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  1. SSGdoncollier

    RADAR JAM Device

    9 and 10 km radars are not that problematic.
  2. SSGdoncollier

    RADAR JAM Device

    I think 12 km radars are overpowered. If 2 or more Russian radars are among enemy team, I cant relocate my DD. After running from 1 radar, other 12 km radar catch me in WTF situation.
  3. SSGdoncollier

    Should I play Yamato this way...?

    Using islands is not hiding. It's very useful in cases like 1 vs 3.
  4. SSGdoncollier

    Delete account 2

    When will we see delete account 3?
  5. SSGdoncollier

    AFK solo warrior

    Sorry to say that it's your fault. You gave all base points to enemy. And lost the game to afk player.
  6. SSGdoncollier

    How many Russian Cruisers?

    Good will about glorious Russia. But you can't save yourself from GULAG.
  7. SSGdoncollier

    Can we get rid of the map Island of Ice already?

    Tears of cruisers I cant imagine smolensk has tears
  8. SSGdoncollier

    GK or Kremlin

    Thx for explanation smart guy
  9. SSGdoncollier

    GK or Kremlin

    Kremlin, but it needs a nerf.
  10. SSGdoncollier

    How would you buff the destroyers?

    Are u playing low or high tier? Because it is very hard to secure caps against 4-5 high tier radar cruisers.
  11. SSGdoncollier

    How would you buff the destroyers?

    Are you joking by saying that DDs are second most powerful class? It is a joke, right?
  12. SSGdoncollier

    This game is a mess

    Thx for your suggestion
  13. SSGdoncollier

    This game is a mess

    Ok you are great marksman and smolensk never get overpenetrated.
  14. SSGdoncollier

    This game is a mess

    I was talking about BB caliber guns, not your bloody hindy
  15. SSGdoncollier

    This game is a mess

    You can kill smolensk after hundreds of overpenetrations unless she killed you already