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  1. Fayt3

    trying to login

    Well I was one of those that werent able to log in from Friday due to the server redirects, however I just tried now and seems at least my account I am able to log in now finally. So whatever they did relating to my account worked
  2. Fayt3

    trying to login

    Exact same message for me on login, not sure what screenshots would do... I think we can all agree we were all playing at some point early Friday when they were 'moving servers' doing maintenence/resolving the bigger server problems. I was playing in the morning and after almost every game I was reconnected cause 'moving server.' Now we all stuck in some server limbo till they actually get a technician to look into it but I think it's weekend, and since only maybe few 100 or about 1000 accounts affected? maybe less cause I don't see as much people with the issues so it's not big priority as they see the server is running with majority of players in it...
  3. Fayt3

    Login Problems

    It's weekend, doubtful anything going to get done since looks like minority issue. They also just closed my ticket saying they'll forward it to appropriate dept. lol
  4. Fayt3

    trying to login

    Well glad not alone here... I was also one playing early yesterday when their server had problems and they kept moving servers... Looks like we all in some server limbo till they get us out...
  5. Since yesterday I haven't been able to log in, I know server had some issues but I thought it is all resolved by now? I can barely get a support ticket open cause I keep getting errors on player support page and bad gateway 502...