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  1. qdfl

    Unable log in via Steam acc

    Hi, I report yesterday on midnight, after tried some their advise, still not working. Dear qdfl‍, Please try to perform these steps: 1. Click the right mouse button on World of Warships in your Steam library, choose 'Properties' - Local Files - Browse Local Files; 2. In the folder with the game client, delete XML documents currentrealm.txt, preferences.xml, and user_preferences.xml.; 3. Launch the game client from your Steam library (or from your desktop). 4. Choose the EU server (you will automatically enter your main account). If the problem remains - contact us again. By the way, I have also WGC and also not work, says, server unavailable! pic 1 from Steam, pic 2 from WGC.
  2. Hi all, When I use HE shells to some ship, they have more damage then AP shell. I also realize that its not about ship type such as all BB or all DD or CR are not same. Some BB are very easy to burn while some BB's not. This is same for CR or DD too. This not depend com. skills, extra flags or configuration of equipment but it looks like every ship has different level of fire resistance. Is there any specific information available, for every individual ship? I want to know for example why Bismark / Yamato get easy fire while Petropavlovsk or JB not? This is also not depend which ship I use, even with Shima I can burn easy Yamo or Bismark but not Petro or JB while I use HE shells with same extra flags. I tried with BB, CR too and same results. I have not full list now but many time happen some ship are easy to burn some not, this make me confuse in the game which shells have to use for which ship. Common answers such as HE always for DD or BB and AP shells for CR is not correct always. I just wondering is this happen because of plating size of enemy ships is smaller then other ships or is there any other specification? (in case I shoot with Shima to Bismark / Yamo vs to Petro / JB) Thanks
  3. qdfl

    Hit allied ships

    Thank you for all opinions. As for my above sample, I was turn to right and start to torp within 6-7 km to enemy. What happen is, my team mates with Pommern from my right side (not between me and enemy) start to sail to enemy therefore he catch my 2 torps while other 2 torps was hit to enemy, moreover he didnt torp to enemy either, he death and I was alone against JB, I'm death too, we lost game. What I mean, team mates also should have a look what a destroyer doing with 6-7 km range against to enemy bb before they take some action! Anyway, may be is really good cant hit allied ship anymore, and by the way this is also helpful in co-op, bec some times people play for ribbons and kill team mates by purpose, so, no more selfish players. Regards,
  4. qdfl

    Hit allied ships

    ah, therefore. Thank you
  5. qdfl

    Hit allied ships

    HI, I read that hit to allied ship is removed for any kind of match. Is it started or not yet? Because as today 1 of ship from my team drive into my torp and he is well damaged. Thx
  6. qdfl

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    Thank you for advise. But I mean for game center, bec you cant buy anythings with Beast token which is available only in game center not for live server, before I completed dockyard in game center too, both has different missions.
  7. qdfl

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.4

    Hi, There is not any mission for dockyard, how should I go further? Only with doubloons? And Beast token what can I buy with this, there is nothing at the armory for buying?! And also wonder why Game center use more memory then normal game (by Steam) there is about 1gb different memory use.
  8. qdfl

    Update 0.10.1 - Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    And what about ranked stats, if ss was randoms state? Just curios...
  9. qdfl

    Update 0.10.1 - Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    Simply you cant get Smaland with T1, may be u need to play min 10k random with extra flags, and regarding your ss is not related with that much games, torpedo hits ratio 0% and never destroyed with torpedo, even with doubloons or with money is not possible. I can believe if you can show statistic of Smaland... BTW, regarding ss, he played 1 for T8, 4 for T9 and 1 for T10. So, total of 6 match he is in silver league? Should be something very seriously wrong...or may be he is owner so he has acces for this
  10. qdfl

    PT 0.10.3 - Hamburg Dockyard: ZF-6

    Sorry for late reply. Its work yesterday (29.03.2021). Thx
  11. qdfl

    PT 0.10.3 - Bug Reports

    Hi, Dockyard not loading as today 28.03.2021 at 20:00 (GMT) therefore I cant finished phases..
  12. qdfl

    PT 0.10.3 - Hamburg Dockyard: ZF-6

    HI, Its not loading shipyard as today 28.03.2021 at 20:00 (GMT) therefore I cant finished. FYI
  13. qdfl

    is it just me ?

    Have same complain, even shoots are tiny.. I asked to CS and they said there is not a way return to previously vision and suggest write to developer forum.. "There is no way you can revert back to old visuals after an update! Therefore, if you'd like to give our developers constructive feedback, you are more than welcome to do that on our forum: https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/forum/480-general-discussion/" So, lets complain there...may be they can consider..
  14. Do you mean good players never or almost never lose? You will be still (even a little bit) dependent of your team is it?
  15. I know that, if apr takes 10 min per game and 2 min delay between 2 games, we can 90-95 game could play which is not really realistic. But what is the chance for ranked?