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  1. arquata2019_

    us vs eagle, cv

    Still not a final opinion on Sekiryu as I still haven't played her. It all depends on the player. Most likely, US is better than Eagle. Just like how Midway > many other CVs in general, excluding Hakuryu. Sekiryu is just a stronger Hakuryu... picking the strongest CV at T10 and having a T11 of it. I think Sekiryu will be the strongest ship in the entire game for a bit.
  2. arquata2019_

    Is there a way to play w/o subs?

    Sadly the ships that are making the game even less funnier are increasing. If you want to try having fun, you can play lower tiers, coop, competitive (if possible) or Scenarios. Scenarios are great for that IMO
  3. arquata2019_

    How to Gearing

    Thanks for the reply, even though, I have got to admit that 1 year ago I was another player. Let alone 2 years ago: :) Now after all this time I think I have learnt how to play Gearing at a certain level for being my second ever T10 DD. It has still gotten amazing properties and is one of my favourite DDs. Of course DDs like Daring, Halland, Grozo exist as well, but I find Gearing to be fairly balanced.
  4. arquata2019_


    Might be the machine answering your data request to join the server or something like that. A hacker would have done something else completely, so yeah. I hope WoWs numbers is back up soon, I love that website.
  5. arquata2019_

    How CV should work

    I suggest that after this all time, you try developing out some ideas made by the playerbase instead of internally testing of which we have no proof of so (honestly). Of course, if they do not work out either roll back the changes or try a new idea from the playerbase. For example, what would you personally change, Seraphice? Personally I'd delay the spotting for the allied ships; also slightly increasing AA ranges while lowering plane speed. I'd also make CVs have limited planes and have a short cooldown after take offs/landings, to begin with. What do you think of this Seraphice? I'd like to hear your opinion on the matter if possible.
  6. arquata2019_

    Where are my torps bro?

    I think they just get launched from there
  7. arquata2019_

    Tier 11 super in burning credits.

    Basically What I am saying is that the amount of CV players, which most of them are just plain bad, lowering by a lot the stats on every server. Heck, look at Midway, one of the best T10 CVs but somehow, as it has been played by literally any person it has fallen into a 47% WR in EU, and red WR in NA. That's one of the strongest ships in the game IMO as well. Top CV players will likely impact the game way more than a top surface ship player, thus increasing and highering the average server stats by a lot. However these players are either inactive or there are almost none left, while the avg CV player is way more active, leading us to this: just by looking at the average stats, CVs have lower WRs making one person thinking they're underpowered, when instead they have gotten used by way too many players that don't know how to play it. Yes, the effect of a bad carrier player against a good carrier player is huge.
  8. arquata2019_

    Tier 11 super in burning credits.

    I can agree on this. The vast amout of average to bad CV players bring down the stats so much while competent or top CV players (of which, there are VERY few of them left) will be surely noted and can't raise up the stats on their own.
  9. LuL Pretty sad to see the direction of this game. Really, this game has a lot of potential but you aren't using it to the maximum IMO.
  10. After a lot of battles for me I was able to reach 55% solo WR (still rapidly increasing) and 60% - 70% solo on some ships as well by doing my research, discover my mistakes and learn from them, trying new builds, trying new playstyles, watching better players play those ships and give me tips and get few of my replays analyzed by high-level comp players. Also something I did on a regular basis was testing things in a battle: what would happen if I capped mid right now even though the enemies are pushing the other flank? I did that and while I succeded in it, it may not happen everytime as every situation is different and lost a lot of HP (that happened during a Khabarovsk game) . I recommend you find the class (BB, cruiser or DD) that suits you the most and start it from there. For T10 BBs, I recommend BBs like Montana/Ohio, static cruisers I'd recommend DM/Salem or even Moskva, torp DDs I'd say Gearing (my fav), Shimakaze/Halland and gunboats, well, Khabarovsk / Harugumo / Kleber (very hard) and similar ships. Of course you got to spam quite some games to do it and get the feel of the ship you're interested in. For me it was Des Moines, the ship with more 100 battles that holds the highest solo WR of them all, I have quite a personal play style: aggressive when needed and also able to kite against 30mm+ overmatching BBs. Feel free to post some replays either here on the forum or on a discord server called "Help-Me" and players will analyze said replays and will give you tips. I learnt quite a bit from them for my DM.
  11. I installed WGC back in update 0.7.5 or something and then, for other reasons, had to re-install it during the 0.8.2. I barely missed RTS CVs and how good WoWs was back then compared to now. Yes, I sadly never played 2015 to 2018 WoWs but I still watch some videos on it and would love to see it coming back. From what I know it was good tbf.
  12. arquata2019_

    General CV related discussions.

    Predropping the moment the planes take off is usually an awful decision. Other than that, they enjoy some benefits such as the AA (and maybe flak too) reduction by ~30% . The second problem is when he comes back with another squad or attack wing. While Youshanai does have almost about half his CV matches played in a division, you can also sort out by battles his CV stats and you'll find some CV with pretty high stats and pretty good to high battles number (Shokaku and Midway). Also looking at his WR in those CVs can give you an idea of how skilled a ship (especially, CV) player is. I am not defending anybody between the two but just wanted to give my opinion on it. It's not really a problem and you can reliably destroy AA mounts with really any HE rockets with T10 CVs. Same goes for T8 CVs.
  13. arquata2019_

    Ship prices?

    Wargaming removed some steel ships (Flint, Black, Neustrashimy) and then decided to add them back but for coal. Since they were steel ships, they gave them a higher coal price than normal. From what I know Black is pretty decent, that radar + combo is pretty strong and she's got Fletcher's DPM. Torps are mostly mines you just launch and forget about them. Neustrashimy on the other hand is quite a particular DD. It might be an option in an eventual T9 CB season but for now in randoms it's pretty ok, fair guns, good torps and the super heal making you very tanky and giving you quite a big advantage in DD vs DD fights. No ship in the game excluding T11s are that expensive. There are many ways to get credits if you're suddendly out of them: - Sell modules (go to inventory) ; - Sell some ships (not really a fan of this) ; - Convert some doubloons to credits (rare, it's the least preferred option) ; Players getting there usually wait a bit more to farm some credits as they plan in advance the cost of the entire upgraded ship. Playing premium ships might help for that. Also having less expensive TechTree ships would mean more and more newbies get there and that's not really good IMO. T11 ships are quite expensive at first but if you actively play CBs and score some wins you're good.
  14. arquata2019_


    Hitting the target or not while aiming depends on target's angling, target's speed and your shells' speed. The reticules aren't really accurate honestly. You either shoot when you have the feel you've lead correctly or try to take a modded dynamic reticule.