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  1. neorvo

    Describe the majority of WOWS players:

    Most of the best CC youtubers playing WG seems to be around 30 years old. I think there are many teenagers playing in the dad's account sometimes, while he is not around. I am half a century-plus old , I like Led-Zeppelin and most of 70 - 80 decades bands when I was wondering like you the same issues.
  2. neorvo

    DM & Salem armor buff?

    Completely truth. I am one of them. But playing mainly co-ops. Perhaps a new index, combining the WR of the Ship vs WR of the players using could reveal the correlation, confirming this (one way I do is reduce the range of the players to the unicorns levels, in that point considering all players are fully skilled, the difference could be the ship as shown in this Figure While the level of player is better (100%Level all players to 5%Level Unicorns) , the WR increases both ships, while the gap between them notorious decreases when approaching Unicorns. Even then, DesMoines seems better than Salem. The radar range difference seems to be more important than having a better healer recovering. I have DesMoines and for "collecting" I was thinking to port Salem. If someday I mastered DD playing, then I would like to play cruisers. In the meantime, the opportunities are gone, and all these "rare" ship options could disappear, you know.
  3. neorvo

    DM & Salem armor buff?

    Thanks, Pete for answering. I saw the table, and Salem is below DeMoines. I was thinking that its "repair party++" could improve the performance compared with DeMoines.
  4. Using this topic... I was checking my Z-23 (ok they changed the guns, etc.) but I have the impression its "aspect" is different. Did you note something different in the geometry, guns sets etc ? I had no an image of my Z-23 before this update. Thanks
  5. neorvo

    DM & Salem armor buff?

    And the Salem where is in the table?
  6. neorvo

    How long can the rot continue?

    Well in this case, seems the right side team is muuuuuuuuuuuch better... 5 good players against 1 of the other team, and 6k Battles vs 1k and double XP.....
  7. neorvo

    SO who is getting the Vampire II?

    I am trying to do it by co-ops.... but man this will late a year ....
  8. neorvo

    Big Hunt: the Raid Begins

    I was wondering why ... The previous Big Hunt I didn't do any game, and when began this one, I had the 3 previous ships unlocked. I unlocked the last three fully and I have not Engineer of Future. Perhaps the issue is , that I didn't do the previous one.
  9. neorvo

    WR accurate?

    ohh I didn't understand that thing of Division (2) , (3) ohhh my ... Thanks
  10. neorvo

    WR accurate?

    That is the clue to accept the WR as a valuable parameter. The problem I found, is how to improve that if you began without noting the stats. That means, we need thousands of games playing over average if we want a good WR. . After playing Big Hunt, I was wondering if it could be a good idea to play randoms without stats, I mean, a battle option that allows us to play again other humans, without registering the results, a priori. This could help us, the potato players, to practice against other players, without care about the consequences in the record, as happens in Big Hunt. But of course, this could be a bad idea
  11. neorvo

    WR accurate?

    How do you look at this division stat ?
  12. neorvo

    Kagero help plz

  13. neorvo

    Kagero help plz

    Yes, the bots are too aggressive but foreseeable. In randoms, i always found it difficult to kill the first DD I confront, and hence I need to improve on this point, perhaps paying more attention to mini-map and characteristics of adversary DD. In co-ops, I found Kagero nice when I detect far me the bots, and the first one is killed fast, as in the replay included. By the way, the best DD in this game was an Akatzuki 20210405_092352_PJSD208-Kagero_46_Estuary.wowsreplay
  14. neorvo

    Kagero help plz

    Ohhh really nice concealing work, never spotted only at the end by a Kidd (which couldn't avoid your gun's) and the CV.
  15. neorvo

    Kagero help plz

    Try to play some battles in co-ops until achieving the top place two or three times. Perhaps you are forcing some DD play style in that ship, without noting the problem. The few times I fight against Kageros with my DD (I do not play randoms too much) always I have troubles. It is not an easy kill.