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  1. arttuperkunas

    Yamato secondary build actually not bad as I think

    No. Still a terrible idea.
  2. arttuperkunas

    British CL line?

    Radar eddy and mino are very viable in ranked and downright deadly in randoms in div with competent dd. However it requires very good map awareness and constantly tracking red bb and large cruiser positions and lines of fire. It also requires thorough knowledge of armor models, how to bounce off your main belt, and which guns overmatch you. Furthermore you have to read the game and constantly balance risk vs reward - these ships are useless unless played aggressively, but aggressive plays are dangerous due to armor model. No mistakes allowed, basically.
  3. arttuperkunas

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya FFT

    As others have said, raw AA numbers are meaningless, what matters is how flak and DPS is divided between long range, mid range and short range auras. With 3,5 km AA range your AA will only protect you against the most useless, mouth breathing CV players. And these are arguably the kind of players who are less likely to consistently get good drops on you anyway.
  4. arttuperkunas

    Carnot or Agir?

    Agir is strong in special game modes like ranked and particularly brawls. Probably the best t9 cruiser for small map combat.
  5. We’ve done 2xlouisiana 1xreal cv cv divs. It’s hilariously, stupidly unbalanced
  6. arttuperkunas


    I noticed it too. It was the first time I realised what he was talking about when he talked about teleporting/disappearing ships. He literally does not understand what concealment/spotting is.
  7. arttuperkunas


    That was the video where I realised that this guy genuinely does not seem to have any idea how concealment or spotting works in this game. It was also the point where I realised that this person is either trolling so hard, or so mentally impaired, that having any kind of sensible discussion is impossible.
  8. arttuperkunas

    Next RB Ship

    My issue is that Yolo performs best in situations where the enemy is bad, or lacks all tools to deal with you - in other words, you get to do Epic Stuff mostly in situations where the match has already been won, or where the enemy is at a major disadvantage anyway. In my view, this makes the Yolo an anti-carry ship, because it has trouble performing in precisely those games where you need to carry (i.e. you are fighting in an even playing field or at a disadvantage.
  9. arttuperkunas

    Next RB Ship

    Honestly? I feel the same. I am a reasonably good BB player, and I still struggle particularly with the very slow shell velocity. I also hate the AB-XY turret arrangement with a passion. Then again, my BB of choice at T10 is Yamato, so I am simply used to better guns (higher velocity, better turret arrangement).
  10. arttuperkunas

    Next RB Ship

    V2 is very strong. Due to the general dpm/lethality of enemy ships at T10 you can't go balls deep in the same way as Haida at T7 or even Daring at T10, so you really have to pick your fights; the V2 is fairly fragile, and you are not getting any of that HP back. However, V2 is an extremely strong cap contester due to a mix of consumables, good concealment, and frankly nutty firepower. If you know which fights you can pick, and what positions you can go with the ship, you can totally carry games with it.
  11. arttuperkunas

    Next RB Ship

    It’s fun when it’s fun. But the lack of consistency is frustrating
  12. arttuperkunas

    Next RB Ship

    When I play Yolo, I feel like I'm playing an inferior ship than any DD on the other side. They are stealthier, they have better torps, and better guns. I have to play very well to win in a situation where they are playing badly or at most at an average level. When I found myself feeling afraid/inferior about every DD on the enemy team, in each match, I basically decided never to play Yolo again except for grinding missions in coop. It is simply a sub-optimal boat. If you put as much effort/cunning into playing any other ship of the same tier, you will probably get better results. That's kinda fucked up.
  13. arttuperkunas

    Next RB Ship

    uh? Any dd with a 6 skill pt captain is bad. Lightning is one of the strongest tech tree ships at T8... it has 5,5 concealment, fairly good firepower, and fairly good torpedoes, even if range is a little lacking. It also has extremely good consumables. (and FYI, I mostly play Shima in terms of T10 DDs right now... I never got the hang of Daring myself, but I acknowledge is as an extremely strong ship based on what I've seen and experienced)
  14. arttuperkunas

    Next RB Ship

    Daring line is probably the easiest DD line in the game, youve gotten some strange advice. Yolo Emilio is a terrible ship. Play it if you want something different and are ok playing with a handicap... but at the end of the day, you are playing with a handicap. It's a mediocre gunboat, the torps are too short ranged for general use, and it has precisely one selling point, The Gimmick. And even that is neutered by basically every high tier ship having hydro and/or radar. Vampire 2 is a lovely ship. It doesn't quite play in the same way as Daring, but both are very, very strong.
  15. arttuperkunas


    I advise you to seek help. It's no use trying to reason with you, as you clearly live in an impenetrable world of conspiracy theories and faulty logic.