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  1. I think the longest run of one color at Roulette was in 1943 when Red came up 32 times in a row. So keep going as you have a ways to go yet..
  2. GraySlayer

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    Stop it. As an IJN main that loves stealth play you're tempting me to the darkside..
  3. GraySlayer

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    The funny thing about all is that subs NEVER ping, ever LOL. Subs are all about stealth and the use of layers, not roaming around pinging off with active sonar ROFL.. Subs rely on passive sonar ALL the time. You ping off in a sub and everyone within 2000 miles will know where you are and what you are. But yeah of course I get this game is not remotely based on real life. I wanted to like subs but as a DD player they are just a closer CV. I might git gud in them just to annoy people..
  4. GraySlayer

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    Yeah I just tried too. Mine miss when im moving. Would have to play with it and vary speeds and distances. But yeah mine miss. In game ive been like I can't believe he slowed down that much ROFL.. Thing is I literally run around like a blue arsed fly and normally torp and turn out so am never in a position to watch a clean track. On the bright side at least I feel better now for the all the racks ive been missing lately LOL.. Ill try this out.. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/154426-reddit-important-info-workaround-for-newly-introduced-torpedo-bug-after-wg-attempted-fix-for-old-bug/
  5. GraySlayer

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    Been wondering why my aim is off LOL. Ah this game, sigh..
  6. GraySlayer

    TRB vs smoke Kagero/Yugumo

    This is me preparing for a solo game session..
  7. GraySlayer

    TRB vs smoke Kagero/Yugumo

    ROFL That made me laugh. Yeah not easy I know. 99% of my games are solo mind you (Not Cb's of course which I live for) but maybe i'm just a sucker for punishment or like the hard carry challenge too much ha ha ha. But yes feel your pain..
  8. GraySlayer

    TRB vs smoke Kagero/Yugumo

    No do it solo. The true measure of your skill and also limitations and what you need to work on is your solo stats. You don't have to turn them purple you have to understand why you can't if you cant.
  9. GraySlayer

    TRB vs smoke Kagero/Yugumo

    No worries. I actually want you to get good in IJN. It's a very worthy goal. They are not easy to play well in this meta and I have a respect for any player trying and deep fondness for the line. I still think you should accept my challenge of turning each tier purple in the line until you struggle and then come back and discuss why you're struggling.
  10. GraySlayer

    TRB vs smoke Kagero/Yugumo

    One thing that is statistically accurate is that people with poor ones always say that :) I jest with you..
  11. GraySlayer

    TRB vs smoke Kagero/Yugumo

    I'm not stat shaming you here but why are you going up to Yugumo when you have so little games in the previous line ships. My advise if you really want to improve IJN DD play would be to go back to the ships where you have poor stats and try and understand WHY you have poor stats in them. Only then can you improve. In fact I would want to start at T1 and turn each tier purple until you start to struggle. The struggle is where you learn and also find your limit. Moving up to the next ship just presents you with a whole new set of problems and issues to solve and if you have not learned the lessons of the previous line you will struggle. Also you will start to come across players like me although to be fair you might also meet me at T5 LOL. But generally you are going to meet better players as you go up and those players will be frustrated with you if you are not a good DD player trust me! Play each ship until you have totally mastered it. Learn every nuance and become comfortable. Confidence is king in DD play and IJN takes skill and a lot of it. It also takes a lot of awareness and map planning. Where do I need to be? Do I even need to be here? Where is the CV plane lanes? Where are the other DDs on the mini map? Does he outspot me? What support does he have? What support do I have? Am I way too far ahead? Am I way too far behind? Am I too far out on the flank? How good is the DD player im facing? (Yes I have checked) I have all that going through my head and more. When I play im trying to play like chess, several moves ahead of myself so that I can be there when I need to. I am trying my utmost to win for myself and the team at all times. I do NOT like losing. Im looking at other ships positions on the mini map to see where I need to be next and then i'm heading there. You really shine in Asash and Hats too although you need 25 games minimum for your stats to start showing. Use that knowledge and confidence to work out why you don't in Akizuki. It may be that you, like me more favour stealthy DD sneaky play and not gun boat style but you DO need to understand this in order to improve. Looking at your stats you are not ready for Yugo and certainly not ready to play her with TRB on.
  12. GraySlayer

    TRB vs smoke Kagero/Yugumo

    As an average IJN DD player I always take TRB ON Yugumo myself but then im greedy for Torp damage :) At the end of the day it's not what we play but what you're comfortable with and CAN play around.
  13. GraySlayer

    And ....we have have note from Flambass ....

    Nothing and I mean nothing in life is going to hold the same level of enjoyment and attention if you do it every damned day. What does he expect LOL. I get bored fishing, driving my race car, eating cake, steak, you name it. I've got bored with every damned game i've ever played at some point. All is moderation.. Dip in, have a bit of fun. DIP OUT...
  14. Guess it's Venezt tonight then for us LOL.. Maybe ill Jump back in Harland. Let's see what our illustrious leader has to say later re our line up.