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  1. IOWADragon

    Looking for a good time sailor? PT

    Having uninstalled the PT during a system reset; I wanted to install again. In the game center under the Public Test of Update 0.8.2: Round 1, I found this useful info. Code might be an all for one. The highlight is mine.
  2. IOWADragon

    WoWs NA recent event.

    USS Texas
  3. IOWADragon

    The CV NERF

    According to one You Tuber a IJN nerf for T10 CV is on the way
  4. IOWADragon

    Pictures 9/13/2008 After Ike.

    Riding the ferry across and went as far as was allowed. Which as far was near a store on Bolivar Peninsula, Texas called The Big Store. This area was hit hard. I lived in La Marque TX at the time And rode though the storm. Intense. Sea Wolf Island. With USS Sea Wolf. Houston ship channel.
  5. IOWADragon

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    Now I'm a dirty seal clubber too. I won the 10 point Capt in weekly ops, and the first thing i did was put it on my tier 4 German dd. Oh no Mr Bill. But considering the number of experienced players doing it, I felt a heck of a lot less guilty.
  6. IOWADragon

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    To be truthful I'm not sure exactly, if I was mad cause I was more easily found on the map, meaning everyone. Or that maybe I was thinking people might be using a few 4 point skills, like concealment and IFHE; as the Radio Location icon is just an indicator of at least a 10 point Commander, now that will really give some ships a huge advantage. I'd think. And all this was going on as I worked to the Service Level 15, where, I had two T5 ships by that time.
  7. IOWADragon

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    I'm not saying that experienced players shouldn't play lower tiers. Hell we have to if we start a new line. And the CC's should if they are showcasing. Am just asking for some common sense and fair play for the very new, newbies is all. I actually find it amusing now my rant is over. How come; experienced players feel they need to use high skill Capts in lower tiers: is just questionable IMO.
  8. IOWADragon

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    Nope, just stating the truth. You must have a problem with that concept. And yes there's some guilt on my part with my experience but that's not my doing. Would have been more than happy to have my Fletcher here. And play the higher levels.
  9. IOWADragon

    Low level SEAL CLUBBERS

    I started this account for specific reasons, and here I'm finding out that some people think its a grand idea to come down to tier 2-4 battles with a minimum 10 point commander running radio location. You guys do great things with the game, different shell velocities, armor and armor pens. On and on. I honestly didn't know if Wargaming was a good company 2 yrs ago or some new comer, fly by night developer. Was very happy to find out how good you people really are at this stuff. So why the heck won't you filter out 10 point and above capts below certain tiers to let those real new comers have a fighting chance. I doubt it would take many brain cells to do that, only a wiliness. That frigging symbol isn't that hard to identify for someone with it on my own ships, albeit that's on the NA. Maybe you don't care if you lose some new comers, there'll always be more, maybe, I say. So keep those you do get by helping them get a running start perhaps. Thanks
  10. IOWADragon

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Testing bots perhaps, :)
  11. My room mate who's dad served in the US Navy for 19 yrs did that dragon. It was done on a 4ft x 8ft finished wood panel. I took a picture of a copy she put on a T shirt. The work was done for a dojo that's no longer open. The guy riding was I think, a Black Belt and ran the place. But he may only have had a Brown Belt. Somewhere there are 35 mm color shots of the Dragon I'll post somewhere, someday, maybe. She no longer does art work being in some rough times with Alzheimers. And her age, but she would still work on a ladder for ten hr days if she could though.
  12. IOWADragon

    0.8.0 PTS - General Feedback

    Having the auto repair put out one fire on my CV's then having some HE spam monster setting TWO or more, just when the auto stops, is pissing me off. CV's will still be game changers though, so I fail to see what the changes are about. As over all, planes will always dominate. And the auto AA sucks too on BBs and CLs. STILL And a touch of red for the dragons eyes wouldn't go amiss. Might give the dragon a more menacing look. This one is nice, just tame looking.
  13. EU server low tier new-comer with basic training on the PT and NA. Lets have some fun. Hello from Texas, NA