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  1. Myrmidon19

    Where are the mines?

    I would pay him little credence, he's incredibly toxic towards all newbies. A strawman general of multiple tours one might say. As for why they're not in the game it's pretty much because they would be an absolute nightmare to balance both in their initial implementation and continual monitoring and tweaking.
  2. Myrmidon19

    Submarines branching off DD lines?

    Is this still going to be the case? I've not been keeping up with the testing, footage and discussions. Only ask because I got a lucky 30 days premium a couple of days ago and I have a lot of camo and signals saved. Did a similar thread about 5 months or so ago but as I said not kept up with new info.
  3. Myrmidon19

    4 free ships - Combat Missions

    Since when are questions are answered by answering the question then asking why I didn't know the answer to the question? If I knew the answer I wouldn't have started the thread.... We haven't all been playing for years.....
  4. Myrmidon19

    4 free ships - Combat Missions

    So as I'm sure you're aware there are some ships up for grabs in 'combat missions'. I'm still busy on directive 1 so can't even start to grind them yet as I lack the cruiser requirement. Anyway I actually already own Gupard and Trento so I'm wondering what happens if I complete those 2 missions in particular? Will I receive their equivalent doubloon cost like with premium ships? Or their cost in credits? Or perhaps just nothing?
  5. Myrmidon19

    Yoshino for Coal

    The similarity for me has always been the HP, armour and guns. Yes Alaska may be better but that's not a point against them being similar in this regard, she's still a lot better off than vanilla heavy cruisers. The main reasons I find her attractive are:- 3x3 310mm guns - Battlecruiser guns. These are premium guns, nothing in the vanilla trees has anything like this. The biggest cruiser guns, unless I've missed something, in the vanilla trees is Moskva with 3x3 220mm which are only marginally larger than the standard 203 of most other heavy cruisers. The 21-24kish range, depending on how you spec her. I am one of those ultra long-ranged harassers that likes tying up loads of ships and spreading damage, so Yoshino would fit me pretty well. 20km torps.... I mainly like that because Alaska and Moskva don't have any. I've also been used to playing cruisers with 4km torps which are niche as hell. I doubt I would actually use them that much beyond area-denial and forcing enemy ships to re-angle favourably etc. HP and Armour, she's a step above vanilla, so she's inferior to another ship that I already have oh well.. As for a big citadel, so many cruisers in the game are floating citadels, nearly all cruisers are vulnerable broadsided anyway to be honest.
  6. Myrmidon19

    Yoshino for Coal

    I'm about 5k coal away from Yoshino (with coupon bonus) think I'll comfortably have enough to get there before the coupon expires as we still have a little while and before anyone screams "save it for steel" I have 1500 steel from a crate and have never played ranked so it's not really an issue. Had my eye on her for a while.... Friends are suggesting I spend coal on either a battleship or on Smolensk instead because I already have an Alaska and Yoshino is "fairly similar" in many regards... Although they are noticeably distinct in certain areas, I'm also 1 tier away from Moskva which is another fairly unique heavy cruiser although she has cruiser guns unlike the other 2. So I would have Alaska, Yoshino and Moskva but I do prefer cruisers as my main surface ship... And particularly steer towards the more heavy/large or more battlecruiser'esque types like Yoshino, Alaska and Azuma, the latter of which I'll free exp at some point. It's been a long grind on the coal front.... Who wants to inundate me with positive and negative reviews on Yoshino? Tips? Pros and cons?
  7. Myrmidon19

    Recruitment Containers - For doing nothing....?

    Hmmm I'm not saying you're wrong but... He seemed to not know as to how I would have a container and he is very against buying anything in this game and would say with 99% certainty would never buy a container for anything. How peculiar, wish I still had the screenshot, I don't play through steam but have it as a non-steam game so can screenshot with steam but it's very hit and miss as to when the screenshots actually save and/or disappear randomly.
  8. Myrmidon19

    Black Friday Containers

    I also missed it. I had about 4k base exp left. I'll get it when I wake up, it'll be only a couple of games. Oh it's gone and there goes the last 4 containers.... I'll be honest I was doing the whole thing for the very slim remote chance of getting Scharnhorst... Would have been nicer to have failed and got a booby prize than nothing at all though.
  9. I have received 2 recruitment containers. One just now and one a little over a week ago. They're blue chests with a white knotted symbol on them. I got 50x economic signals in each. Now this is really cool and really awesome surprise and I'm in no way complaining but.... How exactly did I earn these? I actually had to show a screenshot to someone to learn that they were recruitment containers but I've literally never recruited anyone, not even tried to recruit anyone, I've not even interacted with the tab for it. So why have I earned two containers? I was myself recruited about 9 months ago by a friend but even he doesn't know why I have containers now and a week ago... Is it some kind of trickle down thing? Recruiters get goodies and all their recruited underlings also get lesser goodies too? Sorry if this was covered in an update somewhere but I can't anything relevant in the old news anywhere. Will I be potentially receiving more of these in the future? Again for doing exactly zilch myself....?
  10. Myrmidon19

    Black Friday Containers

    Turns out I actually have a day off tomorrow, the first in 14 days lol so may have time to clear the 30k free exp if I spam signals. The 4th stage 30k base exp though... that's basically 30 battles... 30 winning battles and moderately okay winning battles at that... dunno if I'll have the time.
  11. Myrmidon19

    Black Friday Containers

    Oh cheers my bad. I searched through 14 'new' news things when signing in looking for something like that. Premium ships eugh… I shall have to make time for the grind.
  12. Myrmidon19

    Black Friday Containers

    Been extremely busy with work, only a little bit into the first part of the mission the 30k commander exp bit, see I still have a few days left but know I'm going to still also be really busy.... Out of interest what kinds of things drop from these containers? Anything unique or noteworthy? Honestly if it's just generic signals I may have to give it a pass :/
  13. Myrmidon19

    "Build" or "Ship Stats" sites

    Yes that was it! And thanks too Astolfo. I've re-added all those links to my favourites again.
  14. Myrmidon19

    "Build" or "Ship Stats" sites

    Recently updated from windows 10, saved all my favourites into a file with all my other backed up stuff. None of my favourites saved. Super handy. Anyway I regularly used a site that had drop down menus for all the ships and their stats and let you assign commanders, skill points, module choices and upgrades etc to see how it would effect data values and other general stats etc. Anyone know what I'm talking about? I can't remember what the damn thing was called...
  15. Myrmidon19

    Region locked out of my account

    1.) It definitely has EU in red in the corner like you've displayed. 2.) Definitely matches the languages. 3.) It may be the launcher download. I just went into the game files folder and it says NA at the end of various things. So I've downloaded a NA rather than a EU launcher? To be honest I didn't think such a thing would be.... A thing. It's detected that I'm EU, why separate launchers? And why was NA my first given option if I did mistakenly download it? So many games have their own launchers but none other than this (that I've played or heard of at least) have regional launchers. That's not hugely intuitive to be brutally fair.. I've been gaming seriously 25+ years and never have I seen a region only launcher, only generic launchers that sort that kinda crap out themselves as a universal platform. I guess I'm fixed then. I've hopefully deleted all traces of the game and launcher and I'm now redownloading an 'EU' version (again NA was the first one I find via google) which is annoying because I'm EU, my machine recognises me as EU, my google is .co.uk... Bah what a waste of time. I hope this new launcher works, if it even is a new launcher. I hope me resetting my password but doing it through an NA page hasn't put my account in some kind of funky limbo with no fix. Christ sake. Appreciate the help though dude.