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  1. arttuperkunas

    Why everyone hates CVs?

    Some threads really should be in that dumpster cv thread. I had low expectations after the op yet this thread still managed to underwhelm.
  2. arttuperkunas

    Why everyone hates CVs?

    You need the Anakin meme for this.
  3. arttuperkunas

    Why everyone hates CVs?

    No. Nope nope nope. Not going to take this thread seriously.
  4. arttuperkunas

    Why Grand Battle is a great idea badly implemented

    You have ppl who have never played a bb, and/or never played above t4 playing these things. Plus most of the expetienced players ate playing the dds in this gamemode. That’s what happens.
  5. As one dd potato to another, uk dds are fun and relatively easy to play. Great cap contesters and knife fighters, good guns, “good enough” concealment and torps, good agility, great smokes, noob friendly battery of consumables.
  6. arttuperkunas

    Cursed Ranked Games?

    Bad timing, as Haida and z-39 just left the shop, along with t-61. Jervis and Gadjah masa are pretty strong.
  7. arttuperkunas

    Cursed Ranked Games?

    While I sympathize with the spirit of your post, the details are so thoroughly wrong it’s hard not to focus on that.
  8. arttuperkunas

    Cursed Ranked Games?

    Learn dds. Play dds. If what you really want are wins.
  9. arttuperkunas

    Fenyang bug

    Flamu uploaded a vid yesterday of torps launching in a different direction than the one he fired in. Several ppl replied they had the same issue since the update.
  10. My thought the first: CV rockets will be "unnerfed" to some degree, or they may even make the strafing do damage - which is, as I recall, something that you yourself suggested might happen. The change to the attack planes was very radical, and WG has a history of see-sawing with balance change. Furthermore, this is likely to decrease the popularity of CVs, which might in itself elicit a reaction. My thought the second: while this is a quite logical analysis, I am a little sceptical of this level of planning/foresight on the part of WG.
  11. arttuperkunas

    Why do we need to Report when; ?

    Hoisted on his own petard, what?
  12. arttuperkunas


    Dude, you make every thread about "me me me me" and frame your OPs in a way that is assured to create controversy. When you complain that other people derail threads you are on very, very thin ice indeed. Or can you honestly say that your own posts are consistently constructive, and never intended to stir the pot further?
  13. arttuperkunas

    My impressions of grand battles

    I have, I think they're shait against DDs that have half a brain due to bad accuracy, unless the DD has yoloed to like 4-5 km range. The secondaries sure do melt other BBs though, lost like 75k (50 k secs, 25 k fires) while kiting a Hannover in a Yamato.
  14. arttuperkunas

    Hannover will be released?

    Whatever you've been smoking, I'd like a hit.
  15. arttuperkunas

    My impressions of grand battles

    To be fair, the few times there were 0-1 DDs, it was quite fun to play one of these thicc boi BBs. However, every time you click into these battles with a DD you can and probably will have fun due to non-existent cruiser cover, so kind of unappealing to actually play the ships for which this mode is nominally intended. It also helps that many atrociously bad players are playing the Hannovers/Satsumas, probably because people who have no experience of playing BBs at high tier can suddenly jump into matches in the helms of these absolute units. They make very nice targets for HE spammer and torpedo demons.