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  1. MightyWombat

    Anybody else missing the old brawls system ( 1 vs 1 )

    when they increased the number of wins needed for these brawls i lost intrest.
  2. MightyWombat

    Upcoming Ranked: all T10

    surprised vamp2 got mentioned over småland and ragnar.
  3. MightyWombat

    Where to Invest the final 4 points in Conqueror Captain?

    i would pick fire prevention over consealment any day.
  4. well it was the physical part i was talking about yea the other prizes is for anyone that gets lucky. so polish the lucky charms
  5. btw checked up on this and according to this part of it that is not true .. this says the TOP players are guaranteed these physical prizes so if you collect 50 eggs your not even in the draw..seeing the top list your going to need ALOT more probly around 3400 eggs or so to make it to the list lol
  6. well thats okey, i dont mind it, just would had thought that those investing most had the better chance, but its their contest. i will not even have 900 in total throu the sprints i just want some coal :D and couple of SCs. yea, i found that out after playing some ranked (after counter was fixed) that i gathered up a nice bunch of eggs faster then i expected to.
  7. i would believe those that have more would win, seems only fair. IF people share accounts a risk they take of getting banned. i collected 400 eggs blank, just to get the SC and the rest of the rewards below it. dont have any expectations to the hardware stuff. Because i expect those that grind the most to get that.
  8. MightyWombat

    italian crates community tokens..

    and why not just have that in the patch notes...what a mess...its not even the last point on the list everything else is already in the game..theres no system in that... but thx klopirax for bringing that one to my attention
  9. MightyWombat

    italian crates community tokens..

    so im wondering why everything except the community token crates are in the game? i dont see any date for it to be put in later its on the same list as the rest of them, but i cannot find them anywhere ingame, unrelated to that already gotten half of my crates having dupes so i would like to buy these crates with community tokens
  10. MightyWombat

    Public Test 0.11.3 - Bug reports

    i dont know if this is a bug or intended but a sub pinging a ship i cannot see the section i hit more then a fraction of a second.. only the white target mark is visible not the best to aim at in the distance. i know theres some new grafic updates not sure if that effected this?
  11. MightyWombat

    No 0.11.2 this week?

    to me it happend on friday i think it was. but i see the patch notes are out now.
  12. MightyWombat

    No 0.11.2 this week?

    yea, i was there and got the crashes as well, its not a region problem atleast because all regions in my match crashed... and i kept crashing couldnt get in until about most of the subs were dead..
  13. MightyWombat

    Public Test 0.11.2 - Bug Reports

    had fatal error...not sure if it was the amount of the same amount of sub class, or what it was but most of the players had it because we chatted about...the chat suddenly being activated again. i couldnt get back into the match until the subs on my team was dead. beyond that i cannot say what caused this, because matches before went just fine this hit out of the blue, and it me at loading just before it was done loading me into battle, and you get the enter battle button at the bottom. instead i just got a fatal error.
  14. MightyWombat

    Research berau ships

    overall i find most value in ohio personally. if you dont own any of the ships in there.
  15. MightyWombat

    USS Black will be nerfed before being available for coal.

    yea, it only has the smoke/radar as its gimmick only thing that makes any useful or different from the rest..take that away and yea its just a other US DD.