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  1. Myrmidon19

    The DD Lines

    So I'm basically a CV player that sometimes does BB and dabbles in Cruisers from time to time. I've never really liked DD because they're a big learning curve and very nuanced but I feel would be very satisfying once more understanding and competency is gained. I've put off getting round to them for a while but I got made redundant yesterday so in between job hunting I guess I now have a ton of new time for new World of Warship related projects and goals so perhaps it's a good time to tackle these damn DD's but first I need some help. DD's are obviously very different and very varied from one another much like other classes I suppose. I know some are more geared towards speed and evasion, others have more high tech equipment and consumables, some have better guns, more or less range, more powerful torps, longer ranged torps, some have to get close, some can launch torps from bloody miles away whilst effectively being invisible... Some have great AA, some are great at taking on other DD's etc. But what do I want? I can't have it all at once. I need to decide which parameters I want to prioritize over others but more importantly which lines and perhaps individual tiers or even ships correspond with which? Asking for a complete summary of the strengths, weaknesses and unique perks of certain DD lines over the others is perhaps a lengthy task but if anyone wouldn't mind, even if it's only a summary of perhaps a single nation or if anyone knows of anything similar that I could be redirected to? I would really appreciate it. I guess at the moment I would prefer longer ranged torps over more powerful or even perhaps faster ones. I would prefer concealment over evasion. I'm not hugely bothered by guns but would again prefer range over potency. As far as tech and consumables go I'm a little unsure as I'm not very experienced with DD's in general. Does the smoke differ much? Do some perhaps have longer duration, more uses or a larger radius? Is the engine boost fairly standardized to all DD's? I hear there's also something like an AA boost as well? Cheers in advance for any advice guys
  2. Myrmidon19

    The 'Slingshot Drop'

    So I had heard of this before as a CV player and never looked into it really as it seemed very cheese-infused and there is a point where cheese and cheating can share a blurry line. Basically until now I was working under my own surmised assumptions that it was effectively:- Because AA/Flak can be heavy sometimes you only get one effective run. Any aircraft left over after the run get killed lining up for the second run so you essentially dump aircraft early so they can return to the carrier and replenish your stock more quickly whilst retaining enough aircraft in your squadron to effectively facilitate one successful run. This is what I assumed it was all about based on inference and my understanding of the mechanics. I did however not know about this 'immunity period' business... And now it just seems even more cheesy. So basically I'm wondering.... I've been really good in CV's at T4 and T6 and have never had to use the above tactic but is it something that's fairly 'standard or even 'promoted and encouraged in higher tier play? Is it pretty much necessary too? Something about it just screams cheese/exploit which is something that I've always hated. Are the developers aware of it? Whats their position on it? I'm honestly kinda tempted to trial it today to try and understand it more practically and mechanically rather than as a theoretical understanding. Is there also anything I'm missing from my initial assumption in bold and my now updated understanding? I'm sure there are many videos illustrating it but here's one I'm just borrowing from a recent thread by someone else that (annoying music aside) conveys the principle quite succinctly (but again as a newish player I can't judge it's accuracy of information 100%)
  3. Myrmidon19

    Service Costs

    This isn't specific to Aircraft Carriers but the forum won't let me post about 'ships' generically. Anyway I just entered T-8 and realised wow my service costs for my Lexington are phenomenal. Because it's a new ship I've been doing tests to familiarize myself on Co-Op and it's pretty much always a money-loser. Thing is as I'm currently un-upgraded if I jump into Random now to practice despite the money being better I'll be up against groups of T-10's which in it's current un-upgraded state is a bit pointless, I'll surely lose even more money just by playing. This is even with 20% credits and -10% service cost signals running. I could stack more, I could use camo but really this shouldn't be necessary just to keep your bank balance in the positive. Does it get better? When I'm upgraded and start really damaging and sinking things again? It seems at the moment I'm just farming credits with other lower ships so I can have practice time on Lexington. Also on a side-note is there any way of knowing a ships service costs before buying? Or even if you own it? You get a little feedback tab on the right hand side after battles that vanishes after like 3 seconds, it's a very annoying way of doing things if it's the only info we get.
  4. Myrmidon19

    Texas and it's AA

    So like many this week I earned a Texas from completing the time sensitive 'Combat Mission' and I took Texas out for a spin last night. I had always known that Texas was an AA god for her tier, I had heard that she had 'received nerfs' but was still very good, I have fought her multiple times in CV matches and respected her. Once I got my hands on her though I realized something that I previously didn't actually know... Woah she has no long ranged AA, she has a ton of short range and some medium range, the latter of which is the sole source of her flak fields and she's capped at 3.5km. She certainly kills planes well, what ever gets close to her whether it hits her or not does die but the fact that all of her AA seems concentrated in super close at 3.5km and under it kinda seems like she always takes a hit unavoidably even if she kills them in return for it because short range AA is so much harder to synergise and share with buddies. Would people agree this is largely true? Perhaps I need to play her a bit more first. This was also with the free level-3 commander with nothing unlocked.... I'll probably assign her a proper one if I end up liking her.
  5. Myrmidon19

    HVAR 127mm Vs. Tiny Tim

    Well I've decided to go for Tiny Tim. This isn't to say that I won't perhaps also try HVAR in the future but I realized you can gleam more info about the fighters on the right hand panel than you can by hovering over the upgrades on the left side, so I initially missed that HVAR and Tiny Tim have a chance of setting fires at 7% and 30% respectively, that's pretty much sold it for me in honesty. I've unlocked them with experience but pending credits as I'm on 600k at the moment after dropping all my savings on Lexington.
  6. Myrmidon19

    Up-to-date Aircraft Carrier Guide

    Partly connected to this but is it possible to mitigate the impact of catapult fighters by dropping patrol fighters over them? Usually catapult fighters consist of 2 fighters and patrol fighters have 3 fighters but you also have to factor in that the ships AA is also supporting those 2 so it's not like you have the upper hand with 3 vs 2 really. I've only recently jumped to T-8 so this is mostly tested with T-6. It seems to make some difference but not by much, maybe it's a nuance that requires a bit of practice.
  7. Myrmidon19

    HVAR 127mm Vs. Tiny Tim

    I wish I could purchase both of them (don't mind paying XP and Credit cost for both) so I could choose from game to game... I know what ever I choose the curiosity of what the other is like will drive me insane so I may switch then have an even worse dilemma between remaining or switching back.
  8. Myrmidon19

    Up-to-date Aircraft Carrier Guide

    Appreciate the replies and information guys. Sorry for a very delayed response it seems unlike literally every other thread I've ever made on this forum, this particular thread hasn't graced me with any 'notifications'. So small update... I've essentially joined the order of the sky cancer... It seems to be what I'm good at and I'm quite regularly putting down 4, 5 even 6 ships in a game. Literally I don't think I've ever got more than 2 kills in a surface ship before in a single game. Although that isn't to say I don't have appalling games too sometimes but it definitely seems like I'm a hell of a lot better in a CV than I am in surface ships. That said I've just made the jump to the T-8 Lexington and I'm getting absolutely butchered. I guess part of it is the fact I'm now in games with T-10's and I'm not just a T-8 but a T-8 with no upgrades. So maybe I'll improve once I'm upgraded but it definitely seems a lot harder! The flak fields are absolutely insane.....
  9. Myrmidon19

    HVAR 127mm Vs. Tiny Tim

    So I've just purchased Lexington last night and tried 2 games with her. Now I know... I know... A completely un-tested and un-upgraded T-8 in a game full of T-10's.. It's not going to go well, I expected as much. But jesus was it a shock... Walls of flak that cover the entire length of my screen! Anyways I've been looking at upgrades and am I right in understanding that when it comes to upgrading Attack Fighters that you have to pick 1 of 2 options? It says that they're the same aircraft but they carry different payloads... HVAR 127mm and 'Tiny Tim'. In a nut shell: each of the latter has a single giant rocket under each wing whereas each of the former has 3 smaller rockets under each wing? With obviously the former having more area denial/hit probability and the latter doing considerably more damage but with less chance of hits/coverage? The differences seem pretty clear and easy to work out but perhaps I'm not adequately acquainted with some of the nuances of upper tier CV. Up until now I've primarily used Attack Aircraft for reconnaissance and DD hunting (obviously some circumstances I'll just use them generically on anything). Is this the main use of Attack Aircraft in the upper tiers though? Are these Tiny Tims perhaps potent enough that they're more versatile in terms of which kinds of ships they can practically engage? Thus far I'm leaning towards sticking with the HVAR 127mm for the wider coverage and higher hit probability as HE Bombers and Torpedo Bombers are by design fairly precision based as it is but as I said I'm a T-6 man just entering T-8 so my understanding is limited. Would like to hear peoples views on the above if anyone would be so kind? Cheeeers
  10. Myrmidon19

    Penalizing players for things outside their control

    Sometimes people can be gaming and their toddler will slip over and crack the side of their head open on the side of a coffee table. There can be blood and screams and some players will actually, literally have the absolute audacity to go AFK and prioritize real world events at the detriment to their team in game. Unbelievable. Pink them to the grave.
  11. I'm basically wondering peoples opinions/advice on the toughest/tankiest Cruiser? I.e. is there a cruiser that could be considered a battlecruiser, like the closest thing to a battleship whilst still being a cruiser? Another way to look at it could possibly to be not as concerned about size, health and armour but batteries. Any cruisers with huge small numbers of main batteries more akin to battleships than typical multi-gun destroyers and cruisers? 
  12. I'm basically wondering peoples opinions/advice on the toughest/tankiest Cruiser? I.e. is there a cruiser that could be considered a battlecruiser, like the closest thing to a battleship whilst still being a cruiser? Another way to look at it could possibly to be not as concerned about size, health and armour but batteries. Any cruisers with huge small numbers of main batteries more akin to battleships than typical multi-gun destroyers and cruisers?
  13. Myrmidon19

    CV Tier 4-6 AA spike

    Thanks a lot for the summary. I am very soon going to be making the jump from T4 Langley to T6 Ranger where initially I'll be an un-upgraded T6 facing off against fully upgraded T8 ships... Which is a daunting prospect. As you say I'll just have to pick targets more carefully (maybe more providing intelligence data and DD hunting etc). I find currently at T4 I can often get 3 full passes in HE and Torp Bombers on a lot of ships but suspect it may be down to 1 after the jump and even then whilst being very careful.
  14. Myrmidon19

    CV Tier 4-6 AA spike

    Disclaimer: I'm a newbie. Can you really evade the flak explosions? From all I've read in my relatively short time of the game my understanding was all the tracers and visible streams of rounds flying through the air around the ship were actually just cosmetic and didn't correspond to anything physical because AA mechanically works as an aura. But the Flak is different?
  15. Before anyone charges in with 'oh my god do some reading' or 'jesus just use the search box' I should say that A.) I am fairly new and B.) I am aware that 'Aircraft Carriers' as a ship/mechanic have undergone a lot of changes back and forth since their inception so this does somewhat obscure things when trying to do research yourself. Generally speaking the more recent the guide/info then probably the more factual it will be, but who knows. Anyway would anyone be kind enough to recommend any guides, resources, videos etc that are representative of current mechanics? I recently acquired my first Carrier (T4 Langley), I was told it wasn't the "best" but thinking long-term I surmised that in the long run the US carrier tech tree would probably be pretty good. One issue I'm having is judging distances from which to initiate 'runs' because I've had a couple of scenarios where I'll initiate at X-distance and complete the run and other times I'll deliberately initiate from a much closer Y-distance but the run to target will sometimes take longer under identical conditions and I find this somewhat puzzling and it throws me off sometimes because I'm not literally too close to initiate.