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  1. Maris_Piper


    Well I blame Wargambling fro soo many Dumb A** Ideas, Cash Grabs and General Incompetence in Game Management but Alas I can't blame them for Myself and Others being Crap Players
  2. Having been on the ship a few times I thought some may find this of interest. The adds are a pain in the A** but Hey, You Tube
  3. Maris_Piper

    Let us block one Operation

    I have not played WoW's for a while is it still the case you can't choose your mission unless in a division, the last time I gave it a go I just kept getting Aegis and gave up I don't mind so much which one I get but I like to choose the ship to suit the miszion
  4. Maris_Piper

    The potencial future of WOWS

    The Future of WoW's, an interesting concept indeed, I suppose it will limp on till the new victim players stop getting suckered in or maybe the gaming laws finally put paid to their marketing methods either way I unlinked my pay account on the release of submarines and it's stayed that way. if I start to backslide I just watch a few video's to see what BS Wargaming is trying to foist off on the player base and back down to earth I come.
  5. Maris_Piper

    Sunlit Fair

    Awesome and soo Apt
  6. Maris_Piper

    Sunlit Fair

    Ahh the Annual Scummy Cash Grab Christmas Event , I'd wondered when this years would arrive, It's sort of a Weasel Gee Tradition Ho ing Ho
  7. Maris_Piper

    General Submarines related discussions

    Just watched Mountbatten playing that piece of junk cruiser in the dockyard, he couldn't catch up with the marine to drop the depth charges on it PMSL we're so past Arcade and full into Circus Mode, Oh for a good Warship Game
  8. Maris_Piper

    [Poll] How many "Black" ships do you have in port?

    Scharnhorst B Asashio B Sims B And from somewhere an Atlanta B flag I think the Sims was a freebie, there won't be anymore added. I'm just waiting for WeeGee to foist Black marines on us next, they'd try to monetize used toilet paper if they could
  9. I stopped playing Operations when my choice of what to play as a lone player was taken away, I did give it a try even as recent as last weekend and got sick of seeing Aegis so back to it Mode and No Mans Sky
  10. The question why do we need Cammo's is so easy to answer WeeGee, We Don't Anymore and it was your Dumb Idea to make it so, If someone wants to play the game looking like a Christmas Tree fine by me the one's I have ( that don't look stupid) stay on the ship No Way in Hell am I buying Worthless Pixels or for that matter anything in this Sub Infested Car Crash Game anymore.
  11. Maris_Piper

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier X Ships

    I usually enjoy 1 v 1 for a laugh but this is just to much of a grind to get anything worth having, basically typical WG's mobile game ethic
  12. The whole thing has become just like the game as a whole a stale cash grab, originality and creativity traded for gimmicks and mind numbing repetition a mobile game for PC.
  13. Maris_Piper

    Soviet Submarines — Closed Testing 0.11.10 (DB 382)

    The insanity just spreads like a Slime Mould inexorably eating any fun left in the game, Sad Times Indeed
  14. Maris_Piper

    Soviet Submarines — Closed Testing 0.11.10 (DB 382)

    And the Special Submarine Operation grinds on and on and on with Wargaming spouting the same old rubbish in a vain attempt to convince Who I wonder, after all I won't be out of a job when the game dies and I'm having way more fun fighting the Sentinels in NMS than this ridiculously broken class in what was once a great game. Sad Times Indeed.
  15. Maris_Piper

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.10

    Please Yourselves WeeGee tbh You do anyway, Sickmarines = Wallet Closed to your antics, When I read ""Battle Pass" I had a forlorn hope it meant I could Pass playing against your Sub infestations, Oh Well PS, Player Numbes are dropping then, What a Shock