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  1. I am pretty much a somewhat elderly co-op player. I have nearly reached the point where i can either get the T8 Lexington or the T8 Monarch,but not both. This will be probably early June. Of the 2 ships which would be the better one to get ?. I love CVs ,just not that good in them and am a big BB fan.
  2. Chysagon

    End battle image bug.

    Each time a battle ends i get a static image for a fraction of a second of my previous battle end.It does not last long enough to screenshot. I play lots of other games and it only happens in wows.Just a fraction of a second image of my prior battle end.Only happened since this update. Any ideas ?? or just another random wows bug.
  3. Thanks for feedback-will take a look.
  4. Read the pros and cons here https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Erich_Loewenhardt Does she stack up that well against the other t6 carriers. Plus does she uptier well or can the plane losses cripple her earning potential.
  5. Chysagon

    Movies about warships

    Sink The Bismarck (as already mentioned) Not sure about the historical accuracy The Enemy Below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny6oZED1Hm8 The Cruel sea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NMYYnvZteo&list=PLpxHU0DQsfCwovt8UfY76HYIu8YqH8O_8 Away all Boats -Not a warship film as such,but about a transport ship in the pacific war.
  6. Chysagon

    ASW helicopters in game

    Just for viewing.Hedgehog and US Navy Carrier Planes videos.
  7. Chysagon

    Buffing Mikasa

    My second forum post: I play World Of Warships because i love ships of all kinds,when i was young me and my father used to make and sail model ships,i was 5 when we made our first one together. My ten cents and almost entirely from co-op play,by the way i am nearly 70 so co-op is great for me,reactions not really good enough for much else. I have tried random,but when your my age-well,co-op can be fun. The Mikasa is more a collector ship than a true front runner and can deal with bots pretty easily. She is my favourite tier 2 ship and i got her for about 4 euros. I would never take her into a random match if i had the skills all you youngsters have. I treat her for what she is a port queen and bot killer where she excels. I have managed to kill t3 BB bots with her and for an old guy with arthritis i think thats pretty good. There are plenty of other ships you can use if random is your game,but very few look as good as the Mikasa.. However i can see why you would want to buff her. I would fix the damned awful turret rotation.Feels as if the turrets are hand cranked like a tiger tanks turret.
  8. Chysagon

    Down yet again

    My first post on this game-mid battle-disconnected.