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  1. LateBloomPlays

    Collections .. help

    I'm wondering whether it will be completed for those who didn't during the PR event during the next update as it is another ship building update with graff spee etc.
  2. LateBloomPlays

    Map border exploit probable fix

    As a possibility, what about deactivating and resetting the timers on guns and torps if you hit border? Not permanently just while hugging border you can't use guns and then to avoid the abuse of turning in and out of border to fire but quickly hide broadside have the guns etc start from beginning
  3. The problem you got with your argument is that sync dropping divisions actually has a higher chance of them competing against each other. Matchmaking tries to match up divisions against each other. So if you have 2 divisions of 3 choosing the same tier, there is a higher chance they will be matched together as enemies. It's much more 50/50 however to sync drop as two solos in ranked. But the problem is with sync dropping really is how beneficial is it if at minimum you have a 50% chance to be enemies? As a clan of equal high talent you will just hemorrhage your clans win rate.
  4. To be honest I'm glad they haven't banned it. A lot of fun is when you sink people in your clan. If people are caught abusing it then yes there should be punishments but it's a lot of fun seeing who can one up each other rather than being in a clan you never interact with except occasional message and maybe clan battle
  5. LateBloomPlays

    Why has ranked never been fixed?

    I enjoy arms race a lot, but there was a lot of negativity coming from the community from it. I was just saying that they do actually take some things into account.
  6. LateBloomPlays

    Why has ranked never been fixed?

    Not only that, a lot of people complained a lot about arms race and that's gone from this ranked season.
  7. LateBloomPlays

    Free Goodies? Where to find them?

    Anytime you log into wows and see new news at the top just open the news section and scroll for the I'm ready for presents. It's nothing hidden and is openly available to everyone and since it lasts a while then if you just check whenever you join the game you won't miss out.
  8. LateBloomPlays

    Still no submarines in the game :(

    Subs are being added this patch in 2 weeks. So submarine means the submarine game mode that will be introduced. It's for the players who take longer to do directives to have an additional chance of completing it is all.
  9. LateBloomPlays

    How do you use your captains when resetting a line?

    From what I've seen, use whatever elite xp you have after spending 200k on half retraining. Failing that use premium ships to retrain any captains you have.
  10. LateBloomPlays

    Blind Fire When In Smoke

    The main thing is as well, were you broadside? If so you gave the biggest chance to be hit which makes aiming easy and even if you are moving by going forwards and backwards you arnt making yourself harder to hit. If you angled yourself in the smoke then going forwards and backwards not only moves your positioning left to right, but also forwards to backwards making it much more awkward to hit and mitigating damage when you are hit.
  11. LateBloomPlays

    Idea For Possible Better Team Play

    The problem with that is that the person top of the losing board is not the best at all. The way xp is calculated to show who is best doesn't quite work since if there is a bonus for best loser then you end up with more farming in game. People will end up going for points and not wins. Also DDs who spend a lot of game spotting for the team and not yoloing to get torps off do not get rewarded if they lose in the end but they may have done an excellent job throughout to lose to the conqueror taking advantage 20km back from their spots.
  12. LateBloomPlays

    Longer wait time for better play experience

    I think if anything they should just average out the teams. Not going into a ranked version. Just if your team avgs 51% then enemies should be close to it. Once you start going into splitting teams into categories then you not only get longer wait times, you get shorter line ups. Out of the 10k people online, how many are afk, how many are coop online, how many are scenario, how many are in each tier. They splits are big enough already that to effectively half it would make it much worse and then you start seeing the same players even more etc. Also a player who has 49.9% goes from best and carrying the team etc to the worst and gets hammered on until the win rate means literally nothing. My stats are bad but growing and I think being on teams and against teams with much better players helps a lot, but a bad player winning a lot reinforces bad habits.
  13. Exactly the same as you, commanders weren't the first bundle so didn't want doubloons on it. My Rng isn't too great with wows so didn't want to wait until 30k doubloons to unlock them.
  14. LateBloomPlays

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Didn't take screenshots but got a super last week from resource and got 15k coal. Another super from resource today and got 50 wows anniversary camo. Not even annoyed, I really needed more camo.
  15. LateBloomPlays

    Friendly fire

    Nope it's 100% your fault. Doesn't matter how you feel about it. But you are trying to argue that people should move out of the way of your torps rather than torp outta the way of others. If you have long torps you have to look at map and figure out where your torps will end up and where the other ships could be in that time.