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    I'm just saying this ship seems a bit OP, I think it's always good to have new ships, with new play styles....It just needs to be balanced imho. But that's not the only ship....Look at Musashi...should be a TX.
  2. Charles__Vane__

    EU server down? (Solved)

    Thanks all for you help and feedback. I just logged in too, after almost an hour of attempts :( (PTS access was fine)
  3. Charles__Vane__

    Premium ships are OP ?! (not a troll, some stats :) )

    You are right for this kind of ships, it's bought with money earned in the game. It is still funny how you all (not you in particular) look for details to discredit me, ignoring the whole "all first ships in leaderboard are premium". Fine by me, it was a stupid move to create this thread, I'm with stupid, admins, please close it, game's perfect.
  4. Charles__Vane__

    EU server down? (Solved)

    Thanks mate for the help. No I never use mods in a game. Game is pristine. Internet seems ok since I'm surfing (here too :) ). And I can access the PTS without problems.
  5. Charles__Vane__

    EU server down? (Solved)

    I've done that, twice, before posting. If you are connected I'm the only one then :(
  6. Charles__Vane__

    Premium ships are OP ?! (not a troll, some stats :) )

    it's not intended as a "FUD thread" (I don't even know what it means...but I guess the idea). But I knew players (who probably own these ships ;) ) would contest the numbers. I admit pay to win might not be the best word, and I'll fix the title. Still, I really think the premium ships recently added is more efficient than the regulars tech tree ships. But hey, I knew veterans would told me that. It's like TX players saying to weak T8 ships "no MM is great!" :) EDIT: The original title was "Pay to win", which explains the 2 previous comments. Since it's not exactly "paid" ships, I've edited the title.
  7. Charles__Vane__

    EU server down? (Solved)

    Hi all, Just me? I'm stuck on the synchronization screen. For about 30 minutes now... thx Charles
  8. Charles__Vane__


    I also find the SMolensk OP. But like a lot of other recents premiums ships. I've looked at Wows stats and number, look at the leaderboard of ships for TX and T9, not a single tech tree ship is first. Premium ships, and by a mile...when all ships have 49-52% WR and the first premium has 59%.... The first time I encountered smolensk, I was in my Kurfurst and 2 of them played as a division, hidden in smoke (they alternatively fire their smoke) and there was nothing that I could do. They killed me so fast....They have everything : smokes, torps, fire rate... Did not have time to take cover, or turn back.
  9. Charles__Vane__

    Improvement of the Matchmaker

    I find the new MM a bit better for T8. I see less TX games than before, and I'm happy to play again my T8, knowing that I won't be 95% of the time against TX. Because having both, when you play a Bismarck vs a Kurfurst, there's no match. However, I find that the T6 games are more and more T6-T8, while before it was a lot T5-T7. And I see a lot more 'TX only' games...And I like that. Because, between the ships themselves, the highly skilled captains, legendary modules...TX are more like T11 when compared to T9 (except the OP premium ships that WG sells (Musashi, Alaska...) So, to me, it's overall an improvment. The challenge know is to balance teams, because usually there is a team with lots of good players against a team with a lots of less skilled players. MM could balance the players distribution accross the 2 teams to have something quite fair (WR, rank...). I'm not saying all WR 54% players vers WR54% players, chills experienced players, I know you want inexperienced players to shoot at so you can shine, what I say is the "mean winrate" of players inside a team should be equal to the "mean winrate" of the ennemy team (and you can have 40% WR mixed with 60% WR in both teams). anyway, thanks WG for trying to improve the MM. It needs to be.
  10. Hello dear captains! I find that recently the premium ships addition make the tech tree less interesting and less performing. Not only the "CA cruiser that hits like BB" trends. Let's look at the T-X cruisers ranking on Wows stats and Numbers, clearly the 3 first ships are premium ships. https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3760109008,Stalingrad/ The difference, in terms of winrate, is quite significant, because most of the ships are around 50% WR, while the first 2 premiums are way ahead of that (closer to 60%). It is the same for BBs, first BB is a premium, and by a mile: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4179572528,Grosser-Kurfurst/ Do I ask about DDs? https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4282267344,Shimakaze/ Then again, a premium leads the board, with a HUGE advance (there is 3% of WR difference between the second and the last one, while there is 7% between the second and the first, which is a premium). So, I believed that at the origin the premiums were a means to give new players a way to progress faster, and/or to train captains. But now, clearly, premium ships are the ships to have if you want to be among the best. And yes, you'll probably vouch for WG saying that the best players are the ones who buy premium, because they have doubloons or steel/coal, but still, there should not be such a difference. What is the point of tech tree ships then? Food for premium ships? Is WG aware of that (I guess so) and at anypoint do they plan to balance ships? It's like the current ranked, Musashi in T9, that's a joke. It looks more like a TX ship....it rapes the TX ships. oh, it makes me think about T9 ships; for ranked: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/4180588528,Buffalo/ (wow, then again; no surprise, first 3 ships are premium). and T9 BB: https://wows-numbers.com/ship/3761190608,Musashi/ Guess what, again, 3 first ships, 3 premiums. I'm not a very long time player, but I find that recently we have more and more premium ships, and more and more OP. Charles
  11. Charles__Vane__

    Naval Training Center - Ideas & suggestions

    I'm not a great player but I begin to have quite a few battles. My 0.02 about the latest patch. I think it's a great idea to have a better Matchmaking, because it was really unfair to T8. T10 are a big steps from T9 (maybe except some OP T9 ships) and T8 vs T10 is kinda hard for some ships. yeah yeah you can still do something, I know. But, for having both now, it's all but fair if we are honest. I play Bismarck and Kurfurst for example, in my Kurfurst I regularly remove half the HP of the Bismarck in one salvo, while he can't do much damage to me. And even if he does, I have 105k HP while he has 69. And the other away, when I'm playing the Bismarck against other TX, it's quite hard to deal important damage, citadel is almost impossible... So it's a good idea. I feel like there's much, much more T6-T8 games now, and it's getting unfair to T6 ships. But I need more battles in T6 to see that (most on my recent T6 battles are against T6). The research stuff, I think it's a bad idea. It will only make even more differences between best players and the rest. We should have all the same ships (if they are the same model). Oh, and I don't like the new Smolensk, I find it burns very easily BBs, hiding in smokes, it's "another HE spammer".
  12. Charles__Vane__

    Bismarck build.

    Thanks mate for your advice! I think I'm gonna give the FdG a try, especially also because I liked the "sprint ranked" recently (finished proudly at grade 1 :yay: ) and I'd like to give the "regular" ranked a try. Given what you've said about the FdG, I feel like it's still better than the Bismarck and it will not get a worst MM. It's extremely rare that I play something else than TX with my Bismarck anyway. ps: Just had a game in the Bismarck this morning with T6-T8...ended up first with 1700+ base exp. and 110k+ damage. I really like this ship, when MM is not ruining it. Had another one, with T10 MM of course, did 65k damage and was ranked in the middle of the pack. Just feel like you're in a motorbike race and you have a BMX while other competitors have competition motorbikes :)
  13. Charles__Vane__

    Bismarck build.

    Hi All, I'm really wondering about the Bismarck secondary build. Yes it's a solid build and I've seen wonderful videos of Flamu. But the Bismarck MM is absolutely awful, I'm 95% of the time against T10. They fire from very far away, very hard. And getting closer is not that easy*...Quite dangerous with all the TX DDs and even Cx spamming HEs on me. So I was thinking, should I consider a "tank" build instead of a secondary build? Or should I try to get better and better use my Bismarck? Right now I'm quite disappointed with it, because of the MM and the very rare nice game I have with it. Recently I took Wows more seriously and I really increased my "recents" stats, but mostly because I love T7 CA or CLs. And I deal more damage with them that in my Bismarck. SO, I was thinking about spending doubloons to retrain my captain to get a better survival. Other thing I have in mind, I have enough XP on Bismarck (and as free xp) to research the T9 German BB. I could probably even research the T10 german BB without spending money on the T9 ship...but I don't know if it's the smartest way to spend free xp. All in all, I'd like to love "again" my Bismarck....or german BB. What would you do? (in addition to getting better and learning how to play the damn game :) ) Thanks ladies & gentlemen, fair winds! *I must admit I'm not yet at 14 captain points, so my secondaries have like 9.5km range
  14. Charles__Vane__

    Suggestions thread

    Some suggestions, that will probably drown among the 81 pages of messages: 1/ World of Pirates! A whole new game. Give use Man'o'war with gunpowder, sails, winds...Seriously, I believe the atmosphere would be wonderful and the game pretty fun. Wind would also be important and there should be a effect between ships (example: like in real life, placing a ship between the origin of the wind and a ship cuts the wind from the latter ship, which can't move anymore. It was a classic pirate manoeuvre). 2/ We have storms...but no waves! No effect on ships. Make big waves when there is wind, waves that get even bigger and break on shallow water, possibly damaging ships or provoking ships accidents. Big waves that would make the aiming more complex, especially on small boats. On the other hand, small boats are difficult to see when they are between two waves (or swell). 3/ Tides! Streams!! It would be fun that some passages between islands, and even some islands, would appear and disappear during a game. For example, if the time between low tide and high tide is 10minutes, we would see sea streams (currents?) in on way and then the opposite way. Some island and passage would appear, preventing ships to go. It would by the way be a challenge for campers. You know, the guy in the CA/CL that he's drinking a beer while a just fire continuously from the same place all the game, and your CV is not smart enough to bomb him ;) -> the tide combined with potential big breaking waves could surprise players during a game, making it funnier. Especially on smaller boats.
  15. Charles__Vane__

    Guepard vs Aigle

    I've never played the Guépard, but I love the Aigle. Comments are usually not really kind to the Aigle, but I find it very useful. I play it like a CL however : I don't get to close, and I try to avoid being under fire. I also use it as a gunboat, I smoke and then fire at will. And the torps are really great if some adventurous BB tries to come get me.