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  1. Chysagon

    New Code

    An old guy salutes you sir !!
  2. Chysagon

    Great Naval Battles

  3. Chysagon

    World of Warships - It's Okay to Play Co-op

    What they should do is go back to the old bot AI where the winrate was in the 70s. Operations are one of the best parts of the game and i have seen teams fail simply because they tried to play some of them as standard co-op. I play co-op because despite playing computer games for 40 years,my reflexes are not that great anymore and arthritis does not help. Also apart from a few acidic players its a lot less volatile than randoms. When you pop into co-op check the profiles,lots of guys play as a preffered game mode. What they could do is add advanced co-op with double the enemy ships and the older AI. Plus give the AI the equivalent of some of the better ship captains at 21 points,say Lutjens etc.
  4. Chysagon

    Bots doing a lemming train...

    Weird thing abot bots-bit rare but on a very odd instance i have seen them wipe an entire human team,happened when i got my best score in the Kaga,my only teams survivor.Next battle they will get slaughtered within 5 mins,then win the battle in operations because my team all decide to charge to one point on the map and die very quickly. Would prefer the older bot AI where winrates were lower and the bots behaved like they had the will to live and fought better.
  5. Got the FDG my first T9 ship,been sticking mostly to my T8s and other premium ships,the cost to buy and outfit the ship comes in at the same amount as several T6 BBs. My only other question is do i stick to the 406mm guns with the high rate of fire or switch to the 420mm,more punch but slower firing rate.
  6. Chysagon

    Why would anyone pay for Camos now?

    The only reason to get a camo for visual effects is to stand out from the crowd,"this is me" or "my bling" effect. Star trek online has visual slots on its starships. At one stage they were selling vanity shields for dilithium,which is earned in game at 8k per day,cost of a vanity shield was 280k dilithium. They can also be gained by a reputation system or got via events etc. This shows a lot of visuals on just one ship pulled it from youtube. I would say buying them in wows is pointless-they should just allow them as a permanent purchase ,for each individual ship like the doubloon camos they are just a credit sink otherwise.
  7. Chysagon

    Screenshot co-op corner ?

    T8 Roma paying its way in co-op.
  8. Chysagon

    Screenshot co-op corner ?

    Not an outstanding, but a solid performance from the North Carolina T8.
  9. Chysagon


    Go to about 1min 32 seconds.
  10. Will soon be ready to get my first T9 BB techline ship. With the credits i have and have already researched my chices are Izumo,Iowa or F.D.G. This will be used primarily in co-op so give this old guy advice on which would be the best choice.
  11. Chysagon

    Screenshot co-op corner ?

    Myself and one other human,plus bots. Best i have done in the T7 Strasbourg,only bonuses are the clan and standard ship ones -no other economic bonuses used.
  12. Chysagon

    World of Warships - It's Okay to Play Co-op

  13. World of Warships - It's Okay to Play Co-op Old video from 2 years back from an american player FlimsyLunchTray
  14. Chysagon

    Straight Shootin' Bots are Back! - PVE Update in 0.11.6

    Either i am with some awful teams in operations or the suicide jockeys on my team cannot understand that bots are a bit better.Number of players being overwhelmed by bot gunnery and torps is borderline hilarious. My teams never use islands for cover or return for repairs. Charge forward like its co-op and die like lemmings. God help them if they reintroduce the old AI where percentage win rates dropped to the 70s rather than than the 90s+ that they are now.
  15. Chysagon

    Great Naval Battles