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  1. arttuperkunas

    P.Heinrich and the new German line

    Sinop UP, please buff
  2. arttuperkunas

    Cherbourg reload, wtf

    I have no other complaints about the ship - it has a decent hull, great manouevrability and the guns are... ok. Not great, but ok. But a 28 second reload on 8 cruiser guns? I seriously hope that will change, as I don't see any justification for that. Maybe 24 secs would be ok.
  3. arttuperkunas

    Cherbourg reload, wtf

    28 seconds. How does a cruiser with 8 305mm guns have a 28 second reload? That's on par with battleships of that tier. It's a shame, because the ship is otherwise really fun in terms of its manouevrability and speed. But 28 seconds? On those tbh quite mediocre guns? Insane.
  4. arttuperkunas

    Aand here comes the lottery....

    Sure, I'm with you. These are BS mechanics. I object on principle, but my principles are not strong enough to stop me from using the system when it benefits me. In my case, I made a more or less rational assessment that even with bad RNG, I should get the 100 depot points necessary at an OK rate for a T9 premium. That said, I don't have a gambling addiction or addictive personality, so I was able to make that assessment more or less rationally. The same is not true of minors or people who are vulnerable to "surprise mechanics".
  5. arttuperkunas

    Aand here comes the lottery....

    Knock yourself out bro :P
  6. arttuperkunas

    Aand here comes the lottery....

    First container for me was the tier9, at 100 depot tokens. Took me around 4k doubloons to get the 100 depot tokens. I got the Ägir. OK value for doubloons, I'm quite happy.
  7. arttuperkunas

    New EULA?

    Sure. I mean even in principle an EULA is more of a "we can do this if we really want to if we have to" than a "we will do this" document... Even without getting into the thorny issue of whether they are binding upon an individual consumer, and to what extent their more draconian provisions would be enforceable in a given EU jurisdiction. That said, as I actually draft the damn things, I do take an idle interest in how a given EULA will address the issues most EULAs will want to address (like account sharing, license restrictions etc). As I said, professional curiosity. Plus I like to play bingo with unenforceable provisions particularly in those EULAs that are clearly imported from US law.
  8. Probably? It’s certainly the rarest.
  9. arttuperkunas

    New EULA?

    1. Of course it’s a contract, that’s the whole point 2. I assure you there is at least one lawyer who reads eulas before playing games, viz me. Not because I think I can negotiate them (lol), but out of professional curiosity (the reference to the consumer rights directive is of course spot on)
  10. arttuperkunas

    USS Black is Back

    Ugh :(. The USS black is cancerous, I wish it wasn't in the game - and now there will be many, many more of them. DDs with radar are bad enough, but DDs with radar and smoke are just stupid. (I have the ragnar and will ttly get this cancerous POS as well; still don't feel it's good for the game at all)
  11. arttuperkunas

    Lmao. A lovely post from NA....

    This is hilarious. Glorious and hilarious. You reap what you sow.
  12. arttuperkunas

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    Catapult fighters have a very long lock on time, which means that if you time your strike right they will at the most attack disengaging planes. I also have the impression that you can get rid of them by dropping your own fighters and/or that they lock on squads that have completed their strike rather than attacking planes, but I'm not 100% sure of that. All I know is that a. from lived experience, they are a deterrent only against the most inexperienced/bad CV players b. those people on the forums who actually play and understand CVs (I am not one of them!) consider them a bad joke
  13. arttuperkunas

    Can We Nerf British BCs' AA?

    Ship launched fighters are pretty badly broken/useless - surely you know this as a CV main? It's posts like this that make people wonder if you're trolling. (btw not trying to be nasty this time anyway, just a bit puzzled - catapult fighters are notoriously pointless for their actual task, viz shooting down planes)
  14. arttuperkunas

    ranked , teams

    On the other hand, I've seen mostly astonishingly bad Benhams in ranked the last few days. Including the infamous b**_g****r. (name pseudonymised to protect the guilty; anyone who plays ranked more than casually knows the guy)
  15. arttuperkunas

    Ranked: What have been your experiences in the different leagues?

    Excavatus has been quite frank/critical of a number of facets of the game, including and in particular the way CVs are now implemented. That said, he isn't exactly saying that ranked is garbage. He's saying ranked is randoms, only with less people. And that he doesn't prefer ranked - which is really a matter of personal taste. I personally quite like ranked in fact! The players are still mostly garbage, but I prefer the smaller gamemode, changes game balance quite a lot and tends to allow a single player (viz me) to have more impact on the match, for better or worse.