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  1. MightyWombat

    Public Test 0.10.7 - General Feedback

    yup i ran into the same problem i tried to throw my but team wanted to win so badly...sooo i ranked out and now its grey and i cant do any more testing at all...kinda defeats the purpose...do we need a test for PTS as well?? all this seems very clumsy to me.
  2. MightyWombat

    Napoli coming for 34,650 Dubs?

    i totally agree with this...its not giving any real messure, and this is testing results...not end results after WG is done changing it. until its out and we see enough battles that stats dont matter.
  3. MightyWombat

    Dutch cruisers

    yea, i agree with the statement on ship being built around the gimmick.
  4. MightyWombat

    Why is Napoli still not released

    i was thinking around the 29th. but yea, they havent said any release date so why expect it to be out now? yea its on the mission list doenst mean it come out to day, that mission has like 2 week or so time limit to complete.
  5. MightyWombat

    Public Test 0.10.7 - Submarines in Ranked Battles

    i logged back in now guys...im back to rank 4 gold, so it resets! all good for next week. so it seems to reset you once you reached gold 1.
  6. MightyWombat

    Public Test 0.10.7 - Submarines in Ranked Battles

    well i think i found a problem...its the missions we get...i kinda ranked out...sooo i cant complete the next round where it wants me to do 3 rounds of TX subs in ranked...because im now ranked out and not allowed back into gold league...i just glanced over the missions and didnt think much of it until i looked a the website over rewards for reaching gold1 being 1000 community tokens now only realising ive screwd myself..
  7. MightyWombat

    Public Test 0.10.6 - General Feedback

    ive yet to see any of the community tokens ive grinded on the PTS, i thought things would be faster now that everything was 1 account based.
  8. yes Play Ranked season instead with CVs and Submarines!
  9. MightyWombat

    Public Test 0.10.6 - General Feedback

    Nice work on the missions where you select the rewards, 10 times as easy to see which has reward waiting. compaired to how it was. so thats what was some of the stuff hidden in the patch that got added today nice. good work.
  10. MightyWombat

    Public Test 0.10.6 - General Feedback

    this above... i had the same issue instantly noticing that oh i have a reward..goes into the mission tab...aaannnnddd i see nothing clearly sticking out as collect...what if you put that sparkle you put on the dockyard icon and mission icon that theres reward to be collected? it would make it very visible to people which of the completed missions has one.
  11. MightyWombat

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    PTS account should be the same..your lucky you can atleast access it lol...ive been locked outs ince they decided to merge the account and its been broken since...talked with someone yesterday that was going to let someone know and check my account but so far not heard anything, and its not working...worked fine before the change..hell i could access TST after they did some resetting there because there was so many that couldnt get in...i suspect the same thing happend to PTS...and retail works just fine.. Mines just been fixed, instantly logged into PTS, what ever they did worked. but yea from what i understand it should be a Mirror of your account from what gathered.
  12. MightyWombat

    PT 0.10.5 - General Feedback

    same here...i cannot login anymore either after the changes...and i cannot login on TST either...normal server works fine but TST and PTR is broken for me.
  13. MightyWombat

    !!ALERT!! May 1st upd - Getting a black screen? Read this!

    yup same here i just tried removing only the extended car, and now i can login into port No issues what so ever...it seem it crashes with the new daily login rewards.
  14. MightyWombat

    Question about the Dead Eye Skill

    yea, i heard rumors it was gonna get nerfed, not removed or reworked...well for them its a rework
  15. MightyWombat

    BB skills for big Cuisers?

    as i saw on the live stream EU official stream, that nerf was intended, BC wasnt meant to have any short fire duration..this is a balance check on them pretty much from WGs side.