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  1. neorvo

    WG should help with toxic command spam

    It is possible after placing a player on the blacklist, you can never see him anymore? The ignore list is the same as the blacklist? I found many times in my co-op battles, players with a small yellow box in the game list, playing again in my team. I thought the blacklist also avoid playing again with people we had a conflict in the same team.
  2. neorvo

    Visby Autopilot

    Autopilot is better for CV. You use it in between when you are using your planes. Using autopilot for other ships it seems not too useful because in the meanwhile you will need to react instantaneously again enemy ships and reset the autopilot with frequency. In the CV case, they are camping well behind and it is safest.
  3. neorvo

    Unsporting conduct!

    At this topic, I have some concerns. There are mates who remain camping doing nothing, behind, but other with sniper / good long-range ships who do their job, while I am spotting with my DD in the front. Most of the cruiser needs some island to protect themselves, and do maneuvers around islands for shotting and defend. As a DD player, there are many moments, I need to go back, turn around team ships and repositioning while waiting my torps are ready etc... In intense battle moments, we can take wrong decisions too. In cases, where I detect some afk/camping stuff, I found useful attracting the enemy bot ship (playing in co-ops) where is the teammate resting. Then it shares his ship as another good shot reference for the row of bots following behind me, while trying to disengage using my lower concealing and only shutting torps while waiting for the stationary cruiser or bb being detected by enemy bots. If I have good luck and the camping ships have good secondary guns, even better .
  4. neorvo

    Unsporting conduct!

    Having a clan doesn't mean too much. You can set up your own clan using 1000 doubloons.
  5. neorvo

    Unsporting conduct!

    Sometimes, when we are waiting in queue , before battle begins, you can not just begin or entering the battle. You are waiting, even hear the battle song etc. That could happen. The only way I found in those cases, is to reset the game and try to login again. You spend about 2 - 3 min and then you enter in-game. This could explain some afk ships just frozen in the initial spot, but don't explain all cases.
  6. Check again. They change all upgrade, you must have some in your ships.
  7. ummm must be trillions ...
  8. I am not 100%, but you can not change the "specialty" or type o ship a captain owns/belongs to a premium ship. The ones we got assigned to a premium ship are acquired when you buy a premium ship or in bundles etc, in an automatic way. Then you can change that assigned captain to a silver ship and retrain. In the opposite way, when you assign a "silver" trained captain to a premium, the captain does not change the previous assignment ship. In this case, you use the captain in premium, to retrain as it were in the silver, but without losing the activity from points previously gotten. I found useful this trick for cleaning the retraining period faster, especially when using 10 point capitains. @Bunny_Lover_Kallen has a captain associated Belfast without previously own that ship. I can't figure out, how he could assign that captain to Belfast. The clue perhaps is in his quotation at the beginning, there is captain which is not associated to any ship from the first use, then you can assign to a premium directly, but .... how you do that without having the premium?
  9. neorvo

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    It is expectable, from test server, the sub battles will be separated from regular random . I don't know how the CVs were introduced at the beginning, was directly in all battle styles? . I think what is missing is the possibility to select / configure out by the user the type of battle he wants: 1) Only some class of ships 2) Amateur , regular unicorn level 3) The map i want etc The test option in the game allow us to set up what we wants, but need to have a good group, clan , friends for that. That is the most difficult skill to have. Gathering new friends and set up clan is not easy, being most of us casual players. Playing mainly co-op from months I found tier V to VII, more interesting than tier 10. I was forced to play level 10 prematurely, because I wanted some legendary modules in my collection. In tier 10, the ships are too powerful, and what I guess is needed are larger maps and some extra feature, forcing the ships move from the camping zones, behind islands . For example, the borderline white lines could have another behaviour: 1) Move slowly perhaps as the cyclone or storm velocity 2) If you crosses the line you appear to the other side or random in the middle of the map. Well, these are some dumb ideas.
  10. neorvo

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    Perhaps the subs arriving will mesh that tactic. Noser shows how to do it with a S-1 sub, and no body seems save with that camping technique
  11. neorvo

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    How did you find that stats from reversing Gearing? It were useful to see the replay and see what happened next. If he last for more than 5 min is something. Furthermore, there is another ship doing the same at the left . Perhaps he was repositioning with his teammate .
  12. neorvo

    SUBMARINES — Feedback Poll

    In the test server, the subs are in separate battle option, it is not forced by default in the other options by the moment.