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    Why I didn't get into the game.

    Would you guys imagine that "learn to deal with it" is not an answer to a bad mechanic. I know I can spam M to get a better aiming angle or use a spotter for that, but it in no way explains why it's badly designed to begin with. Especially when you shoot a spotted ship an lose visibility and without moving your crosshair at all the game suddenly decides that you were aiming at the island. There is literally no reason why it should be like that; either make it not possible always or always possible, not a weird mix where opening a minimap allows to do it or spotting a ship. That's just a terribly done mechanic.
  2. I tried playing WoWs and after around 350h I gave up. I by no means am an experienced player, I only got to two tier IX's, but the thing is I got discouraged from playing any further. It's just my rant about things, probably there will be someone to tell me each of points I make is wrong, but I just want to mention why, despite liking a lot about the game, I gave up on it. I'll start with two easy to change mechanics 1. Aiming behind islands. Aiming is only possible into spots that are visible in a straight line from where you are aiming, which means it's not possible to aim into spots that are close behind an island. But the thing is, you can shoot there, the shells can go there due to the arcs, and if there is a visible enemy ship there, the game will default to aiming at that distance and let you shoot at them normally. However if there is no enemy ship visible the game assumes you are aiming at the island... I have no idea why. There is absolutely no benefit to shooting an island, so why doesn't it just assume you are aiming behind it and allow free movement of the aiming spot through the minimap. If there is an island in the way then it can block shots, but don't block aiming. 2. Aircraft carrier controls Why is there no button for "return to CV for a sec, while the planes continue flying in a straight line"? I just want to adjust course a bit, slow down or activate priority sector on my CV. Why does it require me to fully recall the squadron and keeps me stuck with minimap path making. Just let me go back into CV for a moment, while the planes are flying. And two things that can't just be changed, but still ruined my fun 3. HE spammers It just feels so tiring to be under fire from one. I can just feel my will to play draining as I am being shot by one. And since (1) stands, sometimes it's obvious where the shots come from and it's a possible spot to hit, but isn't allowed because the ship isn't technically spotted. I don't think it's just my personal feeling, but it isn't fun to fight one of them. Regardless of how strong they are, they are just annoying. A game is supposed to be fun and having something that just feels like a pain to deal with isn't the way to go. 4. (Well prepare your pitchforks) DDs DDs are an important part of the game and there are plenty of things to like about them; they are the least detectable ships, they are fast and agile, they can get in reasonable gunfights and torpedoes are a great and fun tool. It's a class that has it's players and is a good addition to the game... but it's not all sunshine and rainbows. BBs are slow, heavy, tanky and with big guns and are visible from miles away; Cruisers have good DPM, decent armor, variety of guns and visibilities; DDs are small and agile, with small guns and good torps, but are very fragile. Is the basic idea... but I'd argue it's harder to kill a DD, than it is to kill a Cruiser. They are smaller, which means less shots will hit them (even well aimed), they are fast and agile, so they can dodge, AP is practically useless against them, they can often disengage due to low surface detection and do not have citadels. You can't one shot a DD, but you can do that to a larger ship, I don't get it. I guess it's just so they don't die whenever anything shoots at them, but it doesn't mean they should be magically better at surviving, because their armor is crap and citadel just isn't a mechanic.