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  1. PeteEarthling

    Petition for submarines in Ranked battles

    I would like to see them in Clan Battles and KotS! If WG do not have any doubts about them, they should be there.
  2. PeteEarthling

    after last update not have timer in smoke

  3. PeteEarthling

    world of waships game

    Forget about concealment and placebo AAA... use jam and become invisible to CV.
  4. PeteEarthling

    world of waships game

    This could be dangerous: "When two neutron stars orbit each other closely, they gradually spiral inward due to gravitational radiation. When the two neutron stars meet, their merger leads to the formation of either a more massive neutron star, or a black hole (depending on whether the mass of the remnant exceeds the Tolman–Oppenheimer–Volkoff limit)." (wikipedia)
  5. PeteEarthling

    world of waships game

    Once again: The man, the substances, the meme.
  6. PeteEarthling

    FreeXP Schiffe werden in 12.4 entfernt ?

    Der Gedanke drängt sich in der Tat auf, daß überwiegend Uninformierte und Naive noch Geld in dieses "Spiel" stecken. Insofern machen WG es doch richtig, wenn sie bestimme Informationen nicht in Schriftgröße 100 im Premiumshop einblenden, sondern dort hinterlegen, wo sie nur halbwegs Interessierte finden.
  7. PeteEarthling

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    That's post-CV-rework WoWs in a nutshell.
  8. PeteEarthling

    how fun to read it))

    And, obviously, they also did not like his previous nickname which was probably similar in style. Edit: Just checked on wows-numbers.com... bingo. Paranoia or conspiracy theory, pick you poison, but of course failure is never this comrade's fault.
  9. One. Pete Earthling, of course. And you can't submit the poll if you have no legendary commander.
  10. PeteEarthling

    Update 0.11.7 - General feedback

    "We're trying to create a comfortable environment for players and ensure that interaction with the game interface by means of sound evokes positive and pleasant associations. To achieve the desired effect, we've decided against harsh, "metallic" sounds in favor of those associated with something safe and pleasant. As a basis for the updated background sound, we've used sounds of natural materials and phenomena, such as pebbles, sand, granite, sea waves, leaves rustling, etc. We hope that these and other changes will please you and enhance your enjoyment of the game." Sure, if feel a desire for some ASMR, I launch WoWs and spend an hour in port to enjoy the UI sounds and a slight smell of an overheating GPU.
  11. PeteEarthling

    Double CV's, get a grip WG

    The constant barrage of 2 CV is more than an annoyance, even if you have at least some symbolic AAA. And you have more T4 PvP games in a CV than in any other class. CVs get rarely molested by the opposing CVs.
  12. PeteEarthling

    Update 0.11.7 - General feedback

    How about "a properly working game is more important than hearing"?
  13. As expected, because WG do not know their game and ships, they missed to ban ISE from the BB brawl mode. I played 1 game. The team with more ISE (3!) easily won. There was no brawling, just max range bombardment and waves of torpedo planes. I do not recommend this mode if you have anything more satisfying to do with your time.
  14. PeteEarthling

    What is your, currently available, ship to play?

    Any ship that can't be matched against one of the deliberately broken classes. I like V-25, e.g.