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  1. Logan_MountStuart

    Massachusetts RIP

    Have to agree with the comments that say the demise of secondary Massachusetts has been greatly exaggerated. Still incredibly potent and shredding DDs at will, but too many people have opinions gathered from ONE day of playing under the new conditions, maybe if things are bad after a month then it's an issue, but of course no one tested the changes when they had the opportunity and are still surprised their favourite streamer doesn't like them.
  2. Logan_MountStuart

    Proof WG did this rework for profit not balance.

    Well, previously you dismissed a commander and he just went, no option at that point to redeem anything for Cmd XP, something that hasn't changed. But if you have more money than sense, and decide to spend dubloons to gain that extra 2 points, which don't really make a massive difference in the game, a good player with a 15pt Captain will still be better than a poor player with 21pts, then you are exactly what any Company are looking for, better the money in their pocket than yours!!! .
  3. Absolutely no reason to spend cash or excess Dubs on the rework, but, yet again, there will be some who are so desperate to gain what they see as an advantage who spend money on minimal skill differences. People often forget the changes affect everyone, and while there is definitely the possibility it makes some game play worse, it's the same for everyone.
  4. Logan_MountStuart


    After opening 35 Gift containers that were obtained in game, 19 Big containers purchased, and 3 Mega containers obtained in game, I had dropped Massachusetts, Lenin, Orkan and Indianapolis. Pretty happy, ah who am I kidding, smug as anything with the Massachusetts drop, although I have Massa B. And then, with the very, very final Big container, the 20th of those purchased, there it is, the mid-tier Soviet super-cruiser Makarov!!!
  5. Logan_MountStuart

    ARRGGHHH !!!

    Standard battle is possibly the mode that betrays the stupidest and idiotic players in the game. Not everyone can be great all the time, we all make mistakes, but time and time again you see what the OP described, a group of ships sailing up the 1, 2, 9 or 10 line, sniping across at fewer opposition numbers and dying one by one, while 1 or 2 guys try to defend the base against 4 or 5 of the opposition who have strolled up the middle unmolested. On the rare occasion they make it to the other base, having been asked to help defend the base multiple times they sit smugly in the opposition base capping while failing to note everyone else in the team is dead and their own base is much further down the road to falling. The you have others who sit in the opposition cap while your own is almost gone and tell you in in-game chat "we'll come back and defend after we've capped..............!" How stupid can you be at T7, 8 or 9 with hundreds and/or thousands of battles behind you not to know how the mode works? (You may have noticed this is a particular gripe of mine, rant rant rant! )
  6. Logan_MountStuart

    Some players...

    Too many players subscribe religiously to the "reddit says CVs ruin the game for everyone", without knowing the facts. Overpowered is being confused with omnipotent, 2 very different descriptions. Are CVs strong, some overpowered in some situations, undoubtedly. Can they dominate both sides of a map at the same time and do everything other players want, not a chance. The hatred of a class of ship in a digital pixel game leading to abuse of other players just trying to enjoy a different method of playing is embarrassing and childish.
  7. Logan_MountStuart


    With the lack of awareness, common sense or knowledge of the mode by the regular standard battle player, just sit near your own cap and you are guaranteed the chance to get very close to a dozen defended ribbons, mainly as your team dies one by one while attacking up the A line.
  8. Logan_MountStuart

    Clan Tags and -Bonuses gone for all?

    Similar experience here, I'm keeping a spreadsheet, yes I know it's sad, of drops and bonuses to calculate whether I can afford one of the disappearing ships in 10.1 and last night I received part of my coal bonus but not all, this morning, the numbers do add up. We do forget at times how complex a lot of the coding must be behind the scenes although I suspect it has become bloated and some of it unnecessary but a full rewrite would be a massive job.
  9. Logan_MountStuart

    Don't play if you can't handle EPICENTRE!!!

    Never has anyone spoken a truer word!
  10. Logan_MountStuart

    Don't play if you can't handle EPICENTRE!!!

    Epicentre can indeed be a miserable mode, OP proved that, but sometimes Standard can be even worse. Three guys push and push and eventually get into the opposition base failing to note the other 9 in the team are all dead having have killed 11 of the opposition even though outnumbered and our base is being capped by the sole DD left alive in the match. You ask why they kept pushing when their presence would likely have helped us win easily and you get "we'll come back and kill him once we've capped." They genuinely had no idea that the first team to cap wins, they thought the game just continued with points racking up. Now sure we can even blame WG for that one, but seeing it worries me as to how these people get dressed in the morning.
  11. Logan_MountStuart

    Chat server/armoury solution

    It might just have been nice timing with the servers finally getting fixed but I think we should appreciate someone trying hard and having an idea how to make things a little better for all. Well done sir.
  12. Logan_MountStuart

    Worst Team I've ever Met in Narai

    I played Narai on Saturday for the first time in months as I'm grinding Nagato. Bizarrely, and I apologise for this, the team that turned up was probably the best I've ever seen in that operation. We absolutely wiped the floor with the AI and landed every single troop ship and troops. One guy went south and ended with 12 kills, 2 guys went north and we dispatched the CV before he even got around the top island, it was unbelievably good play. I may never go back though as I suspect only disappointment now awaits!!!
  13. CVs don't bother me much at all but I think the OP is spot on, it's not a massive nerf to them but it is fair. (Fair, therefore unlikely to happen! :) )
  14. Logan_MountStuart

    Snowflakes ❄ REWARDS

    Can you make them Chesapeake Blue Crabs, absofeckinglutely delicious!!!
  15. Logan_MountStuart

    Snowflakes ❄ REWARDS

    People unhappy at getting something for nothing is always a puzzle to me.