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  1. MagicMooby

    CV damage control party

    IIRC Carrier DCP was normal during testing but enemy carriers would just sacrifice one squadron to trigger the Carriers automated DCP and then murder them with DOTs so WG either had to give carriers manual control of their DCP, or they had to buff carrier DCP we all know what happened and as a side effect small calibre guns have become useless against CVs
  2. MagicMooby

    CV damage control party

    God tier AA would make it impossible for CVs to strike each other which isn't the goal the goal is to make the CV the worst possible target for another CV so CVs only strike each other when there is no one left
  3. MagicMooby


    ok now you only play with people who have 50+% WR which means that everyone else is as good as you are which means that your WR will go down maybe even until you reach sub 50% and now you get thrown in with the sub 50% players until you can fight your way back yeah I don't see how that might cause problems and unprecedented amounts of salt
  4. MagicMooby

    Possible german cv line

    Did people forget that Roon exists? You know, the ship that is entirely based on a drawing of a turret? Paper ships are valid, and a german CV line is a real possibility by WGs standards personally, I would love to see more CV variety
  5. MagicMooby

    how to con people out of steel

    Quick questions: If you buy something and it goes on sale 1 week later, do you ask for compensation as well? You still got these ships way earlier than people who buy them for coal, didn't you?
  6. MagicMooby

    Theory about dive bombing with Graf Zeppelin

    The problem with GZ dive bombers is that even if the were reliable (which they aren't) they are hardly worth using You only deal a maximum of 14k damage per drop when even the T6 Ryujo can manage 12.2k with higher reliability most of the time you will only get 1 or 2 drops off even in the best case scenario your overall damage is quite low for T8 meanwhile you rockets are basically Tiny Tims (weaker but you get more of them) making them extremely useful, but they are limited by the planes that carry them your torpedoes are decent at best but you drop 3 of them and your torpedo bombers are very fast No matter how you spin it the DB just aren't that good and you could propably achieve better results by focusing on the rockets and torpedoes I really wish WG would do something about these bombers :/
  7. MagicMooby

    What is the point of light cruisers?

    If AP shells were a bit more useful CAs could be awesome but with the overmatch and bounce system we have in game, only CAs with improved angles or BB sized guns can use AP as their main source of damage until AP becomes a viable choice for CAs, CLs will be better since they are the better HE slingers
  8. MagicMooby

    so i got this devonshire cruiser

    The range upgrade (the one that is normally unlocked with exp) isn't automatically equipped when you get the ship so you can have 14km of range not great but far easier to work with
  9. MagicMooby

    Give Karma an actual purpose

    Maybe we first need an incentive for players to give Karma? What if you get a small reward, lets say 250,000 credits if you spend all your daily compliments? just a thought
  10. MagicMooby

    detection range bug?

    Because firing from stealth behind an island has a couple of very important downsides: -it requires an island to stay behind that you can shoot over. This excludes a number of ships and a number of maps as well -it requires someone to spot for you so you cannot do it on your own -it forces you to stay in 1 spot. Enemies always know roughly where you are and they can avoid or flank you if needed. Your range is also limited and you aren't particularly mobile while doing it Smoke shares some of these weaknesses. Smoke has the added benefit that you can deploy it wherever you want but you only get a few charges with a cooldown between them Stealthfiring had none of these weaknesses which is why it was removed
  11. MagicMooby

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    As far as I understand French BBs experience overpens more often because they were given high pen and shell velocity to make up for their small calibre when firing at cruisers in a French BB you want them to be slightly angled
  12. MagicMooby

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    Well, you started your first post by saying "It should be obvious to most ppl" which is a bit different from "my experiences" so it kinda sounded ike you were making factua statements and it doesn't matter how long you played the game since anything other than cold boring numbers is subject to a number of biases so yes, you kinda do need an excel report since otherwise anything you say can and should be dismissed as confirmation bias
  13. I don't know, let's ask the Z23 that I hit with 4 Lexington bombs in a single drop yesterday
  14. MagicMooby

    Thunderer - The Best Tier X Battleship?

    But in exchange the Thunderer has overmatch and better HE don't get me wrong, the slava was twice the [edited] that the Thunderer is right now I just think that this is the clearest way to show the hypocrisy of the playerbase and some of the CCs
  15. MagicMooby

    Thunderer - The Best Tier X Battleship?

    THIS! Remember the Slava and how much people complained about it? It was basically a hyper accurate Russian BB But people complained so much about it that WG has shelved it since a short while later we get the Thunderer a hyper accurate British BB an the CCs love it you gotta admit, that was a genius move from WG