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  1. PeteEarthling

    Why not just add a button? (CV)

    I think PETA has stopped WG from making a seagull flock consumable, which - as Indiana Jones fans know - is much more capable of downing aircraft than those decorative AA guns.
  2. PeteEarthling

    Going square eyed.

    https://github.com/iXit/Mesa-3D/issues/210 Looks familiar?
  3. PeteEarthling

    Reported for playing CVs

    You are literally playing manually guided cruise missiles and drop their payload by mouseclick. That's why the game is PEGI 7.
  4. PeteEarthling

    Going square eyed.

    Sounds like you need Leonardo's "Vitruvian Mod"... But honestly... I would try different GFX settings first, or check for driver updates. No idea what else could cause those issues.
  5. PeteEarthling


    Maybe on my 17.5 km ranged Harugumo...
  6. PeteEarthling


    Well, you will be able to play ships without a captain. And that is what I will do if retraining is not free. Coop works fine without captains and half the human scum.
  7. PeteEarthling


    There will not be a need for "lots of captains" for me. I will sell off some 100 silver ships and keep only a handful and all my premiums, so I will be fine with maybe 5 or 6 captains (with 4 different skillsets each) altogether.
  8. PeteEarthling


    I expect that we will get free commander reskill, retraining and module demounting, because all this will be necessary to rebuild entire fleets of ships from scratch.
  9. PeteEarthling


    Combined with the 2ndary accuracy nerf, this could make DDs pretty immune to the BBs' main anti-DD armament if they keep reasonable distance.
  10. PeteEarthling

    Why WoWS is not fun anymore

    They must be desperate for cash. WG is now trying to extort money from me. They threaten to incinerate my computer screen if I do not purchase premium time. I will call my attorney.
  11. PeteEarthling


    So far every "rework" has only made plane players happy. Dunno why developers from a country that never had a fleet air arm promote CV so desperately, balans be fk'd...
  12. PeteEarthling

    Exaggeration of radar uses

    Play T2. Very old gameplay, no radar, no hydro, no CV. I love it.
  13. PeteEarthling

    Anshan or Kirov for coals?

    OP, while it is generally a good idea to ask veteran players for their opinion, it is not very effective if you ask the same question or a similar one every other day while not taking the answers into account or trying new things out in the meantime. If you are desperate for a battleship, even one as trollish as Oktblabla, go ahead. If you are decent with cruisers or destroyers (neither appears to be the case, so your latest question is moot), buy a cruiser or a destroyer. There are several cheap coal ships if you are in such a hurry, but a particular selection will not serve you well if you do not really try out classes and playstyles BEFORE grabbing premium ships. Believe it or not, fresh players do not perform better in premium ships than in silver ships. In most cases I encounter, the opposite is true. Take your time and spend it following the advice you have been given.
  14. PeteEarthling

    No DD on - 43 is to blame (aka Radarhack

    Well, no DD is fine if you are in a BB. Pity there are still those World of Warplanes refugees...