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  1. JarrusJenkins

    Thunderer vs Conqueror

    this...... is why I can't make it work... emphasis on the word "skill" Conqs AP is better than a lot of people realise.... but she aint no thunderer…. I've dev stuck broadside Yamatos in the Conq before.
  2. JarrusJenkins

    Thunderer vs Conqueror

    less secondaries? you know that literally all of the RN BB's from T7 and up, tech tree and premium have the exact same secondary suite right?
  3. JarrusJenkins

    How do you actually play a Battleship?

    bringing up an old post.... did you ever do it just out of interest? I've recently bought Monarch again and its not that bad actually.... it does need a pen buff or just needs normal AP imo
  4. JarrusJenkins

    Monarch is utter trash!

    set the record straight then? You've made your points but I've seen no evidence to back it up... maybe show us one of your games in Monarch? you never know... I and everyone else might learn something. I've done what I said I would do and I've played the ship and I can't get a decent game out of it, they only thing I can get it to do sort of well is be an attention whore, get everyone to shoot you, disengage then heal all the damage and repeat.... returning the favour it does not do, not for lack of trying or even because the guns don't hit hard, they have better pen than people realise and the shells are actually quite fast and while your reload is cut...bloody hell the safest place to be when you're in a game with a monarch on the other team is to be targeted by the monarch.... I've had much better damage games in the Bismarck than the Monarch even though the AP alpha is lower and the pen is about the same... Seems I've done all I can with it really.... sure big damage numbers aren't the be all and end all but the fact is that if you cant deal at least your base HP worth of damage then whats the point? a couple of kills will go a long way to contributing to the team as well... I will argue this until i'm blue in the face just because I and the majority of average joe players have come to the same conclusion... its completely unfun to play mainly because you cant get a good game out of it. I still rate the Vanguard over this even though you'll tell me otherwise but the fact is even though Vanguards DPM is lower... i'd say in the real world it isn't mainly because it's shells actually find the target... and while the concealment is worse... 12.6km isn't anything to be sniffed at and the rudder shift is really a rather nice thing to use against enemies... bate the shots and then angle.... or even just dodge them... entirely possible.
  5. JarrusJenkins

    Monarch is utter trash!

    In answer to you comment before.... it does have a bump in tankiness (due to now having 32mm plate everywhere instead of 25mm) and it's AA is better. But really Monarch is just a target dummy.... I've played it a bit more myself recently and it really can't dish it back out. The 32mm plate does help for sure...definitely but you really do have to manage those heals and make sure no one sees you in or detection ring. Seriously the accuracy of the guns are probably only marginly better than the Bismarck/Tirpitz mainly due to the extra 3 rifles, but you cant use those too ofter because shooting all 9 guns will show more than enough broadside to get citadelled so it's kind of a "shoot all 9 guns just before going behind an island" other than that you're bow in and hoping you hit something and actually contribute to the team... So on staying at the back and mashing HE because that only good for it's gun calibre (I think Amagis HE has slightly more alpha but less fire change) you can't do that... and personally I find getting close up really doesn't help much more. If you're playing against the Monarch.... heres the advise... 1) Make sure it's shooting at/targeting you.... because that's the safest way to not get hit, 2) If it's trying a 9 gun salvo on you... go for the waterline, you will find the citadel in anything with decent pen (even though it does have a hefty belt) because it won't be angled enough to mitigate the damage. 3) if it's bow in and throwing HE, target the turrets.... theyre easy enough to kill. Turret faces are quite flat and only has 381mm of armour, easily enough to wreck (I've had a Stalingrad wreck my turrets before) 4) if all else fails... Spam HE at it... 32mm everywhere so anything with a 192mm gun of bigger.... or if you have IFHE then you can use either a IJN 100mm or everything elses 128mm or bigger will do pen damage everywhere except the belt armour, sure it can heal back 70% pen damage (or is it 75%? I can't remember) and 100% of the fires that will be set, but because of its low heath pool, it can't sustain it forever because that heal will be on cooldown eventually....kept it spotted mind you (11.5km concealment makes it the stealthiest BB in the game last time I checked) however, If you're playing a Monarch... heres what you do... 1) Ignore your team.... pushing with them won't help you or them so don't bother... 2) Pick a flank and stay with it, use your concealment to get yourself into a crossfire position to fire at the enemies broadsides, this will take a while since it's not particularly fast (it's not that slow either but doing this, it would be nice to have a French engine boost) 3) Hope you aren't spotted by a DD or CV while doing it...the team will realise what youre doing and more than likely you'll be quite close to them and in the open and guess what will happen.... that 32mm problem I said before? yeah everyone actually knows that....so if you're spotted everyones loves to farm you because you're a quick easy kill 4) Prey...… prey a lot... offer sacrifices... do what you ever you can to keep RNjesus happy... because if you have been successful in getting around the enemy flank, then you'd better prey that the shells get exactly where you want them to.... 5) also, play with the rudder.... you're rudder shift is quite good so use it to dodge shells, and definitely use it to dodge torpedoes…. 12 seconds with the rudder shift mod 6) Remember you have 1/4 pen HE so citadelling a broadside CL with HE is totally possible.. If you can keep it together then I dare say it can be quite rewarding appearing out of nowhere and blapping an unsuspecting ship... but if things go bad then it will go bad....like very dead kind of bad... enjoy :)
  6. JarrusJenkins

    Battle starting positions

    It does sound like a good idea... bit like some of the shooter games... you can choose where you want to start but ideally during that process you could do with know where everyone else is spawning also.
  7. JarrusJenkins

    Tier 10 BB's are cowards, why is that?

    GK and Kremlin are built to push caps though... rest of them aren't and besides... thing like the Yamato are literally made to take shots from a distance, its how there dispersion mechanics work on those. Then you've got the likes of Conqueror, Republique, Thunderer and Borguone with there "low" hp pools and poor armour plate which is less than some cruisers in the game... its no wonder that they won't push the caps. (I mean that's a whole other issue... Cruisers with battleship armour and battleships with cruiser beating concealment? what the hell is that about?) I mean sure Conqueror has it's mega heal to help but if you're being focused down that heal won't prop you up because you're "being a battleship and taking the damage". If I'm in the Thunderer and I see a Yamato and any of the mega fire starters coming to the same cap as me, I'm staying well back until it's been delt with because if you're the first to be spotted (which most of the time you will be) you're getting chunked hard. Yes there are ways and means playing smarter and what have you.... but have you tried angling a Yamato in a yorkshire pudding or a baguette? I try not to stay still in any of them and I need space in which to move.... So yeah really it very much depends on what you're running with. A Kremlin with it's big guns and a GK with it's million secondary's can put the wind up an advancing team where as a lot of the other BB's will need support to be effective... and I think DFens is right in that fact that the average player finds it hard to find that middle ground where you can make a positive contribution and not get deleted in the process. Oh low tiers.... the reason they're all at the back is because they can only do about 20 knots on a good day..... so it take them an age to do anything... I feel sorry for the Colorado at tier7.... "push forward!!" "I'm going flat out!!" "its been 10 minutes though...." "I know!!!" and above all else.... tier 10 paint IS expensive.... no one wants to loose credits now do they? that goes for all ship types... maybe WG could make it so we can't loose credits? only break even? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA what am I saying.... nevermind...
  8. JarrusJenkins

    Battle starting positions

    What the hell is wrong with the game as far as this is concerned? Seriously last few games I've had, you end up on the side where there are 3 ships in total, then the other 9 on the other side all end up pushing that flank together... Why the hell are game started like that? I've tried the "to hell with that" approach and that almost never works because the other team just catches you in a cross fire... I personally don't like becoming the team "cannon fodder" and it seems it doesn't matter if your a DD, CL, CA or BB its all the same... Why can't the computer balance the team more effectively at the start of the match?
  9. JarrusJenkins

    Tier7 is the new Tier8

    I'd say it isn't that clear cut. I'd say it's very much dependant on the ship you're playing rather than the overall tier. Some ships do just find when up tiered some don't....
  10. JarrusJenkins

    Yamato legendary + upgrades + cpt

    Yep, I play Republique, Conqueror and Thunderer at T10 and Yamato just mows through them like nothing, especially Conqueror and Thunderer
  11. JarrusJenkins

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Yeah, Monty, Conq, Alsace (well Alsace can be frustrating at times but it's no german) People don't realise as well that Conq has better pen at range than the Monty but Monty is more accurate.
  12. I'm by no means an elite player by any stretch, But Im in need of some people to division up with. I'm sick of playing with back camping scrubs who will abandon you at the first sign of trouble. I'd like to do clan battle as well in the future as well. Anyone want to take me on? Thanks JJ
  13. JarrusJenkins

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    Understanding when you're pushing just for pushing sake is kind of hard IMO, half the time I reckon I'm making the right decision based of the fact that "I can't be bothered to sit around and do nothing like you guys so I'm going to just do it myself" So I feel I have to make the play but it usually results in me dying. However I have made the play and I took the cap and kept the flank at bay...then I died about 30 seconds later, because there are 6 ships firing on me, and the other ships on my flank are hiding away even though all the need to do is just throw some lead over in there general direction and the shells will hit something... Pushing in a superior force, again I tend to get a bit "bloodlusty" that guy i'm chasing down is going to die! Yeah, what should happen is that I move to another cap...and leave them to run away, making sure they aint going to surprise me later. No need to win harder and all that... I shall get to watching your video. I'm up to the Bismarck on the Germans (to be fair I got the Bismarck out the unsinkable sam crate so I haven't actually played the lower tiers) I've also got a Tirpitz and a Scharnhorst. I quite like the Scharnhorst but I do feel like it's guns are over gimped, they could do with an accuracy buff seen as though theyre still small for the tier... reload is high for sure but it's really hard to do damage to anything beyond 12km, even when the shells hit (which so few will) edit: watched the video that was a really good battle well played there, really pulled that back considering most of your team were made of some kind of potato based products and the enemy team looked like they were doing a good job at the start. I really didn't think the GK was that affective from that sort of range, I suppose it does have the benefit of having 12 guns. Also the Black on the team seemd like he knew what he was doing and it's nice to division up with some like minded individuals and I reckon that's what helped you out there as well ;) I think the moral of both stories is that I need some division mates and a decent clan to carr...I mean play with :)
  14. JarrusJenkins

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    I can hardly get 3 words out of my clan, I joined them because I wasn't in one and there were other benefits to do doing so like buying ships was cheaper and I earnt more coal etc... (especially important since I was saving for the Thunderer) If I could get a could team together then I'd be a lot happier in general.
  15. JarrusJenkins

    Monarch is utter trash!

    Funny you should say about Hood.... I decided to dust mine off...and it's probably the most tanky of all the RN battleships I reckon due to the fact it actually has some useful armour around the midsection of the ship. I managed to bounce some shells sent in by a Fredrick the Great and also of all things a Musashi did minimal damage to me while I was angled, like 4k ish... I've said it before....proper armour far better than a superheal...