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  1. HonkiTonki2018

    PT 0.9.7 - Naval Base Update

    The base changes are cool,nice
  2. HonkiTonki2018

    Season 17 the age of BB

    100x BB queue right now!
  3. There is much banter trash talk in the game, its good that offenses get followed up.
  4. HonkiTonki2018

    British Submarines?

    Tea Time on a UK Sub sounds fun
  5. HonkiTonki2018

    so wg can nerf premiums ?

    G.Z. is not worth buying :(
  6. HonkiTonki2018

    General CV related discussions.

    Yeah, for sure...Rubbing hands :) The games soon begin ! Hopefully 30-60 days till Subs are in Random - CV vs Sub and Sub vs CV will be awesome. Cant wait. Wishing you all lots of fun !!!
  7. HonkiTonki2018

    T3 Charleston

    The Charlestone is a nice ship to make 20-80K per round, it can be great fun.
  8. HonkiTonki2018

    Änderung der Zufallsgefechte mit Elementen aus dem Wettrüstenmodus

    Arms Race & Subs = Standard Random in 3 Monaten
  9. Balancing on average values is good,thats what WG does since years.
  10. Low Tier Ships - Whats your favourite ? I love the Charleston, I love playing the T3 ship :) Wishing everyone a great 2020 and lots of fun in WoWs !