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  1. Hi guys, I saw yesterday that when I played with Shimanto at operation, I hit & damaged to Gaede destroyer as 20 824. It was strange because should be lower hit points for her. And when I checked I saw that Gaede has 18 600 hit points including survivability expert skill. I just wondering are enemy ships has different hit points in operation? Thx
  2. qdfl

    Public Test 0.11.6 - Bug reports

    Have no idea is it bug or not but want to share it. Normally I can see all my bought premier ships but this time I didnt see Black destroyer in port, while all other my premier ship was available. Any idea why only Black was not available?
  3. Hi, Its very hard to kill a sub with reload time 9.5 sec fire rate, because she has not depth charges. Is T6 Leone only destroyer without depth charges? Regards,
  4. Dude! You played 18k and still dont know how you can read question? It was not about detonation Dude(!), it was about WITHOUT DETONATION!
  5. Hi, I was playing with Hawkins, when I was at full hp ( 32 200) I received 3 AP hits from Kongo and destroyed. Later on when I check Kongo's AP shell power I notice that max dmg was 10.000. While I didnt get detonation I just wondering how I got damage 32 200 from Kongo's AP while was max damage 10.000 each. Regards,
  6. Thanks, I'll see when I'm in silver rank 1 qualification phase. What I understand I'll save star, rank 10 to 2 and lost at qualification phase in silver league while I am nr 1.
  7. Thank you, It didn't really mention about star there (for example for gold league u need TX, but while you are in qualification in silver, you can play T8 or T9, so its not next league rules, is it?). I was checking only Rank & Star paragraph. Because save star mentioned only there. In this case, regarding above information, when I play in Silver League, rank 1, qualification phase, if my team lost and if I am number 1, I will lose star, is it, because for next league Gold rules? I will see this this when I'm in Silver, qualification phase.
  8. And when you play in Silver league, rank 1 qualification phase, when your team lost, you cant save star even you are number 1...because you should part of Gold league, is it? And all above info regarding qualification base in Bronze & Silver write to.....nowhere?
  9. No longer part of bronze but when you didnt pass than you return BRONZE rank 10
  10. You argued too, I am asking clarification about this nothing more, just read their info and look to my question!
  11. Agreed about play good and dont think about save star, but I am talking about rules for clarify.
  12. "You are in qualifying stages, which means only the top person saves a star. These are the rules." Could you please tell/show me where did you get this info? Because official announcement was as: Format This season, all the leagues see Tier VIII and IX ships fighting in a 6 vs. 6 format. The leagues differ in their rules for keeping a Star: In the Bronze League, players who take the first two places by XP earned keep their Stars in a lost battle. In the Silver League, only the top XP earner keeps their Star in a lost battle. In the Gold League, players do not keep their Stars in a lost battle.
  13. Regarding new rules: "In the Bronze League, players who take the first two places by XP earned keep their Stars in a lost battle." This is ok in Bronze league when play rank 10 to 2, but when I played Bronze league Qualification phase, while I finished as second place, I lost star! So, when you play rank 10 to 2 in bronze league, you can save star when you 1 of the top 2 players if your team lost BUT when you play in qualification phase in bronze league if your team lost and you are number 2 then you lost star! Did you see any clarify rules different in bronze league rank 10 to 2 AND Qualify phase, in anyway you are still in Bronze league and rules should be same is it? But no, you will lost star when you second player!