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  1. arquata2019

    Ranked Battles: The Third Season

    offtopic, but i must say: a freaking ton of resources 0.0
  2. arquata2019

    General CV related discussions.

    So, (sorry for bothering people so much, but i don't understand the last part) if i start an attack, should i enter in a (for example) battleship AA range (5,8km) And, if i reactively evade flak could i eat some of them eventually?
  3. arquata2019

    General CV related discussions.

    i randomly ask questions here, so here's another: Why should i get the 4PT captain skill -25% damage from flaks? because there's a 100% you will get them when you attack 2 ships or a ship that is using DFAA. i'm using it. any good? any opinions?
  4. @marcopieroni16 carried too much lmao was an honour meeting you, and absolutely i loved this phrase: "Do you know how kamikazes work?" "'Cause i do." off to rushing skane and lepanto both killing them, i could have done double strike but i intentionally avoided it because i would have lost some hp for secondaries. GG :D
  5. arquata2019

    General CV related discussions.

    I could try torpedoing them (if you can get some torps it's very nice), bombing them for 8k-12k+ damage and starting some fires or, simply using rockets on them. Even though i would use rockets on low hp targets too
  6. arquata2019

    General CV related discussions.

    do you mean only with the +10% range (1PT skill) and the +1 fighter captain skill? (always 1 PT) I see hakuryu as an "anti cruiser" CV, because she can torpedo cruisers with fast and deadly torps and bomb them for non fully-healable damage, and you can't hunt DDs like midway does (Midway's HE bombs really hurt). I hunt dds in case my team tells me to do so or when i see a dd ambushing one of my teammates, and i can try killing it or badly damage it. Yes, Midway deals damage that you can repair, (no AP rockets or AP bombs) but if you have the right upgrades/commander skills and you use wisely your plane reserves, she can still do damage in the late game. I hope they do not ban Midway because, well... i would have to play a whole different CV XD (i didn''t play haku for some time, because midway is superior and i can hunt dds, and i like midway. and i resetted haku line)
  7. arquata2019

    General CV related discussions.

    Regarding flak, do you think it's a good idea training in the training rooms with midway, dodging a bot's worcester flak, or halland, ecc... anyway, i have already tried HVARs in ranked. i don't like them, i mean, 4km (if i remember correctly) aiming time is way too much, and how/why should i hunt dds with it? i prefer actually the tiny tims for: better aiming time, more powerful (i get crazy lucky with my RNG), and more accurate (in my opinion). "i'd not go for restauration time but just more speed on the squadrons" you mean i should also get the +5% speed to DBs? because that's the only thing i can speed up with the legendary upgrade already mounted
  8. arquata2019

    General CV related discussions.

    I have the Legendary Upgrade for Midway and i am actually capable of doing quite some damage. She can hunts DDs and basically everything she faces. also, guys, another question: is this build (in your opinion) good for midway? https://wowsft.com/ship?index=PASA110&modules=13221&upgrades=121413&commander=PAW102&skills=2461960&consumables=11&pos=0 (As of now i have the "Close Quarters Expert" skill, because, BELIEVE ME, i kill so many DDs approaching me with my ~7,7km secondaries!) that build, the only thing that differs from mine is the +5% bomber speed. that's actually the question, is it worth it? you get to 194kts with midway's DBs, kinda like hakuryuu.
  9. arquata2019

    General CV related discussions.

    question: Which CV will be the best performing in the upcoming (as of devblog) T10 Clan battles with CVs season? 1cv + 1bb allowed (if no cv, then 2 bbs) And why would the best cv be the best?
  10. arquata2019

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    still gold league rank 8, i can't carry teams to a point i can win a battle on my own with midway :( i. want. rank. 1. i mean XD
  11. arquata2019

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    these are my best games i ever had! (3708 damage + detonated) @marcopieroni16 was able to see me detonating people with midway, and i crashed that match. edit: moved screens into spoiler
  12. arquata2019

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    what about we had our own fighters? like on an Enterprise, slot 1 is fighters (F6F Hellcat) slot 2 is torpedo bombers (TBF Avenger) and slot 3 is dive bomber (SBC Helldiver) the thing is, what do you think of a manual-to-control squadron that you can use to shot down enemy planes, such as enemy fighters or enemy squadrons? that would be VERY useful, and i would use it a lot. you do not attack ships, but you attack enemy planes, to impact the game a lot more. What do you think of this idea? good-ish or not? i personally would love it
  13. arquata2019

    Dev Incompetence or just (edited)?

    oh come on, you still haven't tried our soon tier 10 matches with t10 subs, and, when we will test them, in any way, i will not want them to be more than 1 in a single team at t10 matches. i would use them to hunt cvs when im bored, actually.
  14. arquata2019

    Upcoming rocket planes nerf discussion

    what about having a 1minutes or 30 seconds cooldown when a cv has to be launched from the start of the battle or when one just landed?
  15. arquata2019

    Kirov Missions

    For the ribbons mission i recommend spamming ships, like mino, edin, fiji, harugumo, akizuki, kitakaze, and on for credits mission you have to use premium time, flags and if you dont play randoms, play scenarios, but win them! if you play randoms, use the best t5+ ship you have for the damage mission, coop is easier