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  1. So far played over 40 games. Finding it near impossible to get three destroyed ribbons . A mixture of coop and random battles. A bit disappointing. Every body in same boat(pardon the pun). Give my best shot
  2. Capt_pugwash1967

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    Good evening. Am not fully updated with what has happened regards CC resigning from WG(world of warships) however, i watched part of the wow steam today. As much as understand there is anger amongst the players there is no need for some of the comments that were being posted. In my opinion some of them were direct verbal attacks on the two presenters. I believe the stream was ended early. I hope these players realise the presenter are only doing there job and following company policy. I do hope Thursdays English stream goes ahead and hope that respect will be shown to the two presenters.
  3. Capt_pugwash1967

    PC crashing or server

    Hi. I also experiencing game crashes. Getting kicked of server.i play on a gaming laptop which I had no issues before. This started around the 24th. Not submitted ticket as yet as I know they had server issues. I have received 6 wargaming chests over two days. so far this is compensation for the server issue. Not sure if this an issue my end or a continuing issue. Anyone else having same problem? Laptop not locking up though.
  4. Capt_pugwash1967

    Hamburg Dockyard: Directives Deadline Approaching!

    I had a go on the test server. The team have been up front this time making it clear what you can achieve and what cant be achieved with or without paying for it. I must admit the last dock yard event was disappointing as it was unclear how much grinding had to be done in short a time frame. Looking forward to it and to be honest I don't mind paying for the odin if i achieve the full discount.
  5. Capt_pugwash1967

    VE Day Stream - Submit Your Questions

    Am an avid follower of WW2 naval history especially battle of Atlantic. Am no expert but I do know of several veterans that served aboard the Destroyer escorts during the war, Some attached to the DEMs ships (defensively armed merchant ships)mostly from the RNVR and RNR. Unfortunately have passed away many years ago now. The unit I was attached to was HMS Graham in Glasgow,formed in 1903 disbanded in 1993. There is still a memorial plaque in the drill hall of Graham house to the men who fought in the Battle of Atlantic and the DEMS branch. The army medics took over after the naval reserve moved out to a building on the Clyde,HMS Dalriada. That building in Greenock was also closed some years ago. The unit is back in Glasgow and shares a building with the Royal Marines Reserves I cant think of a question to ask but as I said am no expert on the subject, only things I have leaned off the internet and watching history programs.. I will be watching with interest to the stream on the 6TH. If I come across a picture of the plaque I can certainly upload it for your interest.
  6. Capt_pugwash1967

    Test server game tag

    Hi yes I did. Unfortunately I cant change game tag. I submitted a ticket. It is what it is. Thanks for replying
  7. Capt_pugwash1967

    Test server game tag

    Hi Guys hope your enjoying the submarines. Decided to download the test server have shot at the submarines . During the sign up process i put in my game tag for test server but for some reasson it came up with player_ 29373978289 not exactly the number but you get the idea. Is there anyway of changing that name at all? If am stuck with it fair enough. Thanks
  8. Capt_pugwash1967


    Yes admittedly I’ve been hanging back and noticed the dispersion am obviously not taking that in. I had a battle last night tried a different approach but failed miserably. Just been slowly edging forward. That’s on BBs.. I’ll try the one turret fire, follow and adjust accordingly. I’ve been watching videos. Follow your advice and get back to you.. cheers rnat
  9. Capt_pugwash1967


    Hi everyone. Having issues with my targeting. Am just wondering if I haven’t the right upgrades on or am basically needing practice. Been on the game since end of August,any suggestions? I use mainly battleships queen elizabeth The big massa couple of destroyers and at the moment the Fiji cruiser. I suspect I need to build my experience thanks in advance ...