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  1. Sytrys

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Stats has noting do with battles but only skills otherwise we become "bad guys" just by looking at people stats and already confirm he/she is bad because he/she stats is low= bad player.
  2. Sytrys

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Bad player getting better team= zero change only mayby 20% change you get better team and I don't see much changed more potatoes hiding behind island and thinking camp and camp = help to win. You are saying "The only way to beat then is to be better." same answer I hear in WOT only problem is WOW is not WOT where you can pull off wins in +2 tiers with light tanks. In Wot you can learn from you battles and mistakes and become better but in WOW is about skills and firepower because if you put the same tiers together is only skills and tactics does matter and not ships. Mm favoured is not impossible but no proof but if you get 10x potatoe team is not suprising me that people getting tired and like you said is balanced then he/she is internettroll same as in wot forum. What has do with getting "deserved" because people come to play and of course if battles become unplayble by potatoes team no wonder players quit and if you try to get new players they will quit after 10 battles. I would like to see how you react if you get potatoes team 20x in every tier battle. How does that sound and I will say you deserve it.
  3. Sytrys

    Beginners clan - TACHA

    Can I join your clan I need some experience to gear up in dd ships.
  4. Which teaching clan excist in wow and i change my stats in public again
  5. Dear Saltface Thank you for friendly advice and I can tell you I have play wow in beta when they only have two tech tree USA and Japan before they release more nations so I know a bit about lower tiers but likek you said is not wrong to gain experience again from so long time because I was taking a break from wow. You answer is possible. Dear Norris_of_Quirm Where do I find clans that willing accept inexperience player like me because my other account is in wot clan and they requirement is not low either even the lowest clan ask at least some few battles, some ships and other requirement that clan ask. Thank you for the good advice.
  6. 1) I will do it now 2) okay 3) Sail away without being spotted I'm not blind but depend he is capping the flag I don't think he will sail away. 4) When is the last time you play wot because here is interesting news for you https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/fair-play-policy-update-april-2019/ I don't know but if you create a mod that is to good would you share to everyone or just keep it for yourself and I agree that such mod don't excist but not impossible that every game has now mods.
  7. Sytrys

    Graf Zeppelin underperforms. Please fix it.

    In easy wordt Zeppelin planes are good for same tier or lower tiers, against higher tiers ships they died quickly and try to choose easy soft targets because some ships have a lot of dangerous AA guns with shooting your planes down very fast then can you replace them.
  8. If I have a replay I would have put it in forum together with the topic. They radar and search is okay against ships that don't cover in smoke. It take a while before you can detect something but the ships I can not detect are in smoke or behind smoke with using radar and search combo in the al mon ship. Mod that show last enemy postion and they movement with and keep showing in your minimap excist in wot without scout after spotting them but in wow I don't know about it.
  9. Sytrys

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Better reason to play in divisoin and random is failure now because so many noobs in random after 10 battles in tier 1 ships they think they can play with the big guys. No experience no random. I suggest better a poll that they should allowed to play random after 50 games in several tiers.
  10. The hydroocaustic search and radar don't work not even in close range( within view range) I don't detect any enemy in smoke. In short everybody should install mods that is better then consum because you detect enemy
  11. Wot update now allowed premium tanks vs same tiers tanks before premium tanks you get +1 and +2 tiers enemey while your prem tanks lacking firepower and armor to survive. Normale tanks stay the same vs high tiers but now they trying to close the gap because is become hot topic every day in wot forum about the matchmaking. Nobody like to play against high tiers with good skills. You can win the battle if possible but your answer is only relying on tier IX vs X tanks and I don't see a light VIII tank would win against X heavy tanks unless with good skills and spam a lot of special ammo. In wow I doubt you can pull of such things because the ships difference in range making it hard to beat a bb ship or cruiser on far distance without being spotted.
  12. Sytrys

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    If we are talking about skills is difficult because it depend on the map and the team you have and op team.
  13. Selling tier 9 ships shows how desperate wow is attracking new players to play wow because nobody spend huge amount of time and money to unlock tier x ships.
  14. Sytrys

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Wot is not wow which you can still turn the battle into victory with just 1vs4 tanks and still win the battle but in wow, if you lost 3 ships is the battle already decided because by the stupid capture points or the firepower by the enemy battleships.