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  1. CaptainEdmond

    New Content Ideas

  2. CaptainEdmond

    ST - Submarines

    I cant wait for this BADBOI. Start making collabs. We need Ars nova Submarines XD
  3. CaptainEdmond

    New Content Ideas

    There are other things, that I wrote too but you guys are too busy to teach me the difference between cruisers and "battlecruisers" and which section of knowledgeable playerbase I Insulted.
  4. CaptainEdmond

    New Content Ideas

    Im not asking any missile guided ships to be added but how much time does it take to refit them with Gun turrets, WG do that sometimes, right?
  5. CaptainEdmond

    New Content Ideas

    There was no "other" Moskva Built in russian naval history. So its safe to say the moskva we have ingame as tier 10 Heavy cruiser is a paper ship? also the real missile guided moskva has a long history, but the one ingame is just the project 66 Blueprint based no doubt.
  6. CaptainEdmond

    New Content Ideas

    I always thought about what new content WARGAMING may be upto everyday to improve the game further, and thought Why not state some of the stuff which I Look forward to. 1. German High Tier Premium Battleship : Lately I personally feel that the German BB line is suffering from not having a tier IX/X premium. ( I know Battlecruiser Siegfried is coming) but battleship line in general needs a Heavy Slow turning "glass cannon" with high accuracy (like Ohio/Pobeda/Georgia). A) H44 Class Super Battleships Can be a thing > If H44 is too big in terms of size H43 or previous ones almost same size of GK can be looked into. 2. More Varied Customisation Options : A) Personal "pennant" customisation (NOT FLAG), with symbols and insignias which already ingame. B) The Option to Colour certain areas of the ship (I know if this will make its way into the game, then certain people will make pink Hulls and eye cancer ships) So, to counter that maybe have 3-4 Premade selectable Scheme colours. EXAMPLE - i) HULL colour - Red rusted, Brown, Dark Military Green(for Uk ship alternate colour matching) Dark Navy/Prussian rusted blue (for USN ships alternate Colour matching) ii) Smoke colour Customisation - Maybe bring back ARP ships smoke effects / New FX for smoke purchase with doubloons / research bureau currency iii) Custom Plated anchors (GOLD/Chrome/Bronze/Rusted) For achievements earned on a ship iv) Aircraft Visual Customisation for CV (cause why not, No one would say no to more visual uniqueness) Premade options to select Country Related symbols on the wings of the plane Can be a thing like Bee Logo on USN Fighter aircrafts and bombers, Rising flag/GOJIRA logo on Japanese fighters v) CV Runway Themes (asphalt dark/Yellow centrelines on grey runway/red) , Very Small Custom LIGHTS on Starboard and Portside furthest ends like they have on real aircraft carriers ^^ Note - These can actually be a way for players to spend their excess Free XP/ Research bureau points in a nice way C) Unique Commanders Can be released With their Unique EMBLEM / Insignia / Base Patch. 3. If The AA reinforcement Sector works out in update 0.8.7 > maybe we can expect some premium Russian Carrier like Admiral Kuznetsov or paper ships made into russian CV line. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuznetsov-class_aircraft_carrier 4. And I know its really hard for Wargaming to procure the Historically Accurate Blueprints and Info and hire historians to know a ship like the back of their hand before adding to a game, I would still like to suggest 7 interesting ships : A) USS Saratoga - USN CV T VIII B) USS Long Beach - USN CA T IX C) German Hermann Schoemann Z7 - German Tier VIII/Tier IX https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_destroyer_Z7_Hermann_Schoemann D) IJN AKAGI - JAP CV T VIII E) French Battleship Strasbourg - T IX premium after Jean bart goes out of Armory https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_battleship_Strasbourg F) ^already mentioned^ Admiral Kuznetsov - Premium Russian CV T VIII or why not as the first Premium T X CV in game. G) ^already mentioned^ H44 Battleship - Premium German BB T X Premium so that It can be "COAL/STEEL/Free Xp/Research Bureau Points" Ship / Tech Tree Branch split (which is a Herculean Task to do XD) Have a nice day.
  7. I Will not farm Entire Lines of tier Xs again if its only +15%hp for BB and everything on the chart. I will ( as many of the veterans will, too) if we get 1. Steel for researching again 2. New Camos unlocked at every repeating ship stage 3. Emblems for the mastery in the ships 4. 2-3 Flags mounting on the tech tree line which I have researched 3 times 5. lesser post-battle servicing cost 6. More credit and near to premium benifits (not free xp though cause that'd be unfair right? But more XP and More credits after all we researched it 3 times over.) This could workout very well or could backfire so hard that the game will lose tons of veterans. There is nothing in between. But good luck Devs. I have faith in you. Dont dissapoint us. Have a nice day.
  8. CaptainEdmond

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    Thank you for responding, have a nice day ahead.
  9. CaptainEdmond

    RESULTS – Battle of the Philippine Sea

    Cannot see Team points? I know leaderboard will not be available but atleast we should be able to see how much points we are at.I dont see any banner in game too. Is the event in progress yet?