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  1. MagicMooby

    Some STs Ruining the Games for Others

    A Unicum can make pretty much any ship work a potato is gonna be a potato in every ship neither is very helpful for balancing a ship for the average player if WG wants to know how good a ship is in the hands of the average person then they require a lot of ST of average skill there are a lot of game mechanics that the average person doesn't fully grasp afaik there is also no requirement that says that ST have to play a ship with an optimal build Richthofen was given the tools to work as a secondary ship, so some ST might try to play her as such is that optimal? no but WG encourages it to some degree and the information is still going to be helpful
  2. MagicMooby

    Champagne Seconday build

    Champagne is a T8 BB with T7 armour and T6 HP, an A-X turret layout and secondaries that can't pen let alone hit DDs why would anyone build this ship for secondaries? You have guns that could bring down a GOD who needs secondaries? I swear some people just look at a ship in port and the moment they see a slightly larger number of secs than normal the reptile portion of the brain overrides everything else Rule of thumb: Does the ship have decent survivability and improved secondaries? If no, you don't build for secondaries
  3. MagicMooby

    Ludendorff NERF

    Are people really surprised by that nerf? Pommern had more accurate guns than Alsace while also having actual armour, secs that can pen stuff and torpedoes the nerf was inevitable
  4. MagicMooby

    German CV Buffs

    Richthofen is shaping up to be an... interesting ship it has the armour of an FdG with an armoured flight deck on top and CV DCP furthermore if the WoWs fitting tool is accurate, you can reduce her concealment to ~11km and buff her sec range to ~10.9km imagine that all game long you are harassed by the enemy carrier, and when you finally meet him you find yourself face to face with a Freddy that doesn't burn, spots for himself and showers you with secs the moment you spot him Now I wish I was a supertester
  5. MagicMooby

    Trust in RNGesus?

    About 21% of the playerbase has a poor understanding of randomness and statistics and as such every bad result they experience MUST be an example of targeted manipulation and couldn't possibly be the result of bad RNG, because as we all know the human mind is an infallible, perfectly mathematical machine and immune to any and all biases which would otherwise cloud ones judgement. Nah, that is way too logical we're all on a payroll to convince unsupecting forumites that WeeGe isn't secretly trying to take over the world by making doubloons the only internationally recognized currency now excuse me, I'm gonna take a bath in my WeeGee money
  6. MagicMooby


    replace executive with super
  7. MagicMooby

    Random - Time for change?

    there is a simple problem with such a system: it kind of destroys itself let's assume that players with comparable winrates have comparable levels of skill now let's assume that the chance for a player to win against an equally skilled opponent is roughly 50% what happens now if we put players of similar skill againts each other? their WR is slowly going to approach 50% over time the more extreme brackets would slowly lose their population while the majority of players is moved to the 50% bracket this would either lead to longer waiting times for the outer brackets or it would necessitate MM to balance for team WR by putting an equal amount of good and bad players in the same team which, logically, means that good players will be guaranteed to have a team full of potatoes other games have that players generally hate it you can check the Modern Warfare reddit if you want to see proof of it you would need a more sophisticated ranking system to make it work (like an ELO system) but the problem with these kinds of systems is that they only really work if there is a large number of players in each skill-bracket WoWs doesn't really have a large population even worse is the fact that your typical random match requires no less than 24 players I don't think any such system would work in this game, there are too few players stretched out over too few games for this to work properly however, I do think that there are more realistic measures that WG could take to improve the play experience: this game is severely lacking in tutorials and general player education even just replacing the tutorial videos in-game with the superior "how it works" series on youtube would help a lot furthermore the game could notify you of the existence of the Modstation, actually explain (or even just mention) mechanics like overmatch and it could even display messages when you die that give you hints on how to improve but sadly, WG doesn't seem too interested in that
  8. well for starters the data could be used to determine whether players prefer quick victories with low bxp or long drawn out losses with high bxp there are a lot of very different scenarios to how a battle plays out WG can get all the necessary stats from the server but player satisfaction is something they need to ask us for this is a way to determine which types of battles are most enjoyable for the majority of the playerbase for some people a win is more important than high bxp, for others it's the other way around and for a few players neither has any influence on their enjoyment, they just came to shoot guns and kick sterns in my (naturally biased) experience these surveys tend to pop up after very short games (below 8 min) so I would assume that WG is using this data to determine whether battles should be longer or shorter but whether or not WG actually uses this data this way is anyones guess
  9. MagicMooby

    Asymmetric Battles?

    Wouldn't be the first time we had an asymmetric event gamemode
  10. MagicMooby

    Trust in RNGesus?

    I belief that the RNG in this game is truly fair, meaning that the result is never manipulated to achieve a predetermined outcome I think most players, most humans actually, are just really bad at undertsanding statistics that doesn't mean that people don't know how averages work but rather that they have wrong expectations when reading about averages following thought experiment: let's assume that we place a Colorado and a Cruiser broadside to each other at a distance at which we would statistically expect 1 volley from the Colorado to score 1 citadel hit on the cruiser on average let's assume that we now put a player in charge of the Colorado, tell him the expected result and let him fire our player now fires 4 volleys with no citadel hits and 1 volley with 5 citadel hits (most of which won't show up since most cruisers would die after 3 or so citadel hits) and this string of results is then repeated 100 times our result is perfectly in line with our ecpectations but would the player perceive it that way? If all of his volley against broadside cruisers worked exactly like that, what would he tell his friends? "Colorado is a good ship, at Xkm you can expect 1 citadel per volley on a broadside cruiser!" No, of course not he would say: "Colorado is trash, I fire volley after volley and get nothing but overpens and then when the cruiser is almost dead you get a ton of useless cits!" When people learn about an expected outcome they come to expect said outcome in reality, they should expect large numbers of unexpected outcomes that even out over a large number of attempts
  11. MagicMooby

    4/5 of hits (Shatter, overpen, ricochete)

    maybe I am mistaken, but I always thought that fuzes require a SINGLE layer of armour to have the rquires thickness i.e. one plate of 70mm will arm a shell with a 69mm fuze, but 100 layers aith 1mm of armour each won't also: Nürnbergs citadel sits rather low, the shell might have simply missed
  12. MagicMooby

    Do you get something for Graf Spee?

    seems to be a 10 point captain
  13. MagicMooby

    Chill with the ban time please

    longer bans are handed out by humans if you got a 1 month ban, it's because you said something that falls under "misbehaviour in chat" if you disagree with your ban you can always ping the staff and get a chat log
  14. MagicMooby

    Dont type 'Potato" in chat!

    If you call someone a potato you are propably trying to insult him which falls under "misbehaviour in chat" I don't get how that wasn't obvious from the start you don't need to use specific swear words to verbally attack people
  15. MagicMooby

    CV poll (take two)

    It is a poll if he wants to vote and give an explanation he can do so that isn't sabotaging furthermore MrWastee is right, complete removal is never gonna happen just imagine the calls for refunds lol