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  1. CaptainWayne

    Suggestions thread

    Would Like to suggest the Großer Sieger (German Tier X BB) for 2M free Xp / coal/ New Year Dock building. Edit- Artist's DEVIANTART LINK- https://www.deviantart.com/theocomm
  2. CaptainWayne

    Game keeps disconnecting

    Sometimes a computers' firewall interferes with ongoing gaming processes which are connected to the internet. Try Giving Administrator Privilege to the gaming instance and turn off your firewall and try playing, it works on some other games, could be the case with you.
  3. CaptainWayne

    Suggestions thread

    Hello, I would love to see some alternate permanent camos for Montana and Kremlin. I know Montana already has the halloween event camo also other Tier X infernal but Yamato has so manyyy....Makoto Kobayashi, the anime collection camo, the Scorpiod camo. I would love to purchase Makoto Kobayashi/other similar take on MONTANA or KREMLIN, (something like the ROMA special camo). Since im stuck at home might aswell spend 5000-8000 doubloons. It would sell like hot cake if you manage to design and sell within the next 5-10 weeks. Some of us really like to make our ships look aesthetically pleasing and even wouldnt mind seeing another permanent camo for Thunderer/Alaska/Georgia/Jean Bart. Just a suggestion, WG. EDIT- Also would love a rework of our port, where we can see the ship of our division mates lined up beside us or behind. I know, except 1-2 ports, almost everyport has lots of space to showcase more than 1 ship!
  4. CaptainWayne

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    Thanks for an actual sound argument with valid points. I agree with most of them but yeah I dont wanna drag this any further XD.
  5. CaptainWayne

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    There is no need to hate on me. I wrote honestly what I felt about the CCs I named! Opinions can differ and I respect whatever you guys say, some of you with over 14K battles clearly having more knowledge about this than me, im just putting my opinion and suggesting that they may need to tone their volume down a bit!!
  6. CaptainWayne

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    Well said!
  7. CaptainWayne

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    I am not disagreeing that. I have spent some time in this game, but I hop on and off now and then and I am towards the bottom end in terms of skill as you can say from my stats!
  8. CaptainWayne

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    Its all criticism at this point and thats when its concerning. "Why is this special commander not for free! - Why are they removing Unique upgrades - Boycott WG for research bureau! - Another paper ship line! -say no to 510mm Guns in game! " I support the fact of CCs being honest, but this is not constructive criticism at all. The difference between the playerbase and the content creators lies in the maturity, knowing when to criticize being constructive as well as making sure that they are not responsible for loss of playerbase! Every video they release nowadays is more or less of a rant..
  9. CaptainWayne

    Sudden Surge Of toxicity in CCs

    I have played heap tons of games in my life, ranging from free to play and AAA titles, in genres ranging from racing, first person shooters, mmo, to simulations and rpgs. Never have I seen such toxic and unfaithful community content creators! YES i am using the word UNFAITHFUL!! World of warships inspite of being a free to play game repeatedly outdoes itself in the amount of update it rolls out regularly! Lunar New Year, Halloween, Christmas, Space battles, Post apocalyptic battles, a new ship line every month! YOU NAME IT! AAA titles dont even have this kind of updates even though most of them have much much higher playerbase than world of warships! Hell even other f2p titles are not regular at all, Waframe devs updates the game once in 3 months, which is most of the time, rushed, teeming with bugs! followed by numerous hotfixes! Im not even gonna cite games like ANTHEM, Need for Speed franchise, Crew 2, AAA titles with "live service" does not even come close to amount of regular updates done by WG. Content Creators literally are suffering in such games because there is NO CONTENT!! yet they are not ranting like Flamu, Aeroon and I hate to say it but Notser too!! The thing is no matter how hard WG devs try, they receive so much of blind hate, which is 80% fueled by the CCs. Just look at how Flamu and Notser rants about the russians. Notser Continuously mentions that russians are forcing the devs into buffing their ships by meeting them in real life, Are you out of your mind!? Being a content creator is a responsibility, I wouldnt be able to sleep at night knowing im spreading hate and toxicity amongst a playerbase! Flamuu is the type of guy that finds a small fly in a soup and beats up the chef for it! Keeping the environment and playerbase healthy is your responsibility. Be happy the devs are generous enough to give you content for your videos in an f2p game. I feel like you're asking too much from them! Players in other games would worship the devs if they did 20% of what WG team is doing! Even making an entire line of paper ships requires a team of artists, who work day and night to put the details on the deck of the ship. You guys have no idea how much dedication it takes for such small things. Not even gonna mention the enourmous lines of coding and nightmares of bugfixing involved into releasing the artpiece in the game! Treat the game and the people working behind it with respect please!
  10. CaptainWayne

    STOP Henri IV nerf !

    I legit feared the Henri IV when I was new to the game in my moskva/montana I would'nt engage much cause I missed no matter how hard I tried, kept getting set on fire. I would like to say its not SUPER OP and truly this smoother acceleration curve or whatever WG is calling it just took its uniqueness away. It wouldnt Surprise me if WG announces a french copy paste premium Henri IV with the older reload speed and the acceleration.
  11. CaptainWayne

    Camouflage Design Contest – King of the Sea

    @ENFrostburn Damn that's a very aesthetic camouflage man. Id love to see this for Halloween 2020 or maybe the World Biology day.
  12. CaptainWayne

    Warning for server shut downs

    I saw the notification in the wargaming launcher from 18th evening, Since its not a mainline update which takes 3 hours to implement in the server, It was not as prominently shown I think. they took it down for 1 hour, is live now.
  13. CaptainWayne

    Submarines are Coming

    WG needs to further split the Random Battles into 2 parts- One with subs, One without I personally Support the idea of having submarines, its perfectly fine to have more naval classes involved but so many in a single battle WILL BE CHAOTIC. Submarines will not be able to get along in missions with Capture points- Epicentre/Domination/Standard We got to have a new mission model. Something not having Capture Points. DDs will Now have more work to do swaying from the mission objective.- A separate "convoy mode pvp" which was teased sounds perfect solution to this. Also it will give players more reason to play the unique French destroyer line, (insanely fast DDs able to get inside the submarine last spot circles and drop depth charges) and Friesland which will Evolve into perfect Sub Hunters (along with UK Top tier dds too). CV participation in the "desired mode" having Depth charge carrying Patrol Aircrafts swapped for the Bomber Squadron would be nice aswell. Sometimes I equip Defensive AA Consumable(swapping out Hydro) and I dont find a single CV for back to back 10 matches. Now If they make New Anti Submarine consumables swappable with hydro/defensive AA/ Radar and I equip it on my dd and dont find a match with a sub, That would be S A D. Just make a Split to Random Battles WG. I am looking forward to participate in the open tests and am also saving for the tier X U450i.
  14. CaptainWayne

    Am i the only one that crashes constantly??

    I thought I was the only one xd. after 0.8.7 went live I am also experiencing tons of Crashes with WG Critical Error text. I had a couple of camoflage mods running, thought that they were causing trouble, removed them from res_mods. Problem still persists. I hardly got any crashes before 0.8.7, Also My threadripper +GTX 1060 can handle anything I play on ultra. I played For 8 hours Yesterday, WG critical error occurred 3 times.
  15. They said pre-requisites will be the DD line and SUB line will start from Tier VI (so that everyone knows Torpedo gameplay) so maybe research both german and Us DD line uptil tier VI