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  1. arquata2019

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    I'm sorry to say, but I can hear this only from someone that has never played using eyes american CVs, only to use info that it gathers around. Langley, Ranger, Lexington, Saipan, Kaga and Midway do not lose accuracy at all when turning with dive bombers.
  2. arquata2019

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    American DBs can turn faster than their target can. Of course, that only happens in American DBs (except FDR), you can't really repeat the same thing with other planes (except IJN TBs and USA rockets)
  3. arquata2019

    General CV related discussions.

    Then that can only mean one thing: you can't dodge flaks at all. It's one of the easiest things to learn and master in CVs, and even at T10 there are people that haven't mastered that. Just saying, a skilled Midway can do 2 runs on a DFAA Halland with dive bombers. Same goes for Ragnar/Minotaur or even Annapolis for that matter.
  4. arquata2019

    CV FAN ONLY ( Bring back Enterprise )

    As a CV player I'll say this: CVs destroy any sort of teamplay that someone might have; said class must be removed from CVs because it simply doesn't work in the of how is it implemented. Usually who say these are people that straight up suck at playing CVs and request immediate buffs to them because they can't play the probably-strongest-class in the game. CVs are not suited for competitive or any sort of PvP mode at all.
  5. arquata2019

    ITA-2 Casual italian clan recruiting

    Questa è la sezione inglese del forum, quella italiana è stata cessata. This is the english section of the forum, the italian one got ceased.
  6. Wait, was it actually requested? Oh well, sorry, I didn't really stay updated recently on this game. Good to hear, let's hope it's a good change after a bit.
  7. arquata2019

    change everything about the game

    Sadly, that's something a lot of people I have met in many games still don't know.
  8. Why did you even have to change this??
  9. arquata2019

    Fun and engaging from the MM, WG style

    Cries in being still Rank10 bronze Yeah, recently I have met some questionable MMs... even worse than they were before imo.
  10. arquata2019

    Newcomers from Ukraine

    A bit late but welcome! Hope everything for you is ok RN. Enjoy your time here, fellow players ;) o7
  11. arquata2019

    Super Ships = Super Slap in the face

    You actually did. Your AA is pretty good already, without any upgrades, it becomes even better if you activate DFAA. It won't prevent a strike at all, but it will kill a fair amount of planes for the enemy CV if she decides to attack you again. Except in clan battles, I don't currently see any point of upgrading your AA, since an average CV player will simply lose a lot of planes going for you, which, if you enable DFAA during an attack like that, it will obliterate its squad, because of a simple fact: an average CV player, usually, from my experience, isn't really "skilled" to dodge flaks, some are as some aren't. Actually, I think that if you boost your AA to the maximum, put DFAA and upgraded sector, it would probably deny a second strike off a T10 CV's DBs, not counting a T8 CV that simply can't keep up with such anti-air, since its DPS is way too high (600+) I guess. It depends, actually, but yeah, you've got a point IMO. Shiki gets powercrept by Satsuma and Bourg by Conde.. so yeah.
  12. arquata2019

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.4

    Didn't think of that. AL player I see here, right? :)
  13. From what I have heard from other players, you can try asking to CS for help. As they have done to some players I know, they should help you just fine.
  14. arquata2019

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.4

    w e e b stuff incoming! Also, on the italian version of the article, it's called "AL Aurora" Shouldn't it be "AL Avrora"?
  15. arquata2019

    Best T8 Carrier now?

    It requires more.... "skill" to play with the rocket change? Damn it. Enterprise is still the best even after all these years. Rockets have changed but that's it actually for her.