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  1. BowTieMcBoat

    Game uninstalled after WGC installation

    Hello, A few questions. Today I decided to install the WGC in order to install the game client for the submarines, I set the game to install that client before I left home this morning, set my PC to ignore the 'sleep mode' and stay active all the time. I came home just a few minutes ago and still some 3 GB to download. Is it always that slow? I mean, an entire day and I'm certain it is not because of my internet connection, I usually sit at 11Mb/s download. (I have set everything on 'unlimited' , no seeding, and have granted WGC and the game full firewall access) Currently it sits at a meager 500-ish KB/s Second question, I decided to forgo the installation for now, and play the current version of the game, added the game to the WGC and somehow the game could not find some file (missed it, the pop-up was come and gone in a second). After that, I decided to close and open the WGC in order to see if the message would show up again and get a screenshot. I could not find the WGC at all on my pc, checked every possible folder, and it was not even in my download folder anymore. What has been downloading all day then!? After I installed the WGC again (clicking on the WoWs shortcut on my desktop from the 'classic' launcher I have been using without problems before) It said I needed to install the WGC. After I installed it, the WGC gave the same error pop-up (again come and gone within a second), and deleted the entire game. Again not a single file to be found, same as with the regular uninstall procedure. So now I'm stuck with the WoWs TST at 3GB to go at said download 'speed', and an entire WoWs 'main game' to download again. EDIT: I found the original game folder, it is called 'World of Warships' and has a size of 43.5GB, so I assume that is the entire game. Below that is a folder called 'World of Warships EU and has a size of 3.9 GB, below that is the TST folder and has a size of around 29.5GB. Why do I have to install the entire game again when going to use the WGC?? when I click on the WoWs icon in the first folder it starts the WGC, and starts the download of the game again. Anyone knows how to resolve this without having to download the entire game again? I have given up on the TST, that download is going to be finished in 2022 or something, slowing down to 100KB/s, not going to let my PC run for 2 day's straight for it. Anyone encountered this before? I do want to participate in future test servers etc. But after this I'm not touching that 'participate button' ever again I think. Again, sadly not screenshots from the error message, was gone to quickly unfortunately.
  2. BowTieMcBoat

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    Shame new players can't get their hands on those supercontainers. Well, have to do with camouflages and such I suppose. Still, it's free by just playing the game, so not really in a position to complain (much) I suppose ;)