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  1. First game in Silver and had to work my asse off LOL
  2. GraySlayer


    I qualified for Silver with 30 battles but I did chop and change ships a lot to be honest. 60% overall WR I think. I should have stuck with Asash for 8 as that was 5 for 5, not sure why I changed out of her. Mino I quite liked at 10. I'll give Silver a go tonight and see how I go.
  3. GraySlayer

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    I wondering if I can get my Mini to 75%WR LOL
  4. GraySlayer

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    I fall into group C myself. But I also reserve my right to play any damn ship I like. I play Fujin to unwind and because I love the look and feel of the ship but in saying that I've played less than 200 battles in her in a year LOL and I have way more battles in Mutsuki because with her I wanted to prove a point that she is not rubbish which I did. And anyway was it not argued at some point in this thread that the majority of players in these ships are wannabe seal clubbers and failed T9/10 players. If that is true then what is the problem as the only people you need to worry about are players like me and your chance of seeing me is rare.
  5. GraySlayer

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    Exactly. I'm 75%WR in Fujin and 68% in Mutsucki which is universally loathed as being rubbish. Perhaps we should nerf Mutsucki also? The numbers are skewed because for the most part it's only Unicums and Super Unicums playing the dam things. PS I have 19 pointers in ALL my DDs.
  6. GraySlayer

    Losing streak

    If I lose 3 games in a row I turn the game off. When I come back later on or the next day I pull out my secret weapon to set the stage for my next session FUJIN I had some terrible Yugumo games and just went screw this and wheeled her out LOL
  7. GraySlayer

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    In all the games I have played in my Fujin I have never seen another Fujin and only occasionally do I see a Kami R. Kami pops up from time to time and normally they are good players but not always.
  8. GraySlayer

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    14 pages and I still have Kami and Fujin in my port. Guess they are staying then.. PS Mutsuki FTW
  9. GraySlayer

    How to get better at this game?

    That's a good plan. You WILL play better in ships that you like, period. If you're going IJN you could drop back to T5 and learn the craft that is Mini/Mutsuki or Fujin/Kami if you're lucky enough to have them. Or Fubuki at T6, Shira or Yudachi (I prefer Yudachi) at T7 DO NOT go beyond 7 until you have mastered these 3 tiers and those ships. Use your stealth at all times in IJN it is one of your weapons You're guns can be useful (not so much on Mutsucki) but only when the engagement is in your favour and NOT when they have loads of support. GO dark use your stealth Your torps are your MAIN weapon, use them a lot If CV do NOT rush to cap. Skirt it at an Oblique angle and WAIT to see where the plane lanes are. If he on the other side proceed. IF he is your side go wide so he misses you, gets bored and goes after easier targets. Do NOT let the cv know where you are in the opening 5 minutes of game time. Encourage other DDs to shoot you BUT ONLY if you have good support and ONLY if you can go dark after one or two salvos. He will stay LIT and hopefully your team will shoot him as you keep him spotted Stay alive passed mid game at ALL COSTS. Your value increases the longer you are alive. Always have RPF and learn to use it correctly Anticipate Plan your moves 2 mins ahead at all times. Why am I here, where am I going next, why? I could go on and on here as there is a lot to learn to master IJN but that will give you a good base to start off with. Ask questions here if you get stuck as most of us will try and help you to improve your WR.
  10. GraySlayer

    How to get better at this game?

    That's what I do..
  11. GraySlayer

    How to get better at this game?

    Specialise mate. There are a LOT of ships now and all of them are so different. Pick one class and one ship in said class and MASTER it and don't move onto the next one until you have and even then stay in the same line or class. Become a specialist not a generalist. I myself specialise in DDs and specifically IJN. Yes I can play other ships and some of them I do well in and some not but I enjoy IJN and that's me. It takes an EXCEPTIONALLY good player to be able to generalise these days across all classes solo. You don't survive long You don't do enough damage You change ships to much and too often As to your question how is it possible for your WR to swing so much, conversely how is it possible for me to be pissed off if my session ends with less than 66% WR solo?
  12. GraySlayer

    DD's are dead

    Yes me to but my bar is quite high as my enjoyment is directly linked to my performance. At the moment I can just about maintain SU solo in my DD's and I'm happy with that level of performance personally, not all of them as some are Nemesis but most of them. So long as I can maintain that i'll hang around.
  13. GraySlayer

    DD's are dead

    Quite right. The skill ceiling to play them well is high now but played well and with no opposing @El2aZeR on the opposing team they are a lot of fun to play and can and are decisive at carrying some games. I'll continue to be a DD main until such time as they just become untenable and I guess by that time i'll move onto pastures new in gaming terms.
  14. GraySlayer

    Removal of the Kamikaze from the game.

    My Mutsucky is WAY better at shooting planes down than my Fujin is Either way both DDs are exceptionally good and fun to play. I should play them more to be honest as they make me smile. Fujin is better than Muts though at least for me.
  15. GraySlayer

    DD's are dead

    Slayer enters game Holds his breath as the icon twirls No CV Raise a cheer to the Gods of MM and let's have some fun CV Let's look at his stats On the way to Unicum and above, bugger im screwed, let's hope he goes the other side and don't notice me Sub par, let's work around the potate That's pretty much every game I play in my DDs Thankfully I encounter a good CV player very very rarely. It does happen and then I am immediately prioed and short of running to the back of the map can do nothing much to stop it. It certainly makes doing my job nigh on impossible.