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  1. motor_g_b

    Game play is broken for me

    When you spawn and someone starts shooting you, the horns are blasting and the chat is constantly screaming Setasmokescreen,prividefiresupport,Ineedinteligencedata,Wilko and not long after managing to destroy a few enemy ships perhaps hold a flank "Your the last one" echo's in your ears, Random and Co-op and Scenario poor old Raptor is screwed fgs ( The Bots revenge), Interesting times to say the least, at least it makes me look a bit better than usual, enjoy Folks On the upside, Soo Many new Customers
  2. motor_g_b

    Viribus Unitis: Not garbage at all

    I pretty much agree with that, I like playing the old Dreadnought types and it's just a bit of fun, ( CV's Permitting) but she was retro-fitted with AA guns in 1915 and her torpedo tubes would be "Interesting to say the least, but I would take the T3 cruisers and Destroyers over the Battleships to be honest just for the fun factor St Louis being my favourite
  3. motor_g_b

    Premium Shop: Cruiser Mainz

    As a way for someone to test a ship before buying spending some credits makes sense if you can choose not gamble. Paying for ships no longer available is just rubbing your nose in it just my opinion'
  4. motor_g_b

    Lion is just utter Trash

    I found this very informative Folks, I first ground out the German BB line and then alternated with the Royal Navy and IJN line I got to HMS Lion just as WG announced they were going to screw them over with the raised citadel (Probably Someone had Fun playing it)I just thought it.. Reading this I don't think I made the wrong choice having thrown some coal at HMS Thunderer I think I'll stick with that. Just on the subject of Royal Navy Battleships Where did the 72 second turret traverse idea come from fgs in reality they were faster than some of the in game rivals. if it was to counter balance German accuracy then that is no longer relevant unless it's because when the Royal Navy lent the Russian Navy HMS Sovereign it cams back with the turrets seized up due to rust and they thought that's how they were supposed to be
  5. motor_g_b

    Armada: Mainz

    Did you read the post I did call it a glass cannon and it is after all not a compulsory purchase,, but the quip about the takeaway seemed to vex you a little, You say you order your take away from Just Eat to assure quality, You did not see, the TV documentary on Just Eat and Deliveroo then? you knock yourself out Dude and enjoy, I on the other hand do order mine from outlets with a food standards agency 5 star rating where the newly added system Just Eat have installed (Post Documentary) only enables you to choose a minimum of 3 stars only the rest is a gamble. I am also not sat at home alone plying WOW's I do have a family and would not dream of ordering myself a take away and leave them without,(Hence £30) perhaps others would I don't. anyway You Stay Safe and I hope you feel more calm and relaxed after your little rant Maybe get a take away
  6. motor_g_b

    Viribus Unitis: Not garbage at all

    A ship I was looking forward to getting but didn't due to the complete lack of AA and the Infestation of the lower tiers with CV's, not the original ships fault it's like Dreadnought and a few more designed before aircraft could just about stagger into the air and dropped into battle with 1930's Aircraft Carriers and given no real defence, WG have to make up their minds Strict Reality or Fantasy running with both in the same game is not viable, AA would have been easy to add without stretching things to far, fgs if WG can invent a large part of a whole nations fleet what's a few heavy machine guns going to hurt at T5, Good Luck and Respect to anyone that plays the VU and for that matter HMS Dreadnought, But I'm never going to pay cash for any thing that's added into any game that gets a built in disadvantage over Free Stuff it makes no sense to me at all.
  7. motor_g_b

    Armada: Mainz

    In the UK it costs £31ish about the same as other T8 Cruisers and it's not compulsory to buy it, I can thing of some T8 tech tree cruisers that would chew it up so I can't see a problem.. Anyone who buys it and expects a Prinz Eugen is going to be in for a shock as she's a bit of a Glass Cannon and has no heal, But it's Fun for less than the price of a Dodgy Takeaway and it won't make you ill
  8. motor_g_b

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    If you find something good let me know No Zombies, CV's or loot boxes though
  9. motor_g_b

    Holy Molly, WOWS Blitz has better PvE than WOWS

    Interesting indeed but alas WG won't listen, a pity really but that's how they roll nowadays,, being able to do missions etc would be so interesting, missions as a perhaps a Clan Challenges as well could be a nice change, you could add a separate section for players to hurl abuse at each other as well but make that optional please
  10. motor_g_b

    Improving immersion

    Now that is one thing WG do excel at, most of the updates have had graphic improvements in them, I always look forward to seeing those, but has as been said the game does tend to lag a bit but I put that down to my graphics card
  11. motor_g_b

    ST - German aircraft carriers, Z-35

    Another set of Great Big Nails for the WOW's Coffin Lid.
  12. motor_g_b

    ST - Changes to test ships

    Another sit and scratch your A** while a target slips away reload, I'll pass on that pile of then, It annoys me enough on the Lenin. But I do have all the calmness and patients of a Wasp 1.Copy 2.Paste 3.Nerf
  13. motor_g_b

    Clan Brawl

    I'd got into my head that Carriers were not allowed in Clan battles, obviously I was wrong, No respite there then
  14. motor_g_b

    Update April Fools' Day

    Ok thank's four the info
  15. motor_g_b

    A Co-op only clan

    I know how you feel, I've had some life changing operations after a freak accident plus a transplant, sometimes the prescription pain killers slow me down badly and Co-op is a god send for me, screwing up in PVP can be a little upsetting I hate letting my team down and the abuse is prolific but hey I managed rank one on my ggod days in 1 v 1 so Happy Enough... Keep Playing Dude