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  1. It Has Crap , Sorry SAP WTF Just give it proper Artillery and a Proper reload, The Dev Blog is getting like Looney Tunes, every thing is a Gimmick wrapped in a Joke, What happened to Good Solid Ships that resemble Historical Facts even the Soviet Ships have a basis in History. and they really did have good guns
  2. Be careful what you wish for Mate, Cheshire, Bollox 43 you know they Hate the Royal Navy
  3. Copy Nerf Paste, Same Old, Same Old, I shudder to think what the reload of the Alsace Clone is, Someone Pleeease tell me it's not another 40 second up
  4. Maris_Piper

    Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor Trailer

    I don't mind who Narrates it as long as the researchers has done their jobs and the facts are correct, I also like it when War Gaming takes a step or two back from the Cash Register and gives us a peak at the Old WG.
  5. Maris_Piper

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    I'm afraid some people sit there in a WG T-Shirt and attack anyone who falls from the true path, your lucky you didn't get a Chart or Graph
  6. Maris_Piper

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    You get nothing unless you have the original ship, the missions are NOT for the B's I was going to go for the Cossack and Atlanta using the Ship restore to get them back for the missions but alas Good Old WG scuppered my plan screwing up the restore facility, never mind it cost them money and me none. Ce'st la Vie
  7. Maris_Piper

    Black Friday: Discounts of up to 40%!

    It's just WG 2020, I didn't realise last years were available so I bought the Scharnhorst i would have bought the captain but not available. You know for one of the worst money grabbing games companies I've ever come across they do miss some tricks , Anyway that's my RNG in the gutter again, I'd best step away from the containers
  8. Maris_Piper

    black friday

    IMO there are some good offers to be had, my only problem is I have all the ships so it's a lot to shell out on something because it's Black no matter how cool it looks, I know I wont be able to get a black cammo as it's a money spinner for WG, Never mind but I really hate the JB's stock cammo it looks like a ing Deck Chair.
  9. Maris_Piper

    Uss Oklahoma

  10. Maris_Piper

    CV idea number 12345 - damage scaling

    It is the Eternal Hope of Humanity that Someone Will Listen, And I don't think that Dream will begin it's realisation in an office in Saint Petersburg where Money is God and Dollars are Angels My Friend Off to the CV Thread I Think
  11. Maris_Piper

    Weekly Combat Missions: Thanksgiving Day

    Something for Nothing, I'll always take that and I'm well past expecting anything earth shattering. So I'll say Thank You to WG Lighten up Guys Think Socks at Christmas!
  12. Maris_Piper

    Developer Bulletin for Updates 0.9.11–0.9.12

    For me personally the whole Christmas thing in 2020 is just a non starter, I did the last two Dockyard events but the ships were imo nothing great, The Hizen to me just seems Terrible and another Glacial Reload so no I'm not even going there WG can do the crappy reload Premiums all they want I for one have Zero intentions of giving any money for the up things. The poor Strasbourg seems to have suffered badly at the hands of the Devs and has become a virtual copy past of the Dunkerque with a really poor reload booster. (Why does WG now make event ships so Garbage nowadays?) some silly event for tach tree ships with cammo's and of course Snowflakes at least there is something I want there. So all in all WG's Christmas/New Year event sums up the rest or their year for me. Total Meh!
  13. Maris_Piper

    Uss Oklahoma

    Well I finally got enough duplicates to get the poor thing, I really think the Graphics/Art department have smashed it again it looks really nice sat in my port, such a pity that will be all it does 10/10 for the looks, not even going there with the Devs input. I just look at it and think why did they bother
  14. Maris_Piper

    Single Game Client

    No it wasn't, I was just going to start afresh and play with some old friends I've chalked a large F on the plan now, we've gone else where ,,,But Thank's.
  15. Maris_Piper

    black friday

    I Have or have had all the Black Friday ships, It would have made WG a nice little earner to sell the Black Cammo's but no way am I buying the whole ship because of the colour, I mean look at the dopey Gothic mess for Bismark £14+ gbp and no economic advantage, Great if you can get away with it ,and they can keep any RNG antics Thank You Very Much.