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    Double CV at tier 3 and 4

    Behavior lays in the eye of the beholder. “I love it when a plan comes together.” It was used frequently throughout the Ateam show’s five-season run from 1983 to 1986 by the team’s cigar-chomping leader, Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith, played by actor George Peppard.
  2. AirSuperiority

    was penalised but then kept a clean sheet but no xp now being awarded.

    @Brickdust_Express At the and of a match you can switch into the calculation screen, it shows your scoring by detailling things like capturing circles, damaging ships, spotting points etc. It also shows how much was deducted from your score by damaging your own team. Especially for beginners it can be unclear what generates score/xp in the game and what does not. For new players it can be surprising or unexpected that a player from your own team navigates in to your torpedos. It takes playtime and experience to know when it is a good moment to launch torpedos. Have a nice time in the game - Maybe you like it someday. Good luck :)
  3. AirSuperiority

    General CV related discussions.

    That's the point. One could write so much about CV`s, AA, game mechanics - Anything game related. Is so much attention required that instead of talking about the game everything has to be connected with such things ? There is no need to connect a forum discussion with nongame related derogatory content, users posting chat screenshots in the past about "Mongos", "Aids" or talking about "Cancer" illness as examples. The Enterprise is surely a nice and interesting CV, why not talking about CV ship details, DPS, mechanics, ship designs and actual game content ? There is no need to connect a post with this kind of things and personal attacks. So many CV related issues can be brought up. Of course, if one maybe sees this thread as off-limits banter thread this may not be a priority for everyone. What do you want to have changed with CV`s or AA ? There is so much game content that can be discussed about with all forum users. One can talk about how nice it would be to have the Enterprise up for sale again in the shop or people could suggest what they would like to have changed with that CV or with any CV related issue in general. Wishing everyone a great time in WoWs and a nice weekend.
  4. AirSuperiority

    General CV related discussions.

    One reads along expecting nothing bad, seeing if there is some informative CV news, gameplay talk or funny memes in the forum and then one reads about a discussion about cancer. This game forum is so extreme. If Utube becomes aware it can lead to a permanent account ban, its general TOS & policy. Does not shed a good light on Wargaming and gaming in general. @Excavatus @Sehales
  5. AirSuperiority

    Insert click bait title here - Not a CV rant

    Salute dear Saltface :) Video - First 7 Minutes: The first 7 minutes, 1/3 of the match the CV has analytical peformed little in the video. General, initial match starting phases: In the first 5 minutes of matches CV players could, in theory, have a coffee in the kitchen. During the initial match opening phase the enemy ships disperse, in this beginning match period a CV players planes losses are usually the highest - As the concentration of ships tends to be the highest in the first 1/4 of a match. If there is no major CV plane losses in the initial match phase it means there is poor anti-CV red team setup and/or the reds have not been major attacked by a CV player. CV Scouting for the green team sometimes is enough during the initial match phase, however CV players will go for attacking opportunities - Especially against lonely riders. Rest of the video ( from first 7 minutes), defence best practice against CVs: The usual defence against CVs is smoke, good AA ships, riding together with AA ships, active capping, not saling to map corners, every player making 1 kill or a few players making 2-4 kills each - Regardless of the ship class they play. If a team does not mass kill or hold all caps, then a match is hopeless lost. If the enemy team has "Casual Unicorns" doing the forementioned, then battles can be interesting and thrilling. Single ships riding stray along are nice bombing targets, a lot of players dont use and dont press the keys for AA activation, AA Side Priority or AA Burst or/and have no AA escort with them. AA use example: http://tiny.cc/okdopz Usually there will be some poster getting personal in the forum, so I will not further reply. Wishing you and everyone else a nice time in WoWs and in the forum.
  6. AirSuperiority

    General CV related discussions.

    @steveraptor Steve is a good cv player, one of the few dozen cvs with put brain juice in to the game. See you on the battlefield someday again, I will bring drinks along for you :)
  7. AirSuperiority

    How to dodge rocket planes?

    A Premium CV with homing rockets would be fun, Submarine Style. BB`s could mount a rocket shield, Vulcan Cannon Style.
  8. AirSuperiority

    General CV related discussions.

    IMHO the last time WG decided what to do with the CV ship class was 1 year before the release of game version 0.8, so around 2.5 years ago. IMHO asking for a CV class removal since 0.8 is like thinking Lego would stop issuing bricks in grey color. WG is making hundredthousands of monies with CVs and CV assets vs 2 dozen complaining forum accounts. Its like 20 people standing in front of a Ford factory holding up a banner "No more factory cars without spare wheel in it".
  9. AirSuperiority

    General CV related discussions.

    Thank you. I get sunk by a CV every 50-400 matches, I find it happens very seldom. 99% of time I get sunk by non-CV classes. I also experience lots of matches with no CV at all in them, which I find sad - I like max action and seeing reds spotted.
  10. AirSuperiority

    General CV related discussions.

    +1 Wishing everyone a nice time in the game
  11. AirSuperiority

    CV Midway

  12. AirSuperiority

    CV Midway