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  1. Charles__Vane__

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    Update: I've just finished the Oster grind and unlocked the Halland. 17 random battles with +800% XP (and premium). I have difficulties at first with Oster and did not find it great. My captain went from lvl 11 to lvl 13. I happen to have a few successful games and then ended up with 59% WR and 1150PR average Average damage is 39k, which is not great. Average frags a bit >1. Overall, I feel like: - torps are disappointing with Oster, as with Oland. Sure they are fast....but they don't have much besides that. The problem is, with 2x3 (Oland) and then 2x4 (Oster) the "torp wall" is quite narrow, so if the target change a little bit his course, you will miss or it with one or 2 torps. Since there is a torp damage reduction on BBs, we are talking very low numbers here (10-15k). - you have very long range torps...but it's easier to land them if you use them at closer range. - the guns are no joke on these boats... - I thought at first no smoke would be a big problem....but honestly, not really. Note that I like to play Kagero and Yugumo without smoke. - the AA is as it should be on any ship in this game :) - the short main battery range is actually great, because once you've killed the DD (or the dying ship closeby) you will not be spotted anymore. - it was rough at first, then funnier and funnier. - sometimes you need to be patient, because you miss your torps, you need to stay stealth, and you think you are not doing great. I'm not a pro (far from it) and I felt in these times I need to be patient, reposition, and try again. I've "saved a game" like this, where I was the only survivor in a zone (domination) with 4 reds. I managed to escape, sink 2 of them, and then when my team came to help we won the game. Just did my first game with the Halland and it seems great. 2x5 torps is a bit more usable, the 'torp wall' is wider...and still 90knts torps ;) I did not think about it, but with the anniversary event, the Halland gave me a SC, with 30d of premium. Off to a great start Halland!
  2. Charles__Vane__

    "There are no medals for critiquing play, only for winning"

    Probably. I'm speaking here about an odd move, a move I did not understand, not a comment I receive. But I think on average, a unicum player who does something 'odd to me' has something to learn to me. Where as a player with very poor stats just probably did some mistake I might not have done. I usually consider all the constructive comments I receive. But let's be honest, most of the time it's "idiot team", without any explanation..that's just toxicity.
  3. Charles__Vane__

    "There are no medals for critiquing play, only for winning"

    I love the overall idea and tone of your post. This game is the only one I know where you get insulted. Sometimes I see somebody doing something I would not have done. I look at this stats, and if he's really bad sometimes I try to tell this player what he could do differently (example: CV stop farming and help us spotting that flanking DD). When he's really good, I kindly asked him why he did that, because I would not have done that. This way, I learn. I hate when somebody calls me an idiot, especially from a camping BB in A line, yelling at me because I was left without support. But I have no problem when skilled people give me advice for the next game. so, I'd say, instead of yelling "moron team" or "idiot" or even worse, it's be better if people tell others what they expected.
  4. Charles__Vane__

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    Thanks man. I was pleasantly surprised by the oland, but not as a torpedo boat. So far, I was not very lucky (or good) with the Oster but hey, I hope I'll get better. Sure the torps are fast....but 80k alpha strike vs I 'won" the Blyskawica with the anniversary SC but I did not try it yet. On internet she does not seem very popular. I only have a 11pt captain for my EU DDs since I did not play this line before.
  5. Charles__Vane__

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    A bit more games later, feedback. Oland grind is over, it was pretty fast thanks to blue XP boosters (800%). It took me some operation battles, and 9 random battles. In random, I ended up with 1250avg PR and 57WR. I found it was quite disappointing regarding the torps, sure there are fast, but only 6, it's quite easy for a ship to throttle up or down and not eat all the torps. Since they hit like mosquitoes, it adds to the deception. There are pretty efficient against DD and cruisers, since they have less torpedo protection and they are quite fast. The guns were the nice surprise, pretty good and unless you face an anti-DD DD, you often win dog fights. I wanted it to be a torpedo boat but in fact, it's more a gunboat to me. But overall I liked it. Not my biggest damage ship, but it's efficient to contest cap or harass DDs. Let's meet Oster.
  6. Charles__Vane__

    Big disappointment in getting Stalingrad....

    but Petro is exactly what he complains about Stalingrad. I have Petro and I like it, I don't play it too much (I like to savor it :) ). So if he does not like stalin I doubt he'll like Petro
  7. Charles__Vane__

    weekend hell

    it's were I disagree with you. I mean, I hate being in the "low WR team" that will be blapped by the division of unicums, but it's a game and every one has the same right as you to play. I could also say we should not let arrogant players play and then ban you too :)
  8. Charles__Vane__

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    A bit more games later, a feedback. I've played mostly operations. It's a lot of fun, especially the ones with planes. The problem with operations is a lot of people die quickly and I'd say it's 25-30% winrate. When you lose a game, you win 500 base exp with a correct game, for 20 minutes. Not very rewarding, will take forever to grind. So I've tried randoms. it's not that bad, but it really feels underpowered to me. I mostly use torps, since I don't have smoke and I don't want to be focused by 4 ships and die in seconds. Torps are anemic, I think I would perform better in a shinonome, even in a TX game than in this Oland. It's like a set of 3torpedoes tube is missing on this ship.
  9. I also have winning rate in operation that is dropping fast too. Just lose a game with 230k+ damage in a T7, but Operations are really have with T8 ships, and if one or 2 guys die fast, it's over. And in some operations, the higher level ships are a big step up. A yamato when you are in a T7 cruiser for example, whatever you do, if he focuses you....you'll end up taking citadels. I feel like operations should be 1 tier only (T6 or T7 or T8) and be better calibrated. Here, it's a mess. and if you play T6 or T7, you are the only idiot with T8 players, and T9 or TX bots.
  10. Charles__Vane__

    Which DD for Coal?

    I had the same hesitation than OP a couple weeks ago and I picked the Sherman. I quite agree with Karkong: Sherman is like a CL without citadel. It's great if you have a DD who spot for you and if you don't have too many radar ships close. It's quite situational actually, if you are in the right situation (sitting in your smoke with no DD nor radar ship around) and you have a broadside BB close to you, you'll have a great time. If you are 1to1 with a DD you also have your chances, unless he's right ahead of you : only you front barrel will fire...anemic DPM. If I had to buy it again? Not so sure.
  11. Charles__Vane__

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    Yeah I have no doubt about those 2, they really seem fun. Thanks for taking the time to share so much information and also some videos :) That's exactly what I think when I look at T8 and before, on specs since I don't have the ships. I've played many other DD lines and when I look at Oland I can't stop thinking "Only 2x3 torps! and they hit like a fly!" Like you said, if only they reloaded every 40sec... Maybe that's the way to see it. I FXP the Skane and take the Oland, play it into operations if random is painful. Edit: I've unlocked the Oland (FXP the skane) and did 2 operations. It was very fun, she seems to have quite a nice fire chance or I've been very lucky...Sadly we lost both game, T8 operations are quite hard actually.
  12. Charles__Vane__

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    Thank you all for all the interesting comments. I see it's quite balanced, maybe a bit more "go for Oland" than "Skip that piece of junk" :) Thx
  13. Charles__Vane__

    On the road to Halland...Skane, Oland & cie

    That's exactly my fears... :(
  14. Hey guys, I see the Halland (and probably Oster) is a lot of fun, many super fast torps that you can spam, even if it does not have the punch of the shima. I've unlocked some lines, but one I did not go too far in was the Halland line. I unlocked the T6 when we had the event back in the days. I'm really hesitating to go further in this line, because when I look at Skane or Oland, I feel like 2x3 torps is really not a lot, even if they reload fast. I like to play the Shinonome, a T6 IJN DD who is not considered OP (compared to his tech tree counter part) and it has 3x3 torps that reload quite fast with a lot of punch. Oland has a T8 looks like (to me, and on paper...) anemic torps compared to this simple T6. So, Skane & Oland, meh ships or am I missing something here? thanks guys
  15. Charles__Vane__

    how to stop cheaters

    Pete is right. I've been accused of a Goliath I killed some weeks ago, from my JB, because I fired too fast. I detailed in another topic how a JB can fire 2 salvos in 20sec without any cheat. Exactly. I've never cheated (in a game or IRL) because I don't see the point. I prefer to lose honest than to win with shame. In France, we have a stage play from Corneille called "Le cid" where there is this famous line that roughly translate to: To conquer without danger we triumph without glory