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    Carriers little to no damage on anything

    I found a way to get good and regular damage in a T4 CV.. tried it on one of my alt accounts last night. Start game, take off, turn 270 degrees, drop torps into my own ship.... no AA, no fighters launched.. didn't loose any planes on the attack. Really very satisfying actually hitting a target without loosing all my planes and I was able to quit the game much sooner than having to sit there and watch my planes do zero damage somewhere else. Got 33,700 damage in around half the match. The other players were laughing so hard as I explained what I was doing that the game just totally disintegrated, but it was fun times for a bit there. Can't quite undrstand why today my account is pink, but i am sure that will be explained at some point. By the way, just in case you hadn't noticed.. A Langley DB drops a bomb that hits for 800 HP and 4% fire chance.. her secondary guns hit for 1800 HP and 6% fire chance so tonight, I am going to stop flying aircraft, and manually control my carrier with ramming flags mounted, because I think I will be able to do more damage with secondaries and super bonus damage if i can get a ram, and my carrier is a much better spotter than my planes are :) Have fun all.. M