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  1. neorvo

    Will removing slingshot actually do anything?

    I don't play too much CVs, surely I am a bad player. I mainly DD in coops. My win rate is 40% in random, at this moment
  2. neorvo

    Suggestions thread

    The unmount procedure after confirmed spend 25 doobloons. If it were massive automatic we could by mistake to spent those doobloons . Of course WG could implement that . This specific forum place gives us the opportunity for sharing suggestions and opinions. You are suggesting and idea, me an opinion. Both us are player given them for free.
  3. neorvo

    Will removing slingshot actually do anything?

    Somebody knows what I don't
  4. neorvo

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I signed too, since I don't remember, , installed the tst versions, but not access.
  5. neorvo

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    I read his words, I found them reasonable in terms of teamplaying nor as fun gamming retribution. From the point of view of game design and balances I believe what you said, considering you know really how the game work. Considering this game as a dynamic system ruled by a model, people who knows about mathematics say systems where 3 or more objects interacts, the dynamics becomes complex. In this case we have 4 going to 5 different classes interacting ... The caos always be there no matters how WG try to balance this.
  6. neorvo

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    All DD player's won't do that gameplay as there are not absolute rules for every class. But 100% of DD players who follow those guidelines surely will be the best .
  7. neorvo

    The game is not bad.

    I was killed many times with one salvo, but anybody do it when we exposed our broadside., but I don't understand what emblem players you said. Are you talking about some unicorns players?
  8. neorvo

    Has anyone ever seen the like?

    Please share the replay .
  9. neorvo

    Gameplay 'feature' possibly soon to be gone?

    Ohhhh this is really a skilled / difficult chat. I don't understand yet the CV playing style, but they know how to delete me in couple of minutes,., ohhh where can I hide my little DD
  10. neorvo

    Coal spending help (sought)

    Lately playing co-ops using Chapy and then Dmitry ships I citadel easyly 2 or three bots Smolensk. JB I don't remember any special moment. From Thunder I have bad memories when playing DD, they hurt me badly. About spending coal , in spite I find fragile its broadside, I would go with Smolensk for being a polemic ship, and people saids is good for solving directives and playing in co-ops. I think the enemy's bots don't care the HE spam. The JB you can buy with cash, or will be available in Santa boxes. Being a tier IX, assuming the gambling will be the same you have a chance to get it . Smolensk it seems will quit for good, while JB you could have similar ones in the French in tech line. If I were you, this is what I would do: 1)Buy JB with doobloons real money, or wait Christmas and try gambling. 2) Buy Smolensk with coal. 3)Then obtain Thunder by collecting more coal next.
  11. neorvo

    How to Chapayev?

    Completely true. Just I got Dmitry playing Chapy lately, and in the later coops battles I began to have more fun, specially when began to understand better its role playing.
  12. neorvo

    How to Chapayev?

    Hehehe Chapy is the center of all attention .. . With him you learn the value of a good island (playing as a co-op the enemy's bots just want to meet you soon)
  13. neorvo

    WG: Hows the bot detection going?

    Ohhhhh its happening again, that little detail scaped me
  14. neorvo

    WG: Hows the bot detection going?

    These are random battles or co-ops? In the last case, playing with DD's you can play more than 30 battles in around 3 hours, each day, for example during a weekend.