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  1. the only way I know how to get to this forum is form a discord link commissar linked me, as I spent hours trying to locate it. hence I don't know who these people you speak of are..Mr Mcconway I think. I have no idea how to send him a message so unless he sends me one that I can reply to im stuck. as far as Egoleters comments, you may be right on some accounts, but as a business and conducting said business in Canada, WOWS would have to follow ITAR trade regulations to operate here. Thus even privately owned forums are subject to our FOIP laws and Digital Validation laws. As a teacher and Political engagement officer for the alberta teacher association I ran clubs focused on teaching kids how to stand up and debate, how to advocate for their postion, and to never back down on said position. SO if a kid challenged me in class I always engaged the student to help them carry on a better argument with me, and if the topic would take too much of class time I said we really need to continue this, either next class or lunch. most kids chose same day. I was somewhat of an anomaly as I encouraged kids to challenge, and if a teacher tells them to shut up or go to the office, simply because they raised a valid concern or point, to point out to the teacher what it means to live in a democracy. That always worked. Incidentally, for the last 8 years of my career I was a principal and leader within the Association.
  2. Ronin_Cahill

    +/- 2 tiers, is it fair ness or Bullying

    Typically as a retired teacher we described bullying as a bigger stronger individual exerting force over a smaller or weaker individual. It would seem that forcing us to be matched up with a higher tier places us in a position where we are wither the victim or the Bully..with a rare opportunity to be on par with our opponents. Does WOWS really support bullying or do they want to move into the 21st century and stand up against bullies? I say we support them in this transition to a fair and non bullying environment.
  3. Similar to my last post on the subject, but someone did mention t 6 being tossed in with t8. I proably should have stipulated that I agree that isn't right either. and when I am top tier ie. 8 in a 6 match. I try to not shoot the lower tiers until thye are the only ones left out of respect. people call me crazy for having these kind of morals but I am a retired teacher and taught fair play to my kids for 30 years, so I need to do what I preach. so does anyone know how I can directly contact the lead developer who would be in charge of the MM system so I might be able to converse with the man in power (or woman). these forums are not efficient to get things done.
  4. Ronin_Cahill

    When is Tier 8 NOT going to be tossed in with Tier 10

    why do we need 10v 10, I have had some great 4 v4 3v3 matches at lower tiers. they are fun as heck. I would also be fine waiting a few more min for a match that is fair, so just give us an option to maintain same tier only or a have a +/- 1 tier option. With the understanding it may take longer for a match or matches would be potentially less vs less numerically. at this point in protest to t8 being in t 10 I just drop link and head back to port as I refuse to be put into a scenario where a 6 year old has to box mike Tyson full contact. Only a Russian can think that is a good time :)...ima wimpy Canadian.
  5. So if I play my tier 10 ships, a match with other tier 10 ships is fine as the ships seems to be able to handle the others in terms of hp, dps, speed etc. I tend to score in the middle of the pack on average. occasionally top 5. but when I get into a tier 8 ship and it tosses me into a match with tier 10s I get hammered badly and score at the bottom constantly. This happens no matter the ship. Before all you fan boys tell me to get good, save your breath, as I have spent time in the training room with frineds pitting my t 8s vs their t 10s and I loose constantly. when I pull up my t 10 its 50/50 win/loss. a couple frineds who have played over 4500 matches told me flat out that a tier 8 cannot on average compete at tier 10 (with odd exceptions) and told me for the time being to not play my tier 8's until WOWS changes how they are matched up. They do not play thiers for the same reasons, its giving yourself a severe handicap. Now if I do get lucky and get a t7 t 8 match and the field is fair, I score my usual middle of the road with odd top performances. On another note when I drop with a tier 8 and get a tier 10 match I get on average 2 players insulting me from the get go that I ruined their game experience (they use colorful language) with my tier 8 and to uninstall the game. so if I am making others mad just by choosing my tier 8, why would WOWS keep it how it is. I dis like it cause I get slaughtered, others hate it cause it handicaps their match..no one really likes it. so in essence I would like to strongly encourage WOWS to place tier 8 into a Matchmaking cue that does not slap them with tier 10s
  6. Ronin_Cahill

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    lol someone posted some stats regarding my win loss ratio or something like that..lol I don't even know where to look for that information. having said that in the process of power matching and dashing in to do damage and such I imagine many of my battles were lost, however, after I die I drop back to port and play another. as commissar said we are new to the game and if a whole team is doing worse that us (and I consider myself pretty low) then its a rather bad team. and for the remark about getting into t 10 matchs and making top 5, I have plenty of screen shots to prove that..mainly as I flood commissar with them in glee. plus I have only been tier 10 for a couple days. as for the comments about MM options, well I believe in a fair and just world..sort of very 21st century progressive thinking likely. many of you who have old and archaic view points on how games should work should head back to the 20th century where punitive reinforcement was the norm and we hid special needs children in hospitals, because that non inclusive, elitist mentality is disgusting and has no place in the free world. So I am sticking to my insistence that different MM options be implemented to better serve the needs of players. Keep your +/- 2 tier, add +/- 1 tier and same tier options. MAKE THE GAME FAIR AND BALANCED for those looking for a fair experience. p.s. I cant believe someone actually argued against fairness...holy cow.
  7. Ronin_Cahill

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Having a background of working on game balance, the launcher simply needs a couple tweeks to give players more freedom to choose the type of match they want. There is always the super good player who says get good and can do a battle where his opponents are 2 tiers above, cause he can hurt pretty much anyone. Then there is the other 95% of the player base who are simply average and require more FAIR balance in game play to have a decent experience. here are the 2 simply launcher options to look at. 1. choose +/- 1 tier with the understanding a match could take a hair longer to get set up. 2. Same Tier only, again with a longer MM time likely being the end result. WG devs need to realize most of humanity are not hulking warriors of doom and have average abilties, average tactics, and desire a balanced and fair experience. putting a t8 in with t 10s for most players is a seal clubbing experience where they are the seals. when I was T8 and would constantly complain about it being unfair in game. I got the usual people telling me to get good, or no its your lack of skill etc. well low and behold, I got to tier 10, and all of a sudden those matches where I get demolished disappeared, I was scoring top 5 and doing well. since I went from T8 to T 10 in a single day I know my tactics and skill did not change at all. the only thing that changed was having a ship that could stand up to thiers. To me that pointed out the massive differences in the tiers for ship power. hence I think for the sake of fair ness and balance the 2 options I presented need to become a reality. And btw despite having some T 10 ships I really prefer to play T7 and T8 cause I like those ships, they look cool, handle well, and create a fun experience. Not everyone wants to play the highly competitive zone all the time, so don't push people to it, let them experience the game the way they want to.
  8. Ronin_Cahill

    So what is the consensus on CVs ?

    though I am new, I have played a lot of games over the years (30ish). the one thing that is always an issue is game balance. I have had the fortune of working on an online game with input on balance concepts. Naturally I analyze a game when I play it from the player perspective as well as the coder's perspective. Currently the +/- 2 Tier matchmaking system is designed to facilitate speed of matches, but does little to match skill or ship powers / abilities. In the case of Carriers this is an extreme issue as the AA balance is focused around same tier and tier lower ability to destroy planes in a certain period of time. once you get a tier above or even 2 tiers above the AA's ability to chew up your planes goes up exponentially. I spent time in the training room resting time to kill values of various classes of ship from 2 tiers below to 2 tiers above. driving your planes into a ship of higher tier isn't going to work very well, relative to same tier or lower. so back to the matchmaking system, it needs to look at making the carrier the top tier item of the match, and possibly limiting to one per team. of course if the MM system had additional options like +/- 1 tier or same tier only options then this issue would disappear over night. p.s. 2 ships of 1 tier above the cv will chew planes up literally before you can turn around. QUOTE OF THE DAY "never bring a T8 to a T10 fight son"
  9. Ronin_Cahill

    Update 0.8.1: British Squadrons

    yes servers are down still at 6.36 mtn time Canada. last 2 hours they have been down.
  10. I have only being playing for 2 weeks now, but have noticed some extremely unfair practices by this company. I was told by support that the tiers match up and down a few steps to make matches faster, however there needs to be a choice for those of us WHO ABSOLUTLY do not want to head into T 10 or T 9 because of the instant kill effect they have on a T 8 ship. I went into training with a friend and tested a T 10 battle ship vs my T 8 Alabama. similar guns etc. we stood side by side and fire single rounds to test the porportions of damage / armor etc. I hit him 28 times for every 1 he hit me to obtain he same damage result. we were 4km away and static. we use AP and HE rounds to compare both. the end result was his battle ship came out 24x more powerful than mine. He said T 8 should never be in a t 10 fight as they simply cannot compete and it annoys T 10 people. Which makes sense as I have had several T 10 players insult and chastise me for playing the game cause I ruined their matchs with my T8. they even go as far as message after the match and tell me to uninstall the game and get a refund with a lot of bad words. SO Development team MAKE A CHOICE FOR TIER 8 SHIPS TO STAY IN THAT TIER, and I don't mind waiting a couple more min for a fair fight, cause at least im happy with the balance and if I lose I know its my fault not the fault of the game's match making system and pits me in a tricycle against a Porsche. ADD ANOTHER CHOICE TO THE LAUNCH SYSTEM (SAME TIER ONLY) (OR +/- 1 TIER ONLY) And to all the people who message me death threats, massive insults, and derogatory remarks, its not my fault I end up in your match. Ronin
  11. so I had my Leningrad in a match a few min ago, had the flag for removing the risk of my mag detonation. I was shot once and it blew, I got the notice in the chat window my magazine was detonated. so I am guessing the flag is only 99% effective and there is still a slight chance you will pop. can someone clarify this, and if it is 100% and I was the victom of a game glitch where to I submit a ticket, and what would I be reimbursed? thanks
  12. I just started this game a week ago and I like the idea as it reminds me of intelivesion's game sea battle back in the 80's. aside from a few balance issues which are incorrect but I know why they are there the only issue I have, and its enough to make me demand a refund, is the matchmaking system. looking at the tiers from 1-8 seems to be a gradual progression then 9 and 10 make huge leaps to a different place. the max tier I want to -play in is 8 as from there down all the battles I have had are balanced better. but when I get stuck in with t10's and am being fired at by the time by ship gets to 20 knots and killed by 23 knots less than a min into the game..well you get it. I have had far to many scenarios where its clear im just as accurate and moving the same as my opponent but he/she is in a t 10 and simply out dps's me by 150%. this insane concept feels like an RPG system vs something that could simulate reality / history. I have chatted with quite a few folks during matchs and virtually all agree a +/- 1 Tier only match making system be inplace. it might take a biut longer to get a match but at least it would be fun and not just a slaughter. tier 10 and or 9 should have a singular place for those who are indeed excellent and hardcore players. I know for sure I have made many t 10's mad on my own team cause im in an 8 ship and they give me heck for playing 8 cause it may stick me into their matches, they tell me not to play over 7. so I am getting it from both ends here and its ruining my experience within one week. so please tell me Devs look at these posts and will take this seriously, as I do expect a response from someone in charge if they intend to keep things the same or modify them. In the absence of the option to change it to be more fair I would like to know who I ask for a refund of the items in my account? thanks Ronin
  13. So a friend got me into this game. its quite fun. I live in Canada and play in eurpoe as he is in that area. I get 500 ping so it may be the issue but when I zoom in nearly all the time the ships don't render as well as islands etc. so I need to zoom out see the target and quickly zoom and fire to have a chance OR just fire without zooming in..wow that's hard. None of the targets are in smoke etc. eg. a battleship at 5km disappears. I have a top end system and a 1080gtx ti 11gig card that likes dx 12, and a tech friend said the dx 11 may be the issue but hes not sure. He also suggested I get WOWS to migrate my account to the north American version as I should have been on there first place. I thought this game was like any other and there was only 1 version so I could just click and go to that area and the occasional bad ping to Europe would not kill me. unless of course my issue isn't ping related. a confusing mess indeed but I do need help this is starting to kill me. thanks Ronin