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  1. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    Visual bug, or secret way to the hard mode

    every now and then the game will load into the battle leaving the port interface there (clickable). As a penalty for being able to see your ships in battle you get no battle-relevant info. No health, no points, no minimap, not even who you should be shooting at. The battle will then end at some point and you'll be dropped back to port (without result screen). it's actually fun in a twisted way, but I'd rather toggle that myself if I could...
  2. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    Ranked Sprint 13, How did you do?

    I had three T9 to choose from,: Ibuki and Östergötland and a "million free xp collecting dust". Went for the free xp and had a blast... and giggles... and got torpedoed by aa friendly Pommern (i mean who hasn't in this sprint?) Ägir - 28 games, 64% wr
  3. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    A little fun

    Most played - Shokaku First Kraken - I have to assume G-101, since it says I got 7 kill in a battle with it (I though today was my first one in Östergötland, but numbers can't lie) Worst Ship - T-22 (I have too few battles for that to be representative though) Most Kills - G-101 (7) Highest Damage - Kaga (131,5k) Unluckiest - Mogami. I'm totally in love with it, and was waiting impatiently to get it but... I'm a citadel magnet in it. Most frustrating - Nürnberg. just can't get the feel of it Favourites: DD - Öland / Östergötland (don't laugh, I'm new to liking dds :P ) CA - Atago BB - would have to be Kii CV - ShoKaga Zeppelin Tier: 6,7 avg atm 8 preffered.I did unlock Halland though, so don't quote me on that yet.
  4. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    Welcome to T10! Battle duration 5 minutes!!

    I avoid T10 like the plague. Pun intended. Which is a pity 'cause I was really looking forward to getting my hands on the Yoshino, just to realize that taking Yoshino instead of Hakuryu still ends me up in a T10 battle... I have my happy place at T8 (& Östergötland) now. And unless I need to grind something stupid again with a T10 restriction, I'm gonna stay there.
  5. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    Wows server hamster died

    Can't even connect atm
  6. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    280 tokens for the Skane... 7 containers obtained...

    That's unfortunately my case. I want the ships ('cause reasons) and camos on all of them. Which means getting all five and grinding the missions until next Thursday. I might get decent in destroyers "thanks" to that I wish I could simply whale the ships/camos like a cultured man, without being exposed to gambling practices but that ship has probably sailed by now. Pun intended So after getting 110 tokens from last 7 containers I got the rest from the bundles. But then again the first two gave 250 token each.
  7. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met my first forum regular - @Jethro_Grey in a Skane. Unfortunately among the reds. Of all that excitement I potatoted extra hard, and the team relieved of my "support" managed to carry the game.
  8. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    The best looking ship ?

    but it is :P it's like the Bourbons family van crashed into "road construction ahead" sign
  9. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    The best looking ship ?

    that would be my pick. I still need to get my hands on it though... I'm hereby nationalizing the phrase "sharpened potato". Points for historical. On the other hand I'm quite thankful that we don't have the historical "camos" on the IJN fleet :]
  10. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    The best looking ship ?

    of all the possible perma camos you pick the ugliest :P
  11. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    The best looking ship ?

    The only reason that beauty is not in this thread yet, is that you all forgot already that you have it :P
  12. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    Should I drag my AA-gunners under the keel..

    I think it is like this - you and an allied ship (which has fighters or spotters in the air), with the ally being somewhere in the long range (aka flak) of your aa. Now we throw in enemy planes. Your aa goes up and flak clouds damage both allied and enemy planes indiscriminately. At least that's my best working theory for that.
  13. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    Your eu tokendrop for the first 4 containers

    70 in total in the 4 directive containers. I might even get Visby by the end of the patch.
  14. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    Not sure how to pronounce this Soviet Commander's name

    Well... Polish is a slavic language using latin alphabet. That's more less where your problems start. The sounds not really used in germanic/romanic languages needed to be represented by the same letters. So some got invented. And some have a different phonetic value than in other languages. Think of "sz" which in cyrilic has it's own letter, in polish needs to be represented with two letter (still representing a single sound though) the above being said it's not that much different from English - it's the same difference between "ł" and "w" as English "w" and "v". The latter doesn't exist in Polish natively it's also hilarious to visit remote Scotland thanks to this, 'cause they still sometimes speak as if the great vowel shift didn't happen. You obviously never met the Germans if you complain about the consonant clusters :D Polish ones at least represent less sounds then they have letters, the German ones get buffed by compositums which leads to words like Geschirrruckgabe. Notice the triple "r" :P
  15. mein_nick_ist_besetzt

    Not sure how to pronounce this Soviet Commander's name

    While Brzęczyszczykiewicz is a fictional name, made up for a rather hilarious movie... About 20km from my hometown there's a place called Wytrzyszczka. And they even have a castle there. Yes, 3 vowels only. And no, don't take my word for it :P https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wytrzyszczka