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  1. Molly_Delaney

    Stop Nerf CV's

    It has been over 2 decades since I was allowed LAW rockets and other fun stuff..... but, we can still tell the young'uns to "git gud" and "learn to aim"....
  2. Molly_Delaney

    Stop Nerf CV's

    Took me 4 games to adjust... so others can as well.. besides if I can hit a speeding vehicle with a hand held LAW rocket then a young man can learn to hit some pixels with some other pixels........ We should be able to control altitude of planes as well... let's make it harder....
  3. Molly_Delaney

    Stop Nerf CV's

    In reply to OP: learn to shoot, learn to dodge flak..... one of my post rocket rework games in Ranger (T6 tech tree) earned me about 160,000 credits and I'm NOT THAT GOOD!!!!! adapt to the new mechanic...
  4. Molly_Delaney

    Upcoming Independence day Auction

    More Azur Lane captains and then maybe.............
  5. Molly_Delaney

    What a......

    Maybe if you activated windows...........
  6. Molly_Delaney

    Euro 2020 Emblem looks a bit....iffy?

    Nothing wrong with the symbols...... it's the connection with the 'sport' which triggers.... Imagine being able to cross Halo with Fifa (some number)
  7. Molly_Delaney

    Euro 2020 Emblem looks a bit....iffy?

    How do I remove/hide these emblems etc from my Inventory? It says I cannot sell them.....
  8. Molly_Delaney

    Offtopical Disco

    No such thing as too much Ozzy....
  9. Molly_Delaney

    Offtopical Disco

    No turning involved..... Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne from the 1980's
  10. Molly_Delaney

    RNG not really rng

    That would be so funny if it turned out to be true.... WG maintaining a 'super sekrit' list of players who complain about stuff just so they can be messed with..... (The above statement is a humorous comment and anyone who takes it seriously needs to see a psychiatrist immediately!)
  11. Molly_Delaney

    Vodka based shenanigans (BigClive)

    Do not try this, unless it's your sodastream.... For those who don't know: Big Clive is a Scottish electrician living on the Isle of Man who takes cheap electrics from China apart and carbonates stuff.
  12. Molly_Delaney

    Soo.....damacon defeats pings.......

    Up-voted simply for the music vid.... DCP stops ping because all the Minions™ banging & singing away effectively jam or overload the homing torpedoes...
  13. Molly_Delaney

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    First game in HMS Agincourt, need to learn best way to use guns. I think I fired AP when it should have been HE and vice versa..... Solid middle of team...
  14. Molly_Delaney

    Euro 2020 Emblem looks a bit....iffy?

    Why does the middle look like a one-eyed alien giving everyone the middle finger? with its 4 arms........
  15. Molly_Delaney

    Euro 2020 Emblem looks a bit....iffy?

    Looks like what came out of the seagulls when some friends in Whitby fed them bread with blue & red food colouring in over Regatta Week...