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  1. Logan_MountStuart

    Unintended Random Brawls Mode

    Now I also would have no issue with that at all and you are not wrong!!! I just wish they would sort something in the game, like MM, instead of just throwing more and more stuff at it that make it worse and worse and cost more and more.
  2. Logan_MountStuart

    Unintended Random Brawls Mode

    Someone in a a battle said he had 1v1! Seems to be using Superships but it says an awful lot that the MM Is so terribly broken that it cannot even cope with this addition.
  3. Logan_MountStuart

    Unintended Random Brawls Mode

    Getting worse, this is on a stream... 2 v 2
  4. Logan_MountStuart

    Unintended Random Brawls Mode

    3 v 3 matches this morning, thanks WG really appreciate the time and effort you put into emptying our wallets, er, em, sorry, improving the game coding and development. Happened three times now.
  5. Logan_MountStuart

    New Supership CV Announced

    You are not wrong.
  6. Logan_MountStuart

    New Supership CV Announced

    With Wargaming announcing new Superships today and introducing Carriers that are essentially Tier 11 and above, let's see what they said when they first introduced Superships. Dear oh dear oh dear.
  7. Logan_MountStuart

    Give us more COAL from resource boxes

    Well I looked back and over the last 100 Resource crates: 5 x 1200 coal 21 x 800 coal 74 x 400 coal December 2020, when I was still grinding for coal: 6 x 1200 coal 19 x 800 coal 75 x 400 coal That's a negligible change if any. WG are guilty of many things but I'm not seeing this one as an issue.
  8. Logan_MountStuart

    Give us more COAL from resource boxes

    Got 2 x 800 coal Resource Containers yesterday, so I personally see no change. And, if they were to suddenly make Resource Containers more generous how exactly should long term players who slogged their way through to obtain coal ships feel?
  9. Logan_MountStuart

    Survivability expert skill fix/change in mechanics

    Yet another sign of how they have allowed the game to disintegrate over the last couple of years, let's not fix a bug, let's try and incorporate it. They have spent so much time trying to add things, mainly to increase revenue, that they have allowed the core game to fracture. A sad day.
  10. Logan_MountStuart

    New Boo Emblem

    I suspect, considering what Jingle's opinion of WG is these days, that there is a snowball in hell's chance of him wanting this to happen. Sad, once upon a time it would have been a really nice thing, but not these days.
  11. Logan_MountStuart

    A Note of Appreciation for Wargaming

    Really just wanted to, briefly, show some love for Wargaming having sent me an email with a code for 3 Camos to use in game. Oh yes, slight issue with that... First time of asking and this is the message, thanks anyway but you needn't have bothered chaps.
  12. Logan_MountStuart

    If you uninstalled, leave a comment

    For a long time I thought the complainers and moaners were over the top, I even thought the Makarov situation was blown out of all proportion and smacked of entitlement from many, how wrong I was, and WG have proven everything they said correct. But, repeated "communication errors", increasingly invasive monetisation, constant exposure to loot boxes and continuingly adding content which is detrimental to the game, and then the Developer's attitude, well, a Senior Developer mainly, to both the playerbase, and those who promoted the game and continually approached him with ideas and thoughts which were representative of a sensible majority of the playerbase to ensure the game maintained standards and commons sense. It is clear that just about everything that came from that person was "sub-truthful" and it's a sad state of affairs.
  13. Logan_MountStuart

    Superships - Tier 11 incoming?

    I spent a long time defending WG. The Xmas bundle issue for example, wasn't, in my opinion, a huge deal as they stated it was "a chance" of earning ships and people overreacted but I have rapidly realised I was wrong and it was symptomatic of the game's demise coming from within. Waterline should be renamed Shitshow!
  14. Logan_MountStuart

    Schlieffen, Dubs Raffle for Early Access

    But as mentioned earlier, you still need to buy the Dubs before bidding, so you spend on 30k/40k/50k Dubs with no guarentee of return. Not saying it's not clever of WG, but it's designed to take advantage of idiots.
  15. Logan_MountStuart

    Schlieffen, Dubs Raffle for Early Access

    They are still idiots mind you, and it seems the prediction is 65k-75k, madness!