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  1. I still find it bewildering that some don't understand how this game works now. It is purely and simply a money grabbing game now, there will be no commander resets as asked for in another thread, there will be fewer flags available from now on as part of this economic rework either, unless you are willing to PAY for them or GAMBLE on loot boxes which may or may not provide you with some in game trinkets. They cannot fix bugs, they cannot balance the game, they cannot resist throwing more and more gamble content into the game, I'm sorry but it expecting anything civil and generous from WG is naive, it's not happening.
  2. Logan_MountStuart

    You can only get one response a day from WG Support

    Sorry, there are many things to criticise WG for and detest about how they run the game, but they have never limited Support responses to one per day.
  3. Logan_MountStuart

    Ruckus - Rollbacks and refunds

    Yes we know there are other threads about this but they are falling off the front page and this information is buried deep into the responses.
  4. Logan_MountStuart

    Ocean map balans...serious business!

    If that's a joke then I will be impressed, it's a degree of humour long since gone from WG. I don't believe it though and I suspect not many others will either.
  5. Logan_MountStuart

    Why players on eu .......

    Thought I might be able give a reasonable and sensible answer to a question about gameplay, but if the question cannot be answered in such a manner then a response cannot be offered.
  6. Logan_MountStuart

    Submarines, time to cancel them?

    No chance they are binned, in fact they will soon be released fully, premiums will be made available and new tech trees will be made available to obtain through early access by spending more money.
  7. Logan_MountStuart

    Are higher tier ships always this expencive to purchase?

    This is part of the problem in the game these days. Newer players expect a free, or at least a quick and cheap, ride to Tier 9 and 10, and then Supershits, without learning how to play properly, working their way through the Tiers and the changes that happen at certain levels and actually realising how ships work, how to play them and, most importantly, HOW TO PLAY AGAINST THEM!
  8. Logan_MountStuart

    Interaction with submarines is still pathetic.

    It's now 3 years since Submarines were introduced initially, Summer 2019. They have been buffed and nerfed and buffed and nerfed and buffed and nerfed ad infinitum, and yet are no closer to being integrated into the game properly. Obviously the game must develop, and Submarines are not inherently detrimental to the gameplay, well they shouldn't be, but because the Developers do not play their own game, as we know for a fact, they have no idea how to implement them in any logical way. Mind you, they prove this lack of cognisance in many other ways too, but Submarines, undoubtedly included in future budgeted income, are possibly the hill on which the game is finally killed by it's own creators.
  9. Logan_MountStuart

    Poll: Arms Race vs Epicenter

    Nothing inherently wrong with either, apart from the fundamental failure of many players to understand how the basic principles work and how objectives can determine who wins and loses.
  10. Logan_MountStuart

    Use signals now or after the new economy system update?

    Just be careful that the changes they do eventually make are actually the same as they have described. We have all seen plans released from WG before that have no relation to what they actually introduce.
  11. Logan_MountStuart

    [POLL] Reconnection of the Playerbase with Wargaming.

    Sadly, having seen them treat CC's like dirt, super-testers like children and streamers like pariahs, along with obsessively fleecing the weak and easily influenced members of the playerbase of money for gambling content, I think it is unlikely and that makes me rather sad. The attitude and behaviour does not seem to have changed that much and now they are taking advantage of the easily led by offering early access ships for £170 in the middle of an energy and, particularly in the UK, cost of living crisis, is symptomatic of their disdain and greed. Some will say that no one is forced to finance this greed but following on from a pandemic, lockdowns and the incessant new ship releases of the last 2 years it is taking advantage of those who wish to catch up and fear missing out.
  12. Logan_MountStuart

    More resource container droprates are wonky

    I had a spreadsheet going until I eventually gave up the game about 8 weeks ago and up until then there had been no change in the amount of coal dropping. We've had this idea about 3 times in the last year and each time it seems to be a wee bit of confirmation bias, but do not worry WG have found lots of other ways to ruin the game and reduce benefits for players.
  13. Logan_MountStuart

    My first ever Ranked Game >>>>100% CARRY<<<<

    Not a carry, not first ranked battle, not that impressive, the bridge is calling.
  14. Logan_MountStuart

    Separation of economic bonuses from camos and signals

    Seems initially positive, but we have all been there before. The various contradictions in it make one wonder where exactly it is going, apart from into the bank account of course.
  15. Logan_MountStuart

    Goodbye KotS..?

    A petty, vindictive and cynical attempt to garner publicity for "King of Some of The Seas" amidst declining viewer and player numbers, evidenced by Twitch viewer statistics and WoWS Stats. It's sad how they have systematically tried to kill their own game and are starting to succeed.