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  1. Kurzonator

    New Ships — Closed test 0.11.4 (DB 310)

    No, I mean that to my understanding there is no such thing as an I3 project and St Vincent matches the N3 design.
  2. Kurzonator

    New Ships — Closed test 0.11.4 (DB 310)

    I think you have made an error calling the St Vincent the Project I3, surely you mean the N3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/N3-class_battleship? Either way, excited for the long-overdue British Battlecruiser line
  3. Kurzonator

    PT 0.10.4, balance changes (DB 146)

    Can you please leave Thunderer alone? It is powerful, but the solution is not to nerf it. The solution is to fix the broken fire mechanic it abuses. Rework fires and watch the average thunderer damage plummet as people have to actually think about ammo choices.
  4. Kurzonator

    ST 0.9.5, balance changes to German Battleship Odin

    Honestly, bless their cotton socks. Increasing secondary range by all of 200m and dropping secondary reload by 0.5 and 0.2 seconds? 23 second reload on 305mm guns? Immunity from torpedoes? WG must know the Wehraboos will buy anything and are trying to work out how far they can go. Coming soon: German Battleship Pißtake: 1 oil barrel made from recycled wunderwaffe. Propulsion: 1 anime girl with a paddle. armament: 1 anime girl with mg34. Price: 500 EUR Exclusive gothic camo, no special bonuses.
  5. Kurzonator

    ST - Unique upgrades update

    If you were capable of reading you would have noted I mentioned "pushing". The "if" related to running the legendary upgrade, which I do not.
  6. Kurzonator

    ST - New ships

    I would be interested in seeing ships break the "traditions" of each line more often. Why can we not have a German BB armed with six 460mm guns (2.0 sigma, maximum dispersion 230m), but all forward in two triple superfiring turrets? Give it decent secondaries aft to address the lack of aft firepower, but also let it retain the Turtleback armour scheme? To balance it, you could remove all consumables except repair party and damage control, and set the range to 22KM. This would result in an excellent bow-in ship that would operate effectively in the current meta, without the typical German utility. Think a Jean Bart that is slower, more heavily armoured, with bigger and fewer guns and no reload or speed boosters.
  7. Kurzonator

    ST - Unique upgrades update

    I have a severe issue with the Grosser Kurfurst Legendary Upgrade. Wargaming has passed up the opportunity to fix this useless upgrade, which reduces Grosser Kurfurst's range to 19 KM. The focus of a battleship, any battleship, is the main guns. Legendary Upgrade GK has 7KM less range than Yamato and Republique, 6KM less than Conqueror, and 4KM less range than Montana. If I were so stupid as to run the Legendary Upgrade on Grosser Kurfurst, I would be pushing through a 4-7KM murder zone where I could be farmed but not return fire on enemy battleships. Wargaming believes that removing the turret traverse penalty mitigates this problem. Does anybody play the Grosser Kurfurst with this stupid upgrade for any reason other than memes for streams?
  8. Kurzonator

    ST - Changes to test ships

    I am looking forward to playing the Petrobalansk and the other Russian heavies. I am sure they will be perfectly in line with the performance characteristics of other ships of their class and tier (wink wink). I will crush those pesky german enemy ships with my superior balanced AP penetration and gun handling. Five stars and straight to the gulag!