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  1. Chysagon

    Movies about warships

    Sink The Bismarck (as already mentioned) Not sure about the historical accuracy The Enemy Below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ny6oZED1Hm8 The Cruel sea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NMYYnvZteo&list=PLpxHU0DQsfCwovt8UfY76HYIu8YqH8O_8 Away all Boats -Not a warship film as such,but about a transport ship in the pacific war.
  2. Chysagon

    ASW helicopters in game

    Just for viewing.Hedgehog and US Navy Carrier Planes videos.
  3. Chysagon

    Buffing Mikasa

    My second forum post: I play World Of Warships because i love ships of all kinds,when i was young me and my father used to make and sail model ships,i was 5 when we made our first one together. My ten cents and almost entirely from co-op play,by the way i am nearly 70 so co-op is great for me,reactions not really good enough for much else. I have tried random,but when your my age-well,co-op can be fun. The Mikasa is more a collector ship than a true front runner and can deal with bots pretty easily. She is my favourite tier 2 ship and i got her for about 4 euros. I would never take her into a random match if i had the skills all you youngsters have. I treat her for what she is a port queen and bot killer where she excels. I have managed to kill t3 BB bots with her and for an old guy with arthritis i think thats pretty good. There are plenty of other ships you can use if random is your game,but very few look as good as the Mikasa.. However i can see why you would want to buff her. I would fix the damned awful turret rotation.Feels as if the turrets are hand cranked like a tiger tanks turret.
  4. Chysagon

    Down yet again

    My first post on this game-mid battle-disconnected.