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  1. Nufessa


    This is spot on. Even with 100-150 games (a decent wr) you end up using all flags and resources you get till rank 10. Only for achieving some steel and a bunch of crappy camos. Not worth it at all
  2. Nufessa

    Is this enough?

    70% of times matches end with a team obliterating the other in the first ten minutes. I don't remember how much times i got a team with zero caps who went to zero points in few minutes. This is stupid and destroys the fun in the game. Wg has to fix a lot of issues: - CVs permaspotting and continuous harassing that destroys every possible tactical movement or ambush. -Absolutely IDIOTIC ships that can shoot every 1 second saturating the air with shells: the difference between a high ratw of fire ship and a low one is that the former permits you to adjust your aim instantly, while the latter needs more skill to aim properly. - Adjust some cruisers performances that makes no sense at all. Why Henry IV can shoot 9 shells of 240mm that fast (also with a recharge boost consumable) while other ships get nothing in return? With 203mm guns. Other issues that i don't remember. They only think to their bundles and low quality events
  3. Nufessa

    Is this enough?

    Guys i simply uninstalled the game for indefinite time. I'm tired of this s**t of a game. Tired of WG doing whatever they want without listening to anyone. They created a toxic environment, stupid light ships that can melt heavier ones like butter (Worcester, Smolensk, Harugumo). The concept of firepower is long gone. This is a game for smoke sitting ducks and hiding spammers not for dynamic gameplay (at least it could be possible with a minimum of teamplay). So f*** Wg and f*** their low quality products. I'm out
  4. Nufessa

    Is this enough?

    So i got the Venezia and i don't perform very well with her but, ffs i'm getting teams outrageously bad. I can't even try to do something that i disappear or the game ends. This is not possible and it's stupid over all limits. I have 33% winrate in her and i'm starting to think that this ship is cursed. This was my last game and, guess what? Defeat. Don't know what to do to change this situation, it's getting annoying as i like this ship and how it handles.
  5. Nufessa

    Fix the Amalfi pls

    Sorry but a single good game can't represent a ship's performance: i also had 120 to 140k games in it but it doesn't change the view i have on this ship. This is a good argument, it's heavily dependent on how the team moves and spots. If German cruisers have at least hydro, Japanese have good concealment and English have smoke, Italians have speed and 40 seconds smoke with 5 months of cooldown
  6. Nufessa

    Fix the Amalfi pls

    Capital difference is that those ships you are mentioning have "tools" and concealment. Italians have nothing other than that situational smoke
  7. Nufessa

    Fix the Amalfi pls

    I've never had such a hard grinding with a ship. Zara was a pleasant surprise, also Trento handles very well; but this ship is pure TRASH. It handles like a brick, has a pathetic 16.1 km range at tier 8 and far worse shell grouping compared to Zara. Add the ridicoulus 16(!!!!!) seconds reload and here you have: the trashiest tier 8 cruiser ever. Just waiting 16 seconds in order to achieve 2-3k more on the enemy without fires, what's the point of this ridicoulus ammunition? It's a damn SEMI ARMOR PIERCING and it pens like a german HE (WITH RICOCHET ANGLES???? Dafuq); at least make the SAP pen to a higher treshold (70mm?) in order to achieve REAL consistent damage. I hope you'll fix this mess ASAP but on the other side i know it will take tons of time because reasons. Take care
  8. Nufessa

    Was Colorado nerfed recently? I can't hit a thing!

    I had exactly the same feeling. I stopped playing the game from january to may (deleted the other account) and when i returned Colorado was just weird. It used to have a good grouping of shells similar to NC, now seems just the older version of herself. So we are all going crazy or there was a covered nerf. Also check this video by business6 where he says the exactly same thing.
  9. Nufessa


    Vorrei farvi notare che siete andati ampiamente off topic con le discussioni storiche. Lungi da me evitare questo tipo di discussioni, che trovo in generale molto interessanti; ma il topic è stato aperto per parlare delle navi italiane. E comunque fanno cag*re altamente, pur trovandomi tra le migliori stats nel server con il montecuccoli reputo la nave in questione assolutamente inadatta al tier 5 ed, in ogni caso, molto indietro rispetto alle controparti di altri paesi. La facilità con cui si riesce a carriare con navi come konigsberg ed emile bertin non trova paragoni con ciò che si riesce a fare con il Monte. Non ho provato le altre navi ma, da recensioni quà e lò ho capito che il livello è comunque mediocre (a parte forse il Venezia). Serve urgentemente un buff significativo; anche perchè mi sono stancato di vedere quelle schifezze di navi russe ovunque; oltretutto inventate, OP ed assolutamente brutte esteticamente.
  10. Hi everybody. I've always been fascinated about the story of the Sms Emden: for me it is an epic war chapter worth a movie. One of the main characters of Emden's raids was its captain Karl Von Muller. So i was thinking if they could add him as a legendary german captain. It would be great
  11. So i got the Montecuccoli in a container and give it a try. Let's start from positive things i found on the ship (i played at least 20 battles in it): - Handling: The ship maneuvers very good and it's fast, i don't need to change speed and evade shots, just press A or D and it works like a dd. - Good Looking: i mean i love Italian ships and their design. - Concealment: Decent concealment, nothing incredible but good. I think i can stop here. Negative things: - 14.3 seconds reload: Enormous reload for a ship with 152mm guns only because of this ammunition that's very very inconsistent. I can get 5k salvos and 800 salvos depending on which part of the enemy ship i'm hitting. Sometimes Rng trolls a lot and makes ships pass in between my shells without hitting anything. Furthermore i found some situations against point blank dds where i shot all shells, got 4 penetrating ribbons and 1271 dmg or, in general, very poor damage numbers; i got also situations where i oneshotted full hp dds but, again, it's a bit strange behavior. So let's take a ship like Konigsberg: i have 1700 HE max damage so 1700x0,33 = 561 and i shoot every 7.5 seconds. In 15 seconds i can get (assuming 50% of shells hit and pen) = 5049 damage + Chance of fire. Why this gigantic reload time then? With SAP i can get (assuming 50% hits and pens) : 3850x0,33=1270 so 1270x4=5089 and no fires. - Air drag: Over 13-14 km shells just float like UFOs. They take eones to reach the target and moreover they make aiming with the spotter plane a lottery. Reduce this d*mn airdrag pls because balistics are pure TRASH. -Exaust smoke: Only 2 charges with premium and 3 with superintendent. Seriously? It works for 25 seconds and then you have to wait A LOT for reloading the consumable. This is useful but not that much. It saves your a** sometimes and i used it to attack and flank but nothing more that some situations. In conclusion ship is fun to play (only because i'm italian i think) but her damage output is minimal. Guns don't work and don't prize good aiming and positioning, they are just situational. It's easy to get great damage numbers with all t5 cruisers (Kirov, Konigsb, Furutaka, Emile Bertin) but with this damage lacks. And it lacks a lot. Naturally this is my opinion on the ship, not the entire line. But with this assumptions, if also other ships are gonna behave this way i think this is going to be the worst line ever released on this game. So pls WG, fix this mess. I'm ready to know your thoughts on this
  12. Nufessa

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    They also didn't give a decent amount of smokes. Seriously wtf is wrong with having more than 2 smokes? If i don't have superintendent i use 2 smokes then stop. This is it. It's a normal cruiser with cr**y SAP
  13. Nufessa

    EU server gameplay and KOTS

    Also notice that, in some cases, they used different maps compared to maps used in EU KOTS finals
  14. Nufessa

    EU server gameplay and KOTS

    For sure i've played competitive wows but not with this account. Anyway i noticed that EU clans played really bad making also simple mistakes, somewhat a lot of their own fault is involved in yesterday matches. As i said i think eu clans are best worldwide, would like to see 100% TTT vs 100% o7
  15. Nufessa

    EU server gameplay and KOTS

    I know this is not the right section to post this; but i would like to know your thoughts on last KOTS clash between Eu clans and Na and discuss the gameplay on our server. I think it's a general example of how a more active gameplay leads more results than a passive one. So i would like to know if you think this is a general attitude of EU players (to focus on positions more than pushes and maneuvering) or it was only a matter of momentum or bad decisions. With this i'm not saying that EU clans are weak, i rather think they are the best in all servers but yesterday something in their philosophy of playing went wrong. Let me know your thoughts