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  1. Yes, they're both in my navy. Gura would make a good sub captain (for certain values of good).....
  2. Molly_Delaney

    This is beyond ridiculous and not even fun

    One way to settle this play 1000 games in Mikasa, noting your team and the opposing team each time. Analyse the results.... Then get drunk (if old enough) as it's all random.
  3. That Gura gets everywhere...... Next collab perhaps; WoWs & Hololive
  4. Molly_Delaney

    The torpedo paradox

    There is a Captain skill which shows how many ships are aiming guns at you. If this suddenly goes up one it is a good indication that a DD or other torpedo equipped vessel has just launched and switched back to guns. This can also be used to spook targets by switching between torps & guns and checking their reaction.
  5. Molly_Delaney

    Meet the average Wows player :)

    Even if you don't like Flambass it's still worth watching for Mrs Citadel...... and the extended ad at the beginning for Nutella...
  6. Zeppelins! We've had this discussion before about one of dockyards......
  7. Molly_Delaney

    I get so bored when I play the "right" way

    Go onto Steam and download all the free software to 'vtube' and then live stream with a CatGirl avatar, end every sentence with 'nya' and annoy the heck out of all the serious players.....
  8. Molly_Delaney

    Why..........???????? MY poor DM rock music!!!!!!!!

    CDs? get up to date.... Minidisc is where it's at...
  9. Molly_Delaney

    Why..........???????? MY poor DM rock music!!!!!!!!

    Turn off in game music then say "Hey Siri, play warships" and assuming you have a playlist called 'warships' your music is back......
  10. Molly_Delaney

    Free ships

    Do they come with Anime Captains? if yes then yes otherwise no.
  11. Molly_Delaney

    EU Server down

    Frankly it is more concerning that the English part doesn't even have the correct time zone for the Native English speaking countries....... GMT=UTC and BST=UTC+1. Wargaming should just use UTC then everyone knows what their local offset is........
  12. Molly_Delaney

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    One of my favourite maps, Ocean in Asashio.. 3rd in team, another DD was 2nd... Poor Hizen, ate 5 torps, flooded and blew up.... replay if anyone fancies a laugh: 20210713_195906_PJSD518-Asashio_00_CO_ocean.wowsreplay
  13. Molly_Delaney

    Are you guys not bored of giving me chatbans?

    There is no justification for swearing in TEXT chat. It doesn't just 'slip out' like it could in VOICE chat. People choose to use offensive language in chat and therefore they deserve a long ban for it. The language I use when with my friends (mostly other Marine Corps vets) would quite rightly result in an instant ban on here or in game, but I've never been banned..... Guess why
  14. Molly_Delaney

    General CV related discussions.

    Only play CVs so you have none?
  15. Molly_Delaney

    Why should we still play your game ?

    Because it involves less law enforcement action than taking my rifle to the local boating lake.....