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  1. Gundagan

    PuertoRico Eventcounter beschiss?

    Man muss auch beachten, dass die Werte pro Minute in der Anzeige abgerundet sind. Das führt auch zu Sprüngen in der Zählweise der Punkte
  2. Gundagan

    Ranked Inherently Broken

    Sometimes I have the Impression that the MM puts different ranks in the same match. The ranked system should be a permanent institution. Six or eight Divisions with seasons. The top 25% go up. The bottom 25% go one Division down. Within a division the stars can be earned.
  3. Gundagan

    Berechnungshilfe Puerto Rico Event

    Man muss noch beachten, dass die Werte im Spiel abgerundet sind. Hier sind die präzisen Werte: Stufe ppm pro Tag Bonus 0 6,944 10.000 500.000 1 104,167 150.000 750.000 2 104,167 150.000 1.200.000 3 173,611 250.000 1.600.000 4 173,611 250.000 1.600.000 5 208,333 300.000 2.500.000 6 208,333 300.000 2.500.000 7 208,333 300.000 2.500.000 8 208,333 300.000 2.500.000 sichtbare ppm Dublos reale ppm pro Tag Bonus 104 1 104,167 150.000 4.500.000 138 2 138,889 200.000 6.000.000 173 3 173,611 250.000 7.500.000 Ist bestimt einfach, die korrekten Werte in Excel zu importieren.
  4. Gundagan

    Got a refund for boosters.

    Did they deactivate the boosters and withdraw the rewards?
  5. Gundagan

    Rekrutierungsbüro = FAKE

    Hast du die Punkte der Vorwoche schon abgeholt? Ich habe das mal vergessen und es gab keine neuen Punkte dazu.
  6. Gundagan

    New wave of bots incoming???

    You have also to take the average residence time in a match into consideration. What is your residence time to earn 2000 XP? What residence time is needed for 400 xp? If the human has 12min average residence time and the bot 3 min then the yield is 2000 vs 1600. The longer the human survives the smaller is the gap.
  7. Gundagan

    Completed stage 1 of Puerto Rico

    The next stage of boosters you can do en passant. Just finish both daily challenges and collect the daily shipments. I four days the next 200 tokens will be earned. Just play as normal. If you finish a directive then it is fine fine. If you can't just accept it.
  8. Gundagan

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    According to your calculation I paid 1250 dubs as an insurance fee to reach my milestone. Acceptable for me. But each single player has to decide for himself. Would I get 2 NY camos for 4000 dubs during the sale? That would make me sad. I am extremely lucky during this season. I bought eight mega containers for ca. 29 € and won Le Terrible, Yahagi, 360 days of premium, 25000 coal and 30 good signals. If the luck continous the upcoming mega container will be another 180 days of premium. I know that I will never finish PR. So I did not buy the booster for 10,000 dubs. And 35,000 dubs for PR is insane. The boosters gave at least containers.
  9. Gundagan

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    I paid for two boosters. That helps me to reach my milestone of the 2nd NY camo. The two mega containers gave me Huanghe and 30 Signals. The 3rd Container ist pending. Compared to the yield it was a decent Investment for me: 3 mega, one big and normal each. In addition two NY camos and many other small goodies.
  10. Gundagan

    Mega Weihnachtscontainer ver...äppelt

    Habe das Paket mit acht Megacontainern gekauft. Zusätzlich habe ich die ersten bei Dickbooster aktiviert. Aus dem zehn Containern gab es: Yahagi Huanghe Le Terrible 2 x180 Premium 2 x 12500 Kohle 30 Drache 30 Wyvern 20 Tannen Das ist eine Recht gute Beute. Über das Dock kommen noch eine Neujahrscamo und ein Megacontainer hinzu.
  11. Currently I can't even grind the daily missions or directives. Does WG fear that players could earn too much tokens?
  12. Gundagan

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    I would like to have more charges of fuel smoke The basis should be four. A cooldown of 120 s would also be nice. The fuel smoke reminds me of the smoke that Britsh DDs have - short time of activity but more charges as compensation,
  13. Mein Resumee nach einigen Spielen in der Raimondo. SAP finde ich nicht so schlecht. Was mich enttäuscht, ist der neue Rauch der Italiener. Es sind viel zu wenige Ladungen. Es sollten vier den Grundstock bilden. Die Erholungszeit ist auch zu lang. Es sollten maximal 120 s sein. Man könnte auch die 105 s der englischen Zerstörer nehmen.
  14. Gundagan

    What are the best DDs for next tactic

    You can shorten the average residence time in a match by ramming your target. By doing this you do not waste time by angling to launch torpedoes. Use the ramming flag to maximise the damage.