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  1. Hey, my ingame name is Wuxang. No im not from Asia, random name and people like to think that's the case. Haha. I speak fluent english, german, swedish and am playing it kinda competetively, trying to do as good as possible constantly. My overall stats are averge, however my recent and last 7 days games game are usually in the unicum area, not that that means anything. I've got the Gk, Kremlin, Henri, Kleber, Moskwa & the smolensk (deciding to buy or not to buy the thunderer currently) Anyway happy to come to chat to anyone who meets the criteria and who's criteria i forfill. :) happy new years
  2. Hey, grade aus den urlaub heim gekommen und wows lässt sich nicht mehr starten. Spiele via Steam, habe das update runtergeladen und komme nicht mehr rein. Game daten verifizieren hat normalerweiße zuvor immer das Problem gelöst aber scheint nicht zu funktionieren. Habe das game Re-installiert, Modstation ebenfalls und alle mods gelöscht usw. Brauche hilfe :)
  3. Just got back from a 2 week Holliday and after downloading the game updates and so on i'm not able to get into the game at all. I'm playing via steam, have verified the game files, uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, uninstalled the modstation and tried it, turned of the mods in the modstation and tried it and so on. I can't figure it out. I've had this issue before, i just had to verify the game files and it worked again. Doesn't seem to do it anymore :) Appreciate any help given!.