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  1. Russian roulette comes to mind.
  2. PeteEarthling

    Superships - Tier 11 incoming?

    GK will get them.
  3. PeteEarthling


    The map designers probably fell victim to miscommunication and understood they should create maps for Pac-Man.
  4. Just play convoy. The first thing a functional human brain associates with a naval convoy is "submarine", so WG won't allow them in this mode.
  5. PeteEarthling

    These New German BCs....

    Is that ship successfully fighting planes and submarines? Else it's already irrelevant by default.
  6. Nothing short of a full frontal Dasha could make me watch a WG propaganda video...
  7. PeteEarthling

    Subs and dcp

    Are you implying that the unsurpassable Soviet masterminds who planned and constructed all these powerful vessels in the vastly capable shipyards of the motherland, using only the finest materials and bending the laws of physics to their wills, made a mistake?
  8. "I want a burger, fries and a coke." - "This is WoWs, you also have to drink a bubble tea and eat this porridge." - "Bye."
  9. - A submerged ship ("in place of the submarine") firing HE shells? Is it a Russian (fantasy) ship, by any chance? - Forcing a player to break a target lock is not at all comparable to extinguishing a fire. To set a ship on fire, you don't have to simply aim at it. You have to aim, shoot and hit it, as well as getting lucky with RNG to set it on fire (4 steps). If all this happens, you might use your DMC. If you don't use your DMC when pinged (step 1), the chance that steps 2 - 4 (launching, hitting, flooding or citadel hit) occur are hard to prevent. Whoever made this statement is either trolling or not using his brain.
  10. The real perversity is that the only mode without subs will be convoy (and operations, which resemble convoy in some cases), which should, if WG had not dropped any pretense of possessing at least a marginal clue of naval history, be the only mode with subs.
  11. PeteEarthling

    OMG, another auction coming up.......

    @luokailk is already wetting his pants, I suppose.
  12. A token defense against griefers is already a violation? Doh.
  13. Do you remember the superdumbbattleship event, where every full fledged noob with ONE battle was allowed to drive a superdumbbattleship once (after that, he was out of intelligence reports and, lacking access to regular high tier ships, could not get any)?
  14. And then the other Hosho took over?