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  1. neorvo

    WoWs Forum shutdown (on July 28th) !?!?!?

    I will miss you, my last post here, and the best for all. I hope you like this song.
  2. neorvo


    And then super torps are reported
  3. neorvo

    players around your level

    The Tier Level is for ships. The player level is more related to WR stats. My WR is 44% which means I am potato player (bad player, low level) If you find a player over 49 or more WR and 1000 battles in randoms games battles, that means is a good average good player. More than 55% excellent, 60% unicorns etc.
  4. neorvo

    Beautiful - Lindo

    At the end the real problem is the common factor in all battles
  5. neorvo

    Battle Pass Coming

    But a premium account is not like a battle pass either?
  6. neorvo

    DDs impact on ranked

    Completely truth
  7. Perhaps this will be equivalent. The Permanent bonus from bought camos before will be given like that. If we have many of them for the same ship, the problem will be what will be chosen, if the bonus were different. I am confused with this too.
  8. The scale is not exact . The image was not at the same scale, I tried to place at the same size zooming a little the Black
  9. neorvo

    Return of Puerto Rico

    Perhaps the when the requirement is base experience , the co-ops options is too slow. For example, 46000 base experience playing coops with high average in that style (500 base exp/game we need arround 100 games. In randoms perhaps , being a good average player you get that value in 30-40 games. Perhaps the spent time globally is about the same (coops games last less time that randoms I guess)
  10. neorvo

    Return of Puerto Rico

    Completely truth.
  11. I am playing 2 or 3 times a week, more on weekends lately, I play mainly coops. I am using the Ostergotland trying to get the Halland (I play mainly DD(. I am not skilled enough to play randoms. I found the bots, positioning better, and the first suicidal bot DD a little better. Each battle is lasting more time. Do you detect this? I read something about coops bots, but I am not sure if the AI was improved. Thanks for your comments
  12. I am wondering, if it is a bad idea to have a random game option, without stats, where bad players like me to have a chance to play against good players, without damaging any WR stats
  13. I am waiting for that, but it seems I didn't pay enough yet.