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  1. [] Azur Lane Mod "ARASHI" This content is still in constructing. Some of Interface still displays normal version of WoWs. For quick error reporting, please use the discord server link at the bottom. Special Theme for 0.8.4 Scherzo of Iron and Blood (EN) 검은 철 악장 맹세의 바다 (JP) 메탈 블러드, 음표 & 맹세 (KR) Join my Discord Server! https://discord.gg/tt9A76D Download ARASHI Mod JP based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) EN based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) KR based "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) All-in-one "ARASHI" Mod (Click the text!) How can I apply this mod into my game? Screenshot of ARASHI Mod : Video of ARASHI Mod : https://youtu.be/OFjTYRK_dO0 In this Mods .... Various types of Login Screens Modified Loading icon Modified "Battle!"Interface (which mean top part at the port that you can check your credits, free exp, etc.) Modified Premium account screen Modified 'TECH TREE'screen Modified 'CAMPAIGNS'screen & task screens (WIP) Modified Battle queue screens Modified profile screens Modified browser screen Etc ...