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  1. I am playing 2 or 3 times a week, more on weekends lately, I play mainly coops. I am using the Ostergotland trying to get the Halland (I play mainly DD(. I am not skilled enough to play randoms. I found the bots, positioning better, and the first suicidal bot DD a little better. Each battle is lasting more time. Do you detect this? I read something about coops bots, but I am not sure if the AI was improved. Thanks for your comments
  2. I am wondering, if it is a bad idea to have a random game option, without stats, where bad players like me to have a chance to play against good players, without damaging any WR stats
  3. I am waiting for that, but it seems I didn't pay enough yet.
  4. neorvo

    Coal Ships Worth AVOIDING

    Don't change steel to coal. It is always a bad business.
  5. neorvo

    Coal Ships Worth AVOIDING

    Use the coal for ships you can'r buy using doobloons. From that list, perhaps you will find the ship you are looking for: Neustrashimy , Imellman , Napoli , Yoshino, Salem, Moska or Marceu.
  6. I am 44% WR player, an awful one, but I would like to improve. Low tier is little boring, while TIer IX, X and 11 are well beyond my skills. However, the only way to learn is playing randoms , perhaps Tier VI/VIII (coops give us bad practice and wrong play style). There are missions that force us to play Tier VIII (for example Honorable Campain, to get Shinomone DD, Tier VI) . It is difficult to be patient to have a nice 50% WR (well I would like to have 48), before doing the good stuff. Perhaps a random game option without stats could be useful, such as we can practice with good players, without hurting their statics, something like a "school battle option"...Ohhh, now playing my Guepard without concealing, really ugly jaja
  7. neorvo

    Best ship for co-op - what's yours?

    I had good results with DD : Z-52, Z-35, Jutland and Benson CB: Minotaur and De Moines BB: F. Der Grosse
  8. neorvo

    Assymetric Co-ops ?

    Dear friends, I played mainly co-ops, and lastly, I found it a little boring . Most of the battles last less than 5 min. For example in this Figure, the battle spent 3 min. In my flank, we run to cap in front of 2 enemy ships, both friendly BB and CB running for caching the bots. I could kill the BB, cause the friendly BB miss the "ram" (really frequently too, lastly ), ruining the "fun" of trying to use our guns for trainning . This is not a new topic, but I would like to know how this game style could be improved. There have been mentioned alternatives, etc, but I don't remember being discussed the "asymmetric" battle in Coops. Do you think this could be a bad idea? For example, the MM could find 3 human players online defining a 3 players team and then allocate 3x4 = 12 bots randomly in the map (not only in front of us, are usually , but distributed all the map) . This could introduce some "surprise" factor from bot movement starting for different points), more bots to kill per player (3 or 4 per player), and perhaps more time during the battle. At thist moment , playing co-ops for only 3 min each battle is too fast.
  9. neorvo

    just like i didnt played the game ....

    I am not sure, but scenarios only give gifts once. If we repeated the same I believed only normal returns. I believe WG reset all scenarios recently and we got the gifts again. For example in this image you see the stars given previously, and the gifts are given. If I repeated we don't receive it again.
  10. neorvo

    Missouri credit mission

    Why not change the "mission" for camo or flag we could set on our Missouri with the same economic effect as a permanent add-on?
  11. neorvo

    Challenge: show your karma!

    Never more than 10 The maximum I had was 8 Thanks @WeGreedy I didn't know about https://wows-karma.com/ site
  12. Surviving up to the end of the battle with Oland DD and obtaining Dreadnought. My team helped me alot. The only thing I did in the game was to obtain A Cap, keeping the spooting . Two radars and two hydro where used, I was forced to be near the island for covering, while asking for support. They arrived and cleared enemy ships. This is the replay of that game https://replayswows.com/replay/149002 I continue having troubles when I try to punish the enemy. My damage ability continues low.
  13. neorvo

    WHERE is Legendary Modules

    Kleber, Harugumo, Yueyang (these ones for DD) and Hakuryu, Audacious (for CV) have recent modules,
  14. neorvo

    Santa Crates, what did you get?

    With my 17 certificates I got 3 Mega , 2 Small crates, and another 2 I received perhaps medium crates. Thanks WG ! Then I tried 20 Mega crates, and I got The Agincourt seems to be only available in loot boxes (I didn't see it in the store).