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  1. IncredibleBigGun

    Looking for a home.

    Somebody looks for players for passing of operations of week? Are there clans which play operations?
  2. IncredibleBigGun

    “Play with Friends” Referral Program: New Rewards

    Hi caps! Somebody can give a referral link, please?
  3. IncredibleBigGun

    Rules of the "Fly! Strike! Win!" Event

    Last week I installed the application on an old referral link, I entered a game in day when the old referral program ended. I could not use either the old referral program, or the new program. I played only 1 fight. Now I should not play 90 days to use the new program. I already spent too much money for this game to develop the second account from scratch, and I am not going to play on the old account. The support service ignores me when I asked this question. When I entered on an old referral link - it worked. No messages that the referral program will end soon existed when I used the old reference. It turns out that I was misled when I began to use an old referral link. And now the referral program stimulates me not to play. I consider that it is not fair. Not desire to help from support service upsets. If to me do not allow to participate in the new program, I am afraid, I will be forced not to play 90 days at least. ***I am ready to create the new account if all bought tanks and planes in projects of Wargaming on this account are moved. But it is not possible.