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  1. OldDawg

    Submarine Testing

    Yea with ease. I stopped playing them.
  2. OldDawg

    Submarine Testing

    I remember during the test fase that one sub (last one standing from the other team) could still win a game over 3 BB's, bij killing them easely or just stayed submerged when ahead of caps, till the game was over ....
  3. OldDawg

    Ranked Battles: the Eighteenth Season

    Spot on ! Last ranked battles I even managed to get 2 ranks forward with being afk ;-) I turned down my chat and my karma kept the nice 0 all the time, just relax, whach a movie on netflix or so. I don't think WG will be missing some sleep over it since they wont give a crab anyway what players think about it. This ranked battles I went (played) to R10 and thats more then enough.
  4. OldDawg

    Ranked Battles: the Eighteenth Season

    I reached rank 10 and thats it for me. Not like the other time, where one tries to reach much further and falls back. If no restpoints under rank 10, it's no use to keep on playing.
  5. OldDawg

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    I predicted that .. not that WG gives crap about it ....
  6. OldDawg

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    I'm glad more players think like that, but then again what is the use of forums, the developers are not interested in what we think.
  7. OldDawg

    Ranked Battles: the Seventeenth Season

    Again an unfair point system. 98% will reach Rank 10, and 2% will reach rank 1. The reason is you depend on the quality of the other players, because even when you are the top player in every game but the rest sux. Why don't they think about a system based on damage ? A won games by beging afk because the phone rang and I had to pick it up. I couldn't move up because we lost and I was top ranked. If they want to make it more attractive to compete in it, they should put in more rest places like the previous one.
  8. If i'm forced to buy ships to play campagnes, they might aswell take it from my port, because i'm not going to spend doubloons to gain some stars.
  9. OldDawg

    Ranked Battles: the Fifteenth Season

    What a complete waste of time. Reaching rank 8 after a million games i'm back at 12. Even when you play well, some others screw it up. Each rank winning 4 to 5 games is a complete loss of frustrating time, and no fun any more. Make it accessible for ALL players to reach rank 1. Personally I dont need Steel, Coal, 1.000 flags or so. Less is fine, but KEEP THE FUN OF PLAYING THE GAME IN IT !
  10. Thx Johnny Moneto, now we are getting somehere ;-)
  11. It's a fact, you don't get the point, what's wrong with that? I started a matter that there is something not working and many players have noticed the same thing, so what is to be care full? Am i not allowed here to share feelings about these issues? What is there so negative about it ? A forum is for sharing concerns, and i don't use bad language, I dont call any one names, I'm not taunting, I just feel you dont get the point thats all. At least you could ask what the underlaying problem might be and not give people the feeling we have to be silent, exept for empty chit chatting around, but if this is the way players help each other out here, I'm done.
  12. You dont get the point do you ?
  13. Lots of other people may not be reporting, but they do talk about it. It was eveen reported long time a go to WG, but they didnt do anything about it. Same thing happens here too. When I aim at a ship, it's there and when my guns are loaded, a split second before that, the ships is gone. If I shoot an other ships, the first ship is there again, etc ... To me its a simple flaw in programming they want to avoid fixing. Same thing as turning turrets: as long they are not turned you can see the ship, but as soon they are in place the ship is gone again ...
  14. I think you are missing the point. Please read again, these ships apear or disapear in split seconds not after 20 seconds, I got that so far.