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  1. motor_g_b

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    I tend towards expecting pretty much bgr all I'm not usually far off with that estimate, I think I've missed the WOW's glory days my last ship in a box was the Glorious T5 Montewhatsit..So Anyway Good Luck Folks, Have a Great Christmas and New Year and I wish everyone a Container with the ship of your dreams waiting inside
  2. motor_g_b

    Blyskawica the 303 cammo won't install.

    I tried steps 1 and 2 without any luck my friend Step 3 would probably have as much success as finding an honest politician in th UK so went to step 4 waved goodbye to the coal and used the credits from the sale to get the Jervis. Thank's again for your help guys MGB
  3. motor_g_b

    Blyskawica the 303 cammo won't install.

    I use the official MOD station, not clude up on filters Folks I have come across the historic ships settings on the bottom right corner and tried altering things to no avail though
  4. The Blyskawica 303 cammo won't install, no problems with the standard and Polish Eagle both mount ok, the notification says it's installed it but it must be very good camouflage because I can't see it one the ship, Any ideas please folks?