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  1. Where is the contradiction? Pls delete your post.
  2. My suggestion is that CV tier should be lower or equal to other ships tier. CV never ever ever should not be top tier.
  3. SSGdoncollier

    Delete post please! Got my answers, case closed!:)

    if you reroll you will see same stats again because you have to learn to play. Your issue isnot like "Well i have good WR in late games but i have bad results from my starter games so i have to reroll to make overall stats good again" So your issue and only issue is L2P.
  4. SSGdoncollier

    Delete post please! Got my answers, case closed!:)

    No offense but you have to learn to play. Look your T10 stats. 760 match %46.7 WR 686 PR 0.53 kill 61800 damage Very serious L2P issue here. You played T10 BB and these results??? These BBs have 100k Hp and your damage 60k??? What are u thinking when opening this post???
  5. SSGdoncollier

    Enemy self-kill after taking a dev strike

    At the same time, azuma shot or torp his teammate and reflected damage killed him.
  6. SSGdoncollier

    legal and ethics?

  7. SSGdoncollier

    What is the point of light cruisers?

    I don't agree with you. CL are far better than CA. Light cruisers produces rain of shells in a few seconds unlike heavy ones. In Taşkent case, don't follow that little pesky DD. If you follow that bastard, as you said, you can't hit him but he can hit you very easily. So let him follow you instead. When detected, pop radar, spot that little sh.t and maybe kill him. It's the only viable option. In case of Seattle, it's not a strong ship imo. Use free xp and buy Wooster which is a smolensk with radar but no smoke. You will love it.
  8. SSGdoncollier

    Give Karma an actual purpose

    @The_Monk said once Ive been reported/downvoted for: - Playing bad (obviously) - Playing a CV (oh man havent I just) - Playing a radar cruiser (f...ing radars) - Playing a hydro cruiser (f...ing hydros) - Playing a DD (f...ing DDs) - Playing a BB (f...ing BBs) - Playing a premium (f...ing P2W) - Setting an enemy ship on fire 4 times in a row - Killing someone - Not killing someone - Missing a shot (f...ing useless idiot) - Hitting a shot (f...ing kill stealer) - Colliding with another ship - Pushing agressively - Not pushing aggresively - Beeing critical in chat - Not beeing critical in chat (telling everybody currently raging to cool it) - Playing whatever ship is the most hated ship of the month (This is NOT an exhaustive list by no stretch of the imiganiation, just a small sample) ... you get the idea. The whole system is laughable. People will literally report anyone that doesnt conform to their own preferences, or make simple mistakes we all do. You can even report players on the opposing team ffs.Here is
  9. SSGdoncollier

    Why do I hate Nagato so much? or does she hate me?

    Sell your nagato and buy amagi you will love it.
  10. SSGdoncollier

    A different approach to balancing Kremlin

    I appreciate your efforts making game more balanced but.... NOW GO TO GULAG
  11. SSGdoncollier

    Who designed this map?

    It has nothing to do with map design. You gave all caps to enemy until end of the game. What do you expect???
  12. SSGdoncollier

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Here is an idea. New upgrade should be in percentage values like %40-50 buff to torpedoe detection. If it replaces concealment module then vigilance should be an alternative to concealment captain skill so it should require 4 point skill and again buffing its value %40-50. Finally if you use both upgrade and skill, you can get %80-100 buff to your torpedoe detection. % percentage upgrade will give more balance between different variety of torpedoes(slow, fast, deep water) than standard 1.8 km detection one.
  13. SSGdoncollier

    Isoroku yamamoto

    YAMA-mo-TO Is that clear?