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  1. This is the second bigger update in a row where 1: My update never worked or downloaded 2: I tried to repair the damaged files again but that doesn't work at all 3: I uninstalled everything and installed it back and its still not playing.... What do i even do at this point? Game freezes when trying to play like how does this happen every update...... Doubt i'll get any help but i see people with similar issues and no of them posts helped me sadly. I get penalties every time i try to play cause my game freeze or wont load me properly in~
  2. Sitrxn

    0.9.0 - General Feedback

    I keep getting kicked from the game when trying to play. Happened only after todays update. Getting frustrating i must say and im from Norway so its more than just Croatia that has problems. I tried to join the same game 5 times but game just crahsed/closed itselfs while loading in.