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  1. Not to mention that most carriers in ww2 couldnt fit 50 planes on them if you disassembled them all and filled every nook and cranny of the ship with parts, much less in a flyable state... The Midway /St.lo was one of the first. ;) Now consider that there are other people on yoiur team that probably shot also down 3 or 4 times as many total if not more.... That´s ALL the planes of the entire fricking japanese navy in one battle.... not just one or 2 carriers worth... But TBH I ´m just glad at this point that they can´t do "real" kamikaze attacks,.... though I´m worried now that someone's said it out loud it´s possibly only a patch away... Endless kamikaze planes, yay, make the Aplanecalypse complete
  2. I always felt that was kind of self explanatory for any software with a version <1.0, and this isn´t the first open beta I´ve participated in, but thanks for the heads up. Btw, no need to scream at me, and alpha comes before beta, both in the greek alphabet and in software development
  3. Yeah, just like Global warming is just a hoax , too, because it´s still cold this winter in some places
  4. On the fence. The first 3 weeks or so were actually lots of fun But now the only fun left (if you can´t enter ranked battles, apparently) is scenarios, which get stale after running them x dozen times /day just to get daily crates for coal for a ship that you´re probably not going to be around to purchase, anyway. In 3 weeks when my premium runs out, I will decide. But if this is going to take "months" to sort out to a point where it´s possible to even learn the game properly, I may as well leave now and cut my losses instead of subjecting myself to the frustration of seeing a great idea sunk by obvious stupidity once again. Carriers completely invalidated naval combat IRL, and now they´re doing it here. And you don´t have to be Isoroku Yamamoto at the Battle of Midway to understand that. And if the plan was to attract new players in general,. unfortunately it´s pushing away exactly those new players that came to actually fight ships with ships, and not watch a semi-interactive documentary about how naval aviation changed the face of warfare. Especially while "playing" in ships that were in some cases in service almost a decade before the first yahoo ever even got the idea of launching planes off of a ship..... of course a carrier is going to be stupidly OP against ships whose heaviest anti-air weapons are the Captain's 1911 and a pack of chinese fireworks an ensign smuggled on board. FFS, that´s the whole reason they started building them in the first place But sure, we´ll make them "enjoy" the game even more by having 2 on each team just to make sure they absolutely have to deal with a threat they have no counter to because it's "fun" always being David in the David and Goliath roleplay, especially when rocks haven´t been invented yet.. The simplified historical timeline, just for reference: Ships < ships with guns <ships with bigger guns and metal armor < bigger ships with bigger guns and thicker armor < aircraft carriers <even bigger ships with even bigger guns and lots of AA < bigger carriers < submarines. End of timeline. So, basically, we´re now just waiting for submarines to be introduced full time to counter carriers, so that everything but subs, carriers and support cruisers can be patched out completely and we have 21st century naval warfare in 19th and 20th century ships? Is that REALLY the plan? Or will the Zumwalt class be in the next patch as preparation for cruise missiles and railguns? Hell, I wouldn´t even be averse to that... but not matched against a freaking St.Louis or Bellorophon... ;) PS: I honestly don`t understand the logic of wanting more carrier players in the first place. 1 carrier in a group of 8 warships is already more than historically normal, but at least somewhat realistic. "Normal" or "accurate" would be 1 in a dozen. Those things are massive, stupidly expensive (especially if you factor in the planes), and half the damn fleet is just there to support the carrier with ammo and necessities. As many carriers as we see, no nation would have had the money left over to feed the damn crews (much less wage the more important land wars simultaneously), so they'd be selling off parts at every port for a burger and after a week the first planes would be pawned for toilet paper . But sure, why not, do your best to make every 4th ship a carrier anyway, because nobody plays World of Warships to actually sail and shoot ships with big guns, and WoWP is such a massive success... Constructive criticism version to püossibly aid in keeping other current and future new players from feeling like I do: Max 1 carrier in matches<T6 average level: people simply do not have the skill necessary to cope with permaspotting in addition to the more precise barrages and higher overall player skill they are already subjected to. No carriers in matches with ships T3 or lower, against which they are basically unchallenged and decide the match between themselves before farming the remaining ships for credits. Everone is having a hard enough time controlling their ships and learning to hit stuff as it is at that level, and now they sometime have to spend the entire match doing nothing but dodging aerial ordnance in a ship that can´t even shoot back until they inevitably get hit and sunk...... even if it´s nice to know that you managed to occupy the carriers for a few minutes and keep them away from the rest of your team so that could play the game, that´s still not particularly rewarding, in credits, xp or fun. In fact, it often gets penalized with r+r higher than earnings, which is a significant improvement to the NUE over actually being able to earn money and progress Measurable reduction in overall plane spotting distance and /or improvement of camo /captain skill effectiveness at improving concealability at lower tiers. Detectability along LOS for aircraft just as it is for ships. An aircraft is not a goddamm spy satellite, and shoult not be able to see though a mountain or sheer cliff face. Increase of regeneration time for downed planes, significant regen /relaunch penalty for losing an entire squadron (maybe, say, 3 minutes to reconfigure surviving aircraft to fulfill the downed squadron´s role?) Failing ALL of that, a significant buff to low tier (4 and less) AA Going forward to higher tiers after first experiences @ 7: Surface radar detection range "should" be at least somewhat dependent on target ship size, and not a blanket range as currently proposed , and it should also not be able to see through mountains. Not that that will really matter with the amount of planes in the air at that level, but still, 7-8k away on the other side of a mountain, you should not be able to spot anything, much a less a destroyer hugging the cliff. It invalidates any reason to even have terrain beyond a preschool obstacle course that you have to run through to get a clear shot. Might as well just do away with it to save dev resources and make every battle a high seas no obstacles encounter if terrain has no measurable effect on detectability after t6.
  5. Zerberus76

    New CVs

    I keep trying to give it a chance, but as a relatively new player I´ve completely given up on random matches above T5 as a result of the permaspotting planes, and with destroyers I don't even see a point in leveling TO T5 anymore, the PA 10p captian I recently got is basically worthless because even with CE, camo, and hiding behind a freaking mountain I have no chance to get in any range where I could actually launch torps and expect them to hit something.... which is kind of laughable with a detection range 2+ km shorter than my torpedo range. But uinfortunately I can´t shoot the damn things straight up... The game is simply not fun this way, and more importantly there´s absolutely no chance to learn how to play better (or rather actually practice it) in matches that have half the team dead to LR barrages and planes in less than 5 minutes. As It stands I´ll just play scenarios from now on and be done with it, at least there there are actual naval battles there (most of the time) and I´m not bleeding precious credits in a feeble attempt to try and learn how to get better by playing the game. So yes, I 've relegated myself to permanent potato status by simply saying F Random Battles, because that´s still preferable to getting roflstomped by planes and LR artillery match after match after match after match until I can´t even afford to R+R a tier 1 ship anymore. Playing carriers on the other hand is now just flat out boring a.f.... ( [fly around + find choose a target + push button + aim for 5 secs+push again=profit] x2-3, push f) x (however often you can do it before the match ends) At least before you had to actually think about where to send your planes and along what route... Now it doesn´t matter because by the time they´re done with their run or shot down the next squadron is fully regged and RFTO. Carrier somehow comes under surface attack? Press f, launch the next available squad, deal with threat, and return to whatever you were doing before. For me it kind of boils down to: we'll take the already boring old gameplay of WoWP, overlay it onto WoWS as an "improvement", make it completely op in the right hands, and still expect people that are here to shoot at ships to like it. I´m going to look at this for another 3 weeks or so until my token 1st month of Premium runs out, and then make a decision whether I still care about the game or not. But since I can play against bots all day in more or less any style game I want without even needing an Internet connection, I don't see a real reason to continue past that at this rate. My current review of the game: It started out really promishing and very engaging, and I was having lots of fun, even with carriers in the games.. Then 2 weeks later a patch came to "make carriers better", which completely effed and revamped the playstyle of carrieres, and a s a direct result now above t5 it almost immediately devolves to what is basically unplayable [edited], with entire armadas cowering in fear of being detected by endless waves of planes that never stop coming no matter how many thousand you shoot down. I´ve got what feel like scores of matches where I´ve got AA damage in the 10 thousands and that´s more my than my gun damage, in fact that´s actually become more or less par for the course... If I could at least actually aim the AA in a FP perspective, maybe then there would at least be a minimal amount of enjoyment in playing an 10k ton mobile AA turret.... So yeah, you may get 2-3-10-hell, let it be 100% more carrier jocks from (AFAIK currently non-integrated) console crowd that can´t be bothered to learn actual game mechanics, which is apparently the goal, . But in the process you´re likely probably going to alienate anyone who actually finds romanticized naval battles interesting, which is basically your entire playerbase, as that is the whole premise of the game, ships shooting at ships. You may want to think of it this way (I actually assume that you have the numbers at hand and understand how to interpret them, so yes, this is a bit condescending, sorry for that.): what good does it do you to invest actual development resources porting this to consoles if as a direct result of the "necessary" changes nobody else is playing anymore for the console crowd to play against in their shiny new gamepad optimized carriers? How far do your monthly revenue and new player retention numbers have to plummet to realize that basically invalidating actual naval combat in a romanticized naval combat game "might" have been a bad idea? ;) Maybe the issue here is also that the same carriers that are supposedly "weak" against high tier AA are absolutely devasting in tiers where there is basically no aa? But fixing (or actually even realizing the possible correlation, for that matter) that is not my job or problem, sorry, it´s literally exactly what we pay you guys for ;)
  6. Main issue with choice is that I won´t be spending money on it, so that leaves only the ones available for coal, steel in the long run, and doubloons..... So the atlanta is out (even though she sounds right up my alley) , at least until it become attainable by grinding anjd /or luck. And yeah, after looking at my stats on a few other sites, it appears that I am a significantly larger chunk worse than previously assumed even after the first responses.... and for that exact reason I don´t think I´d even want a Salem or JB yet.... If I´m already getting clobbered, it´s kind of poiuntless to jump straight to 10....unless of course you subscribe to teh "the best way to get better is to play against people that are better and watch closely after dying" philosophy.... which I do, but watching others hasn´t really done as much for my gameplay as in other games so far.... We´ll see... ;)
  7. I´ve been going with the TYL containers so far, as it seems the worst that can happen is a random basic reewrd that appears however to be slightly higher than teh base rewards of teh other types, just without the option for extra drops.... but an additional 1200 coal /day guaranteed is nothing to sneeze at now that I think of what for ex a salem or jean bart costs.... Or maybe grab the OR at t5 for starters, i have about half the coal already........hmmm....
  8. I've been saving the camos and prem consumables for higher tier play, no worries there... ;) And yeah, I keep doing my best to get any t5+ premium ship the free way, but both the event containers and the 3 daily containers seem to universally hate me, I´d say 90% +of my containers contain signal flags (usually the repair party cd one, which I generally always mount and still have hundreds of, lol), or a few hundred Freexp, sometimes a camo or a few hundred coal, I think I got 75000 credits once but not so sure..... oh, and one supercontainer with another 50k freexp... Come to think of it, at this rate I´ll probably be able to buy a Nelson soon... not so sure if I actually WANT one, but, hey, when you get lemons...
  9. Believe it or not, I actually have 1 ship from all researchable tech lines (save the second USSRDestroyer line) and all nations, and teh current plan is actually to bring tehm all to 5 and slowly move from there.... when I started one of the events was to earn x million from each nation, and I figured the best way to accomplish both that and have a way too find out what I enjoy the most was to grab one of each. and with 5 soon to be 6 t10+ captains, things are slowly coming together as far as what I really prefer on what ships and how type x "should" be played for me to both enjoy it and profit from it (for ex torp vs gun destroyer, US CA vs CL....) Tending overall towards US Cruisers and BBs first, and that´s where I have the most experience... I also like the French cruisers so far because they seem to think they´re destroyers on steroids.... But Da Rong in the PA destroyer is a sneaky lil SoB :D :D
  10. If that is in fact the case, then maybe I an derpier than your average bear. That´s always a possibility..... It just seems that the game has, at level 6, become mearurably harder to be good /effective at compared to 2 weeks ago at the same tier and simultaneously much more boring and stale from a gameplay perspective.... all aircraft, all the time, and everybody cowers in a murderball that doesn´t move and slowly gets chipped away by lr barrages and torpedobombers..... except the 2 destroyers that got bombed 1 minute in. Overall I think I just needed to vent after seeing no measurable progress the last few days (then again, I did manage to finally turn the König into a Bayern and said Pensacola into a New Orleans), but again, any tips are welcome. On the other hand.... When I started I got a charleston for daily logins, and there have been events going on ever since that allowed me to score some other goodies (though only freexp so far in the containers, which is kind of offputting, at least there could have been coal or a few thousand credits, something that eventually helps me actually BUY a ship).... maybe on wed. when the next FSW level comes my little micro-Dopamine pushes will go back up again ;)
  11. Zerberus76

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    Maybe the console itself is the problem, then? ;) Might it be worth considering keeping the games separate, just like WoWS and WoWS Blitz?? So far I haven´t seen a single game be truly successful in uniting console and Key/mouse players in a competitive environment, especially not one that´s basically an FPS ....console players will always whine about PC users superior aim untiil someone shows them what a mouse is ... but IMHO giving them endless lives to derp around the map with (while simultaneously invalidating everyone else´s cover and concealment) and sniperlike precision if they can opush 2 buttons 2-3 seconds apart isn't really the solution to that problem..... especially not when much more precise Key/mouse users have the exact same mechanic, because that´s what breaks it... And I have to question the logic of taking the playstyle that now takes by far the least amount of actual thought to play pseudo-effectively, and has the least to do with the actual game most appear to want to play, and empowering it to the point where even many of the more experienced captains have massive difficulty coping with the results of experienced players grabbing it, adapting, and making it game--breaking. That´s what high level players do, and always have. They take any advantage possible, and exploit it ad absurdum to the point of breaking the game, until someone stops them, that should be absolutely zero surprise to anyone. I remember when we formed the precursor to the ESL in the late 90s and had to figure out how to keep people from exploiting known bugs on certain CS maps in competitive play... No, that not a surprise. The surprise is when devs basically "Sorry, there´s nothing we can do to fix it, the game has to remain broken. But please continue to play" And TBH, as far as porting it to consoles goes from an actual play perspective, I don't find carriers any more fun to play (or play against) or rewarding when playing with with a gamepad, either, you still mostly fly around the map doing nothing, then push a button twice. Yaaay!!.... But due to the Pad it´s not as precise as with a mouse.. I would say legitimately less OP without signifiicant practice. But it's exactly then, when people that aren´t potatoes start playing them regularly, that they will again become a problem ;) I would honestly not be averse to removing them completely in the interest of keeping Warships as a valid game concept alive. Even though I preferred the Old style, it too was not without major drawbacks for everyone involved... I remember getting torpedoed by planes "through" an island in a Bellerophon quite vividly.... But seeing torpedoes suddenly pop out of the shoreline was at least hilarious in retrospect
  12. Mimimimi.... ;) But seriously, this is getting old fast, I´ve been playing about a month, have finally progressed past tier 6, and basically hit a brick wall as far as any progress is concerned more or less the day the patch was released... every random match after tier 2, bar none, has one of 2 outcomes: Total roflstomp, or get totally roflstomped, to the point where after tier 5 it´s basically become impossible to actually earn credits on a random match. Tier 7 ships are a guaranteed financial loss in 3/5 matches, even with warships premium. I expected a grind, but suddenly going from +100k net/match to negative earnings even with premium time is just a bad joke, and I'm starting to wish I´d saved my money. As it stands right now, I can either play somewhere around 250-300 matches to get to the XP for next tier in Co-op without losing more to R+R than I made on each one , and probably another 5-600 for the credits, or simply accept that I´ll never be good enough to warrant owning a decent ship as a random battle player, much less the ones I came here to actually play like the Bismarck, Iowa and Yamato if I actually want to continue to have a real life. As It´stands I´m on vacation, was hyped to play the game more, and I´m beginning to regret ever starting. The problem is that you´re now always matched with 2 carriers /team starting at tier 3... which BTW is "totally awesome" at tier 3 where nobody has reasonable AA yet, so the carriers basically decide the entire match amongst themselves while everyone else gets to do pity damage and watch the planes circle, if they weren't already lucky hit by a battleship who can now spot across and engage the entire map as soon as his guns are loaded. The bottom line now is that if your carriers are better, you win, if not, the enemy carriers defuse and sink them, and the rest of the match is a foregone conclusion because there is now an endless supply of planes....you can shoot down 24+ alone in one match (so probably 50+ over the team), , and they still just keep on coming, just press f. And that´s just [edited]. As if real aircraft carriers with their limited supply of planes and the need to take them downstairs to rearm weren't pesky enough to be the main target of any engagement, no, we have to make them de facto impossible to disarm... As a direct result, cover and concealment have become almost completely irrelevant compared to 2 weeks ago, every match with any carriers at all has now completely devolved into everybody hanging back near said carriers (except for 2 or 3 destroyers that apparently always have a death wish), praying for something to come into their range so they can land a lucky shot and maybe get more than "thanks for coming" credits, because moving away from the carriers and their aa is a death sentence in and of itself..... I´ve actually started to earn MORE after repair and rearm in Co-Op than in Random battles with otherwise the exact same ships, because I actually get to shoot at something myself and that earns credits..... All because it´s actually possible to close to under 20 km without getting raped solely because the bots don´t understand CV mechanics yet. I currently have zero motivation to play against other humans because all it means is hours on end of derping around doing nothing, and Co-op is boring AF for anyone that´s not a potato. But CVs are now, just like in RL, the only targets that actually matter,.....you just have to sail past unchallengeable air cover, through numerous killzones, and past half a dozen ambushes to get to them. And that´s exactly why nobody in world builds battleships anymore, because CVs are the ultimate in "knowing where your enemy is".. and that will ALWAYS be half the battle. Just like here, half the battle if not more is having the better carrier jock.. the rest now depends more on who got lucky and who didn´t than who played well. I´ve read all the guides in these forums, watched dozens of videos from WG and from players, and I "think" I´m generally not the worst player and have some modicum of a clue WTF I´m doing... possibly still well below average, but probably not the Derp of the Month. If there´s some sort of tip that I´ve totally overlooked besides sticking together, using cover, providing aa support, and just generally not derping head on into a group of ships, now might be a good time to let me have it.... Please spare me the "play carriers yourself", I find the gameplay even more boring and uninspired,... Fly around the map doing nothing for 20 seconds, then strike 3 times, press f, repeat....wow, yay, i "walked" to a target, clicked start the attack, and clicked again to launch the ordinance...My god, what an astounding achievement. how imba I must be :D :D But yeah, if I say "let´s be boring" and go afk for 10 minutes while my T7 New Orleans AA guns scrape together some pityxp while sitting between the carriers doing nothing otherwise of value, we might win. No amount of naval tactics will help against teams who are scared to death to move from spawn because there might be a goddamn plane followed up by what feels lilke the apocalypse of 1000 200mm+ shells 20-35 seconds later.... So maybe the problem is that I want to have fun playing a game, WHILE still progressing in said game as opposed to what will amount to literally months of farming as soon as my vacation ends, just to buy a ship that I can never realistically afford to actually play :/ And yes, i know nobody cares about this, as it´s just a new player experience and there are 7 billion others just like me that can potentially be tricked into paying for a month of premium and then pushed away by a massive gameplay and according balance change that obviously wasn´t thought out very well.... But I figured this is probably the only place where anyone might .... Seriously, any reasonable tips are more than welcome, if nothing else to help me enjoy what PT I still ahve left before making any rash decisions... the basic game itself is fun and entertaining, but I´m not really interested in playing agaisnt derpbots forever and a day just to have something shiny so I can continue with the campaigns (which would also mean more RB, at this point unfortunately...) Cheers PS @Wargaming: if you want a game based on a romanticized version of history, maybe think half a second before putting in the exact thing that doomed the entire concept the game is based on IRL??? Why exactly do you think nobody ever puts black powder cannons and handguns into a game like Defender of the Crown where you knock down castles and have swordfights, if not to not break it by invalidating everything that came before it? ;)
  13. Zerberus76

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    More like: if the aim is to make WoWS console ready, they (a business) care about making money (the point of opening a business), and feel that there is more profit to be made (the ultimate goal of any business) by redesigning the game in a way that opens up the multi-billion dollar /year console market to them, thereby potentially increasing their revenue by a factor of 3-4 (the console market ist IIRC about 4x as large as the PC gaming market these days). It has nothing to do with caring about existing players /their money, and it never has, in any game ever. It´s all about what is the most cost effective way for them to make more money, so that they can continue making games, in turn again earning them more money. With all due respect, I have always found it laughable when people seem to take personal offense to the actions of a business when they affect them, especially video games. I´ve been a member of countless open betas and founder programs over the years, and it's always the same thing as soon as the self described "core playerbase" starts disliking things and has access to the forums... "Mimimi this, devs hate us that, casual potatoes (who btw are usually the ones really paying for your game experience, just the few thousand "you" may or may not spend a year usually isn´t even enough to keep the game running for a month) suck so please stop matching me with casuals cuz I rock, WAARGH Y U nerf me, blabla..." While some of these are relevant criticisms that may actually improve the game experience, most of them are usually personally slighted players venting rage, and it´s teh CMs job to sift through the Sands of the Sahara to find the gold nuggets. But overall, the bottom line is that you were never more than a cash cow or a free bot replacement, and there are potentially 7 billion more exactly like you out there just waiting to be tapped into, and making yourself available to as large a market as possible is generally always a sound business move (unless you make WMDs... then it´s still a sound business move, just morally reprehensible, haha). SO no matter how many thousands you´ve spent, no matter how huge a whale you´ve become, it was always just going to be a drop in the bucket, and nobody ever owed you anything except the items you paid for.. and they´re gone forever when the servers eventually go down, anyway. And if one leaves but 1.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001 join, it´s still a net plus for the game when talking about pure numbers. And that's all that matters in business. Shareholders don´t care about player´s feelings, they care about how much their stock is potentially going to go up next quarter because x many players have joined. ;) Only if the effects of a change adversely affect revenue (for example large scale boycots, or mass exodi) will changes intended to create more revenue be rolled back completely. The question is how many thousand miffed players will it take to have that afffect.. all the poll respondents combined are still just a drop in the bucket (any they don´t all agree), and unfortunately not necessarily representative of the majority of players.
  14. Zerberus76

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    I´ve only been playing for, what, a month or 2 at this point (if that).... But it was enough for me to have some limited experience both as a CV and as a target before and after (Maybe half a dozen to a dozen battles before and after, mostly Co-OP but some RB ).... In both cases I prefer it pre patch. CVs no longer have any noticeable RNG element to their strikes, and as a result they've become stupid effective In the right hands. For example, instead of having to dodge a single, reasonably aimed barrage of torpedos, you now have you have 3ish single torpedos that are stupidly difficult to dodge, in relatively short succession, or what feel like laser guided bombs and rockets. And they seem to me to be coming much more frequently than before, as a result of being able to launch multiple strikes and only then launch the next squadron. OR you have nothing at all to worry about besides spotting because the player can´t cope with the weapon mechanics and you wish that the Matchmaking gods had given you a DD or CL instead... Goes both ways, of course, you might have the awesome CV jock (s) in your team, and then everyone else is mostly filler. Mid level CV players seem to be rare overall , it appears that you´re either a potato like me that generally understands the mechanics but doesn´t really find them fun (if I wanted to fly around the map doing nothing for half the battle, I´d play WoWP) and therefore can´t be brought to invest the additional effort to "git gud" as a strike pilot, or they´re a player that already has embraced and mastered them, thereby doing exactly what CVs did to real naval warfare: making actual ship to ship combat mostly irrelevant. And you either spec for AA so as to be able to survive the aerial onslaught and end up in a pure slugfest, or you spec for a brawl and end up with 2 carriers on the enemy team that wreck your team before half the ships are in firing range of an enemy. But on the other hand, in a Co-op match, even a potato like me can perform reasonably well with one, (though I really dislike the new torpedos....). And there is no risk of enemy carriers, which overall makes this mode currently the most fun for numerous reasons, but the earnings suck of course. In Scenarios, interestingly enough, so far this week getting a carrier is for some reason basically a guaranteed lose (possibly the "missing" BB, generally causing the lone remaining BB to get focused down, leaving CAs/CLs and DDs to do all the heavy lifting and multi-directional engagements), but it shouldn´t really be that one sided, something else may be amiss, here. Either way, I no longer use signal flags or camo to speed up earnings in Scens for this exact reason, aside from India Bravo Terrathree (-10% post battle cost) to guarantee that I don´t wind up paying through the nose for the "honor" of getting rekt. But suddenly only really having fun and earning any money in co-op anymore is in turn putting a dampener on overall enjoyment and progress. I would much prefer random battles, but I just don´t see the point in burning through Said signals on T6+ just so that post-op doesn´t cost more than I earned because I only got a few plane kills before getting rekt from the other side of the map by 2 lucky salvos after taking bombs and a torpedo just over 1 minute into the match, in the hopes of being able to set just 3 fires or spot 3 times so I can advance through the lowbob campaign and maybe reach tier 8 some day.... All of that said, as a CV I also preferred the old RTS style for another less obvious reason. Not only was battlefield awareness and planning everything, and there was no "I´m gonna ruin that DD´s day" because there was actually a chance to not hit it with bombs /rockets (torpedos are hard as F to dodge from a good CV, but in a DD it´s possible).... While there is a certain element of fun to the final part of the attack run, it also begs the question of why the flupp am I, a freaking carrier captian, personally sitting in the goddamn planes??? Who the hell is driving the freaking ship??? (the autopilot, I know ;) ).. It also appears completely ridiculous to have an aircraft carrier, a freaking airport on the water, that can only launch one squadron at a time... That´s like Chicaco O'Hare landing one plane an hour. I may still warm up to the new mechanics, but wheras just before the patch I was right on the threshhold of starting to play CVs in random play regularly, now I definitely won´t. It´s not fun for me, and I´m either too effective or not effective, which is no fun for everyone else... though there is also a certain satisfaction in taking yown 3+ squadrons and their CV in a CA or CL... but I´m primarily here to sink ships with other ships. And in that aspect, the current patch seems to be lacking. And all of that said, it´s entirely possible that the overall experience is a completely different one at higher tiers (currently working on VIII)... but then that begs the question of whether new(er) players should be exposed to this before being able to purchase one themselves, particularly as in tier 3 where there is barely any aa on any ship it´s absolutely possible to get matched to 2 carriers /team, which basically makes everyone else superfluous. The only thing you can still reliably get if they know their stuff are capture assists and some mediocre damage between squadrons. And if you were annoyed about battleships hanging out in the back using their range as armor before... Well, it´s become that much more attractive, now that the resulting concentrated AA = significantly higher chance of Survival... ;) Maybe I´ll keep the Langley, but as it stands I´ll probably sell it while I still can and use the slot and FreeXP for subs when they come out.... Maybe re-research the tree later when carrier gameplay v3 (or whatever iteration that would be) comes out. But as it stands, and considering that most others seem to feel that the old way was just as OP (if not more), I wouldn´t be averse to removing them completely, seeing as the alternative prospects are currently looking more and more like "World of Aircraft Carriers", which I don´t think anyone really wants... Cheers