Don't give WG ANY of your money for this reheated pile of crap.
  11. It's really quite easy. Whether one is able bodied or not. DONT BOTHER WITH MISSOURI. Simple.
  12. LiveWire___

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Which is a shame. Because, imho, T8 is the last tier in which interesting ships and fewer Potatoes live.
  13. LiveWire___

    Chat bans

    Whatever mate. I am constantly chatbanned. I'm banned right now. I think my most recent achievement was not getting chatbanned for about seven days in a row. My karma tends to hover at around 0, and has never been higher than 13. Who cares? Like I'd want to chat bukkake with the Potatoes on my team, anyway Suck it up, buttercup! You'll get banned sooner or later for practically any reason, including no reason at all.
  14. LiveWire___

    A New Low

    That's not a "new" low. That's standard CV tactics. You want a new low? I recently met a player who had a 60%wr. Checked his stats. Then I saw that he had played in excess of 7k matches at T1, and only a few dozen at other tiers. What a bastard.