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  1. Gloatover

    Is Slava worth 63.000 research points?

    Slava is not worth for 63K RP; squishy armor(check its bow and deck), low DPM, low alpha damage with many overpens... Stalingrad is a better ship than Slava while it's a cruiser, just go for it and forget potato Slava When Slava is good or best? If you only play it with your CV friend while helping you by forcing players to show you their broadside, but that low alpha strike annoying all of the time...
  2. Gloatover

    Savage Battle

    Is anyone still playing these mods for trash rewards?
  3. Gloatover

    Ranked Battles: The Sixth Season

    Np for me, I have FDR and Immelman
  4. Gloatover

    Ranked Battles: The Sixth Season

    Looks like the best ranked format!
  5. Gloatover

    Never Enough Gifts!

    Mega Gifts...
  6. Gloatover

    Black Friday 2021: Highlights

    T8+ giving more doubloons (2.500 and some coal for T9+) but not too high as before...
  7. Gloatover

    Black Friday 2021: Highlights

    Only 1.500 doubloons...
  8. Gloatover

    how to get King of the Sea camo for North Carolina

    I still didn't get the mission!
  9. Gloatover

    HotFix: Game Balance

    Cool story
  10. Gloatover

    Auction on Christmas

    An auction would be good for Christmas which includes coal/steel, not it?
  11. Gloatover

    What did you get from the KotS crate?