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  1. Well it does matter. While yes Jerzy is not available anymore and containers for his collection might appear in the armory, fact is he was obtainable for free at some point. Lutjens wasn't. And no reason was given why. If Lutjens had been available for free and then sent to armory it would've been one thing but he wasn't. Also it matters that only the German Legendary Commander is sent straight to armory, making players who want him pay a substantial amount of coal (with no other previous alternative) while for other nations players didn't have to burn their coal straight up.
  2. I don't really post anything here but using Halsey on Massachusetts lately made this topic come to mind. Most nations in game have a Legendary Commander that amplifies the gameplay of his nations' ships of all classes. They and the method in which they can/could be obtained are the following: Japan - Yamamoto Isoroku, obtainable by completing the "Yamamoto Isoroku" campaign USA - William Halsey, obtainable by completing the "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" campaign UK - Andrew Cunningham, obtainable for Royal Tokens during the British Heavy Cruiser event in Update 0.9.1, currently available in armory for 175 000 coal France - Philippe Auboyneau, obtainable for French Tokens during the French Arc event in Update 0.8.7, currently available in armory for 175 000 coal USSR - Nikolay Kuznetsov, obtainable for Victory Tokens awarded during the 2019 "Victory" Competition event, currently available in armory for 175 000 coal Italy - Luigi Sansonetti, obtainable for the completion of the "Resolute and Rapid" collection during the release of the Italian Cruiser event, currently unavailable, probably will follow lead and be put in the armory for coal in the future obtainable by purchasing collection containers for coal in the armory Pan EU - Jerzy Ṡwirski, obtainable for the completion of the temporary "Strong-Willed" campaign starting during the release of Pan EU DD's and random bundles in the armory, currently unavailable, probably will follow lead and be put in the armory for coal in the future Germany - Gunther Lutjens, obtainable for 175 000 coal starting with the release of the German CV line in summer 2020 As can be seen, the majority of the Legendary Commanders can be or could be obtained for free by completing campaigns, collections or exchanging tokens obtained for free during events, these events mostly being a new line release for that commanders' nation . All but one exception which might be quite obvious at this point, that being Gunther Lutjens. While indeed he was released together with a new German line (the CV one), instead of following the norm of previous commanders he was put straight to the armory for coal with no chance of obtaining him in any other way. This makes no sense and I have not seen a lot of attention on this matter or at least a proper explanation. You might say this is how Legendary Commanders will be released going forward but the next Legendary Commander released after Lutjens was Jerzy Ṡwirski and while his campaign was time limited (6 months if I recall correctly), he was still obtainable for free before most likely going to armory for coal. So during the release of a new German line in a very long time (approx. 3 whole years, might be wrong) instead of getting the same treatment as other nations, being able to get a Legendary Commander for free/grind, we get an alternative camo scheme and the ability to mount double flags which are not inherently bad but are not on the same level. There was little explanation for this weird exception and dry release. All this is exacerbated by the state of German BB's in the current meta and that he is honestly the only Legendary Captain I'd want and the only one that was not available for a different method first. For example, I unintentionally obtained Cunningham and Sansonetti by playing during their release patch. I don't even use Sansonetti, who I would trade in a heartbeat for Lutjens. Actually I would trade any other Legendary Commander I own besides maybe Halsey for Lutjens. Also I don't play a lot of British ships. Swirski was the same, playing normally during the 6 month period of his campaign. The same with Yamamoto, which was never really a goal as I don't play Japanese ships. The only one different was Halsey who besides Lutjens, is the only captain I actively wished for. This discrepancy between the release of Lutjens and his counterparts is really jarring and a clear missed opportunity to give German BB's (and all other German lines) some needed pluses in the current state of the game. Especially as particularly for German BB's he is only useful if one uses an already extremely specialized and situational playstyle, that being a secondary build so the arguments that he's broken or OP in any way in that specific case is unfounded in my eyes. The only case for that argument (quite weak though) might be Hindenburg with a lighthouse build but that's mostly thanks to the current state of long range HE farming. My only hope is that there will be a way of obtaining Lutjens during the release of the new German DD line and that people who already have him, by completing the required tasks, will instead get his value in coal as compensation. Although this seems very unlikely. The aim of this (quite long) post was to raise a point, get your opinions on this matter and maybe get an explanation or reason for this exception. Note: I have enough coal for him but I view the price to be too high together with the facts that he is only a 10 pointer, the recent increase in CP needed to get him to max level, the commander rework affecting negatively secondary builds and that I already have 2 German 19 point commanders. Also my apologies if this is too long.