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  1. Kokoblokis

    Submarine Testing

    super submarines are coming back to live server?
  2. Kokoblokis

    Naval Legends: Georgios Averof

    need this ship , cant find it in wg shop
  3. Kokoblokis

    Public Test of Update 0.9.0: Round 2

    Remove the directives-missions that ask "kill x number of ships" both at test and live server. Most players stop shooting at enemy when his health gets at 20% and wait for the good old last hit. Were we supposed to test the British heavy cruisers?Because there are nowhere to be found. you will release it with no test I guess or take an existing line and rename it. Also what's the point of testing , your releases are different from the test e.g. Puerto Rico dockyard
  4. Kokoblokis

    0.8.5 PTS - General Feedback

    Tried 4 randoms and one savage battle.All 5 times client freezes at loading screen of map at 00:32 seconds countdown and not responding, had to close client , relaunch and enter battle. Also in one of the random battles while cruising around, client went poof and vanished. Flooded city port is awesome and event looks nice in general. Live client 0.8.4 works fine.